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Reimagining the way we live

We are looking beyond stereotypes and conventions to provide flexible and community-driven home.

Our Story

Flokq started with the idea to make people feel at home in a city with overwhelming opportunities, ever-reducing space, and increased isolation. We began our journey with a three pronged approach- affordable and convenient lodging, ability to connect with like-minded people and fixing a city’s housing issues. Having to deposit thousands of dollars just to live in a house for a few months did not seem fair to us nor did the ineluctable need for connecting with others like us. So we decided to Flokq these problems away and hit the road to snap the stereotypes of shared living.

Our Values

We create a convenient, comfortable, and connected space with everything you need to live, work and play.


We care for your space, your convenience, your finances and your peace of mind. From in-house laundry service to weekly cleaning, we take care of the smaller things so you can focus on the bigger ones.


Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared. Seeking to foster relationships by building a flokq of like-minded feathers, we want to knit a community that thrives together.


Live to your fullest potential by minimising your lodging stress and time spent on mundane household chores. Flokq gives you the chance to maximise your productivity and enjoy many more moments filled with love, laughter, life or just idling.

Our Mission

To Reinvent Urban Living

We, at Flokq, are advocates of simple solutions. Our aim is to provide beautiful yet affordable homes to city dwellers. We offer our members the opportunity to become a part of something bigger than themselves, something that makes us who we are- our community, our flock.

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