Rent the Menara Latumenten Apartment in West Jakarta and Get These 10 Advantages!

Rent the Menara Latumenten Apartment in West Jakarta and Get These 10 Advantages!

If you plan to rent a cheap and quality apartment in the West Jakarta area, rent the Menara Latumenten Apartment. This residence is very comfortable because its location is located on Jalan Emas Jakarta Barat, so it is very easy to go anywhere. Precisely the address is at Jl. Prof. Dr. Latenten. Jelambar Baru Village, Grogol Petamburan District, West Jakarta.

In addition, this apartment is also surrounded by facilities for daily needs that make the lives of residents here more comfortable and easy. The developer also has decades of experience in the property sector. In collaboration with Anggana, the developer has successfully built a number of projects, such as Menara Kebun Jeruk and Menara Kuningan.

Rent Menara Latumenten Apartment here

1. Pocket-friendly rental rates

Menara Latumenten Apartment has an inexpensive rental price. Moreover, there are a lot of students in this area. For that, the price offered is still affordable. The following are some price options:

  • Studio starting from Rp. 1.7 million per month
  • 1BR starting from Rp. 1.6 million per month
  • 2BR starting from Rp. 2 million per month

2. Comfortable facilities

If you rent Menara Latumenten Apartment, you will get these complete facilities that ensure the comfort of its residents. If you want to exercise, you can use the swimming pool and gym. For residents who have small children, they can invite them to play in the children’s playground. This apartment has an ATM center. So, residents do not have to go far to find an ATM.

Residents can also use the function room for important purposes. The mini-market that is integrated with the apartment can meet the daily needs of residents. In addition, residents will feel safe because each unit is equipped with CCTV and access cards. Very safe isn’t it?

3. Choices of room views

There are three towers with various units. The number of units in this apartment is around 1,150 units. There are two types of housing available. Type A has an area of ​​35 m² and 2 bedrooms. While the studio type has an area of ​​22.5 m². If you want to rent an apartment in Latumenten Tower, you can adjust it to your needs.

Of course, residents can choose from several choices of scenery. First, there is a view to the east overlooking Jalan Professor DR Latumenten. Second, the view to the south leads to Citraland and Taman Anggrek Mall. Third, the view to the west has a view of the swimming pool and Jalan Jelambar. Finally, the view to the north leads to the Pluit sea.

4. Close to shopping center

To meet daily and monthly needs, residents do not need to worry. Near the apartment area scattered a number of shopping centers. For example, Season City (1.1 km), Ciputra Mall (4.5 km), Taman Anggrek Mall (5.1 km), Emporium Pluit Mall (3.4 km), Pluit Junction Mall (3.7 km), and ITC Roxy (6.5 km).

5. Various restaurants around the apartment

There are various kinds of restaurants scattered near this residence. One of the recommendations is Taliwang Oma Jelambar Chicken. The distance is only 90 meters from the apartment. You can order this food with an online delivery application or walk to the place directly.

However, if you want more varied food, you can visit Seasons City Mall (1.1 KM). You can find various places to eat there. This mall has all the fast-food restaurants like Hoka-Hoka Bento, KFC, and Pizza Hut. In addition, there is a Royal Jade restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine. Apart from rent the Menara Latumenten apartment, it turns out that you can eat well too!

6. Easy access to public transportation

It is not difficult to find this apartment, because it is located right on the edge of the golden route of West Jakarta and Central Jakarta. When using TransJakarta, you can get off at the Transjakarta Besi Bridge Bus Stop (900 m). If you use the toll road, the nearest toll gate is the Slipi 2 toll gate (5.3 km). Or, if you want to use the station, you can go to Grogrol Station (939 m).

In addition, if you have a long trip out of town by train, the distance to Gambir Station is only 4.93 km. Meanwhile, if you want to use a plane, the distance to Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK) is about 15.41 km.

7. Close to universities

This residential location is strategic because it is close to busy and crowded areas, namely Pluit and Grogol. In addition, it is very close to well-known universities such as Trisakti, Tarumanegara (Untar), and Ukrida.

Plus, this apartment is included in the subsidized apartment which is intended for the middle class (low-end). Considering that this apartment is close to several campuses, rent the Menara Latumenten apartment can be an alternative residence for students.

8. Near recreation places

If you want to have fun for a while, residents can go to one of the famous recreational areas in Jakarta. Especially if it’s not Dufan or Fantasy World (5.48 km). On weekends, you can invite your family or friends to spend time there.

9. Near hospital

To get health services there are several large hospitals located around the area. One of them is the Harapan Kita Children and Mother Hospital (4.9 km), which is located on Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav. 87, Slipi.

10. Property investment

In addition, the ease of access to the airport toll road makes the Menara Latumenten apartment ideal to be used as a residence for yourself or for investment and for rent back.

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Well, those are 10 reasons why you should rent an apartment at Menara Latumenten. Are you sure enough to rent here? Let’s go, rent now with Flokq!


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