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Ever feel jealous of seeing your friends play with their cats on Snapgram? Do you feel sad after seeing your dog back at home through video calls? Or, have you ever thought about raising pets since you couldn’t afford to before you started to live independently?

Assuming you’ve already done enough digging on what pet you’re planning to keep and had permission from your housemates and landowner, it’s all down to getting the pet itself. However, there are several pieces of advice we need to impart before you go on your pet-hunting quest.

Unless you’re looking for a specific type of breed for (ethical) hobbyist purposes, we don’t recommend you buy from pet shops or breeders, especially if this is your first time getting a pet. Not only does it cost you less, but you’ll also be ensuring that your new friend will lead a much happier life than they had before.

Usually, in Indonesia, ads for pet adoption are via word-to-mouth or through college and friend groups. If you don’t have connections to said channels, however, we’ve got info on some animal shelters in Jakarta that will match you up with your newest (and cuddliest) housemate. In this blog we will provide you with information you need to know before adopting a cat or dog.

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Why Should You Adopt a Pet?

Having pets will certainly give us happiness. Usually, to raise an animal you can choose two ways: either adoption or buying one. Many assume that adopting pets from a shelter is not good idea. They think that the animals in the shelter are sick, neglected, and old. Though this has proven to be wrong. Most of the pets in the shelter are rescued. However, once they are rescued, these animals are properly cared for and loved so that they can be adopted. Therefore, adopting a pet a good cause. If you adopt, it means that you have rescued a dog or street cat that was abandoned, lost, or tortured.

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How to Adopt Pets in Jakarta?

1. Find The Right Shelter

The first step is to find the right animal shelter in Jakarta for you to adopt your prospective pet. If you have found the right shelter, contact the shelter for a visit.

2. Fill in the Adoption Form

The second step is to fill out an adoption form. Prospective owners must fill out a form with a number of questions. Among them are the income of the prospective owner and the owner’s residence.

3. Go Through the Screening Process

After filling out the form, the prospective owner will be screened by the shelter. At this stage, the shelter will interview the prospective owner. This interview is conducted to find out if the prospective owner could look after the dogs, cats, and pets they have adopted.

4. House Visit

At this stage, the shelter will visit the residence of the prospective owner. House visits are conducted to check whether the information provided on the form and during the interview is correct or not.

5. Finalizing the Adoption

After the approval of the adoption right, there will be an adoption letter to make it legal. The adoption letter contains the adoption agreement signed by both parties and of course, is stamped.

However, after all these processes are finished, the shelter will follow up. Follow-up is carried out to study the developments that have been adopted.

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Tips You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pet

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you adopt a dog, cat, or pet, first make sure whether your lifestyle is suitable for adopting or not. Think about whether you have time to love, care for, play with and take good care of it.

2. Pay Attention to Your Environment

If you don’t have much time to take care of a pet and still want to have a pet, first make sure your environment can take care of it while you can’t. Make sure people around you can look after and care for your pet properly.

3. Check the Pets’ Needs

Caring for and meeting the needs of a pet is not easy and requires special costs. So, make sure your financial situation is supportive to look after and care for the pets that you have adopted.

4. Perhatikan Umur Hewan Peliharaan Yang Akan Kamu Adopsi

When adopting a dog or cat, try to adopt a dog or cat that is 2 or 3 months old. When they are weaned the mother is a good time to adopt. Because at that age the dog or cat can be released and given replacement nutrition.

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Pet Shelters in Jakarta

Now, after knowing some of the information above, Flokq will recommend 5 places for you to adopt pets in Jakarta.

1. Pejaten Shelter

Pejaten Shelter is a sanctuary for dogs (and now cats and monkeys too) that were given up by their owners. This animal shelter’s origin story, however, tells a much different story in Jakarta.

On 31 Agustus 2009, Susana Somali, a clinical pathologist specialist, decided to set up a temporary home for 70 street dogs. At first, donations came in quickly and plenty. But as the shelter rose in popularity, a new problem arose.

Instead of finding homes for their existing 70 dogs, Susana suddenly was swarmed by messages from pet-owners who begged for her to take their dogs. Soon, the shelter no longer became a home for just rescued street dogs but they’re dealing with dogs given up by their owners because they could no longer take care of their dogs for various reasons.

Now, with 700 dogs on their hands (and counting!), Pejaten Shelter needs more support than ever. While donors can help with funding or sending in supplies like food and sanitation products, pet parents-to-be can also help by adopting from them. 

If you want a new friend home, head over to their Facebook page (listed below) and contact the lovely folks over at Pejaten Shelter to see if they can match you up with a pooch. If you want to get up close and personal, however, you can also visit their address (listed below).

An important note is that most of the dogs for adoption are vaccinated and sterilized, so you won’t have to take them to the vet yourself, thus saving more money.

Contact: +62818872761 (phone)

Social Media: @shelterpejaten on Instagram and @PejatenShelter on Facebook

Address: Jl. Pejaten Barat No. 45W, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12510

Types of pets: Dogs

2. Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Jakarta Animal Aid Network is a non-profit NGO aiming to improve the welfare of animals in Indonesia. Founded in February 2008 by Femke den Haas, Karin Franken, and Natalie Stewart, JAAN now has three divisions: Domestic, Wildlife, and Marine.

Being a big animal shelter that receives support from both Indonesians and the international community alike, it stands to reason that JAAN is meticulous in establishing its adoption system. Not only is JAAN serious in filtering prospective adopters, but it also provides an option for fostering. Through fostering, which animal lovers can help provide a loving home for newly-rescued animal friends for a short period before they find their forever homes (further details are available on their FAQ).

So, if you’re interested in helping them out by becoming a foster parent (which we greatly recommend if you’re not staying in the country for long), contact them via For adopters, head straight to their adoption page on their website and fill in an adoption form (available in English and Indonesian) before you browse through their dog and cat profiles. Their profiles have amazing detail, so you’ll be more certain in deciding the right furbaby to bring home. 


Contact: email addresses listed here

Social Media: @jakartaanimalaidnetwork on Instagram & Facebook, @jaan_indonesia on Twitter

Address: Jl. H. Hasan No.48, RT.2/RW.1, Baru, Kec. Ps. Rebo, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13780

Types of pets: Dogs and cats

If there are animals that need rescuing and you don’t know where to contact for help, click here!

3. Garda Satwa Indonesia

Do you like Konnichiwa flip-flops? If so, you’ve probably known about their collaboration with this animal shelter on their animal-themed flip-flops. Or, to Indonesian netizens, you’re probably familiar with their conflict with Ria Ricis over the “eating live octopus” debacle.

Founded in June 2011, Garda Satwa Indonesia is a newer animal shelter in the Jakarta metropolitan area, with its main base in Depok. Founded by animal rights’ activists in Jakarta, GSI has done animal-welfare activities such as campaigns and visits to educational institutions and other communities, street feeding, vaccinations, and subsidized sterilization. Most importantly, they also rescue animals and put them for adoption. Garda Satwa Indonesia also regularly seeks foster homes for newly-rescued animals who badly need rehabilitation in a proper home environment. 

If you want to help them out, head over to their page on where charming cats and dashing dogs await you! 

Contact:  +6281318226098 (phone), (email)

Social Media: @gardasatwafoundation on Facebook & @GardaSatwaINA on Twitter

Address: Jl. Cipaku 4 / 304 Petogogan – Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI (office)

Types of pets: Dogs and cats

4. Natha Satwa Nusantara

Natha Satwa Nusantara is a foundation that protects and fights for the welfare of domestic animals. This foundation has an educational program that provides knowledge and understanding of animal welfare to the public. This program was created because there was a lot of neglect and torture that occurred due to a lack of education in the community.

Apart from that, they also have an animal rescue program. In this program, Natha Satwa Nusantara evacuated tortured and diseased animals. After that they rehabilitate and find homes and families who are suitable in nurturing and caring it for life. Natha Satwa Nusantara is also active in the sterilization and vaccination programs for street pets and animals. If you want to adopt a dog or cat from this foundation, you can contact them via their contact, website, or social media below.


Contact: 081318226098 (call/WA)

Social Media: @nathasatwanusantara on Facebook and Instagram

Types of Pets: Dogs and Cats

5. Catrescue.ID

Since we started with animal shelters in Jakarta for dogs, it would only be fitting if we end the article with a cat rescue organization. Unlike animal shelters, cat organizations are mostly run by online communities without a definite shelter location. That means their scope is limited to street feeding, trap-and-neuter (TNR), fostering, and community education. One such organization is the Catrescue.ID

Catrescue.ID mostly focuses on the welfare of street cats (approximately 3 colonies, due to limited resources) in Depok, Menteng, and Tanjung Barat. However, like JAAN, they also have an organized and comprehensive adoption system for prospective pet parents. English adoption and donation pages are available online. If you want to contribute or give a second chance for cats in need through a loving home. You can contact them directly via email and other social media platforms below.

Website: (available in English and Indonesian)

Contact: (email)

Social Media: @catrescuedotid on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

So there you have it a list of information you need to know before adopting a pet and a list of animal shelters in Jakarta! Pay them a visit and who knows you could find the perfect pet to adopt! We hope this helps you!

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