Steps On How to Get Foreigner Driver’s License in Bali

Planning to stay for a long-term in Bali? Do remember that you might need a driver’s license to make your mobility easier. Wondering if foreigners can obtain an Indonesian driver’s license? Of course, you can! As long as you meet the qualifications, you will be able to hold an Indonesian driver’s license which is called SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi) in the Indonesian language.

If you are staying in Bali for the long-term and holding a KITAS or KITAP, then you should get an Indonesian driver’s license. Why is KITAS and KITAP important? Because in Bali, the police no longer issue licenses to temporary visa holders, so make sure that you have those two documents before applying for getting a driver’s license in Bali.

When you go to apply for a SIM in Bali, you will see there are many “agents” at the police station. They are offering their services to help you as you might find it difficult to apply for an Indonesian driver’s license. Those “agents” offer their help for a fee, sometimes they even can help you bypass the tests applied. This is not recommended, and of course illegal. To help you get a clear understanding of how to get a foreign driver’s license in Bali, here are our guidelines for you. So that you won’t need “agents” help nor be involved in any illegal activity.

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Classes of Indonesian driver’s license

Classes of Indonesian driver’s license
source: pixabay

In Indonesia, the most common classes of driver’s license are:

  • A – Four-wheel, private passenger car or cargo vehicle with a weight of under 3500 kg
  • B1 – Private passenger or cargo vehicle with weight over 3500 kg
  • B2 – Heavy vehicles with trailers
  • C – Motorcycles

The minimum age for holding a motorbike license (SIM C) and the car license (SIM A) is 17 years old, as for B1 is 20 years old, and B2 is 21 years old. The Indonesian driver’s license for foreigners is valid for 5 years and needs renewal if it is exceeded the validation time.

Required documents to get a driver’s license

Required documents to get a driver's license
source: pixabay

As a foreigner, there are some required documents that you need to provide to make your process for getting a driver license in Bali went smoothly. Make sure to complete all the required documents. Otherwise, the police won’t accept your application.

Here are the required documents to get a driver’s license in Bali:

  1. Original Passport.
  2. Photocopy of passport pages containing identity information, visa, and entry stamp.
  3. Original and copy of KITAS or KITAP.
  4. Original and copy of any valid driver’s license(s) you already have, if applicable.
  5. Medical note, or Surat Keterangan Dokter or Surat Kesehatan, which can be issued at the police station.
  6. Original and copy of KTP-OA or SKTT, if applicable.
  7. Photocopy of Surat Tanda Melapor (STM) if you don’t have item 6 above.

Do remember that you need to meet the minimum age for the class of license, and if you are applying for more than one class of license, then you need to make separate copies for each license because each license class is considered a separate application.

Application Process

In Indonesia, the Indonesian police are in charge of issuing driver’s licenses. Hence, you need to go to the local mid-level police station, which is called Polres or Polresta in the local language. Getting a foreign driver’s license in Bali will require you to go to the mid-level police station in the Denpasar area. It is called Polresta Denpasar and located on Gunung Sanghyang Street, No.110, West Denpasar.

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Before paying a visit to the Polresta Denpasar office, you can now pre-register your Indonesian driver’s license application online. Visit for further information. But, if you don’t want to register online, you can come to the police station and ask for a driver’s license application section. If you are in an area with many expats, you may have a special window marked WNA (non-citizen) applications.

Usually, there is also an office nearby to get the medical note (surat kesehatan). The medical check is usually just a quick eye check and blood pressure check. Remember to ask for more copies if you are applying for more than one class of licenses. After that, you can make payment for your SIM application. Usually, you can find a Bank BRI branch right at the police station to make the payment.

Theory Test

Getting a foreign driver’s license in Bali, and any part of Indonesia requires you to do some theory test, even when you already have a valid foreign driver’s license. It is a computer test, and you only have to choose True or False. The test is in Bahasa Indonesia, however, you may bring a translator if you want.

The theory test is having 30 questions with the limit of time is 30 minutes. To pass the test, you have to answer at least 21 questions correctly. But if you fail the test, no need to worry! You can repeat it 7 days after the first attempt. Then again in 14 days and 30 days if you fail again.

To help you practice for the theory test, you can visit: and get some sample questions here: while for more practice questions, you can visit:

If you already have a valid driver’s license, and you pass the theory test, your new Indonesian driver’s license can usually be issued to you the same day. But if you are not holding a valid driver’s license, you will need to take a practical test right after it.

Practical Test

practical test of getting a foreigner drivers license
Source: pexels

The practical test is basically a test where you need to show your driving skill, you may bring your own vehicle so that you would be more comfortable. Just like the theory test, if you fail this practical test, you can repeat it 7 days after the first failure. Then again in 14 days and 30 days if you fail again.

The practical test for getting SIM A (4 wheel passenger car) consists of:

  • Driving straight forward and backward on a narrow lane of cones.
  • Driving zig-zag forward and backward around 9 cones.
  • Backing-up and parking.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Driving up an incline, engaging hand brake, disengaging hand brake then driving off.
  • Driving down an incline, stopping and driving off.

The practical test for getting SIM C (motorcycle license) consists of:

  • Riding through a narrow set of cones.
  • Riding zig-zag around a set of cones.
  • Figure eight.
  • Avoidance and reaction test.
  • U-turn test.

Remember to focus and take the practical test seriously to succeed. Once you pass the practical test, your brand new SIM will be issued on the same day, and you are ready to explore Bali even more!

Validity and Renewal

The validity of the Indonesian driver license depends on your type of visa. If you are a KITAS holder, you will get a 1-year driver’s license validity. As for KITAP holders, the validity you can get is 5-year per license, and will expire on your birthday in the 5th year.

Do remember that it is important for you to renew your license before it expires. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new license and go through everything again. To renew your Indonesian driver’s license in Bali, you can go back to the police station where you got your license.

And there you have it! That is all of our guidelines for you on how to get a foreign driver’s license in Bali.

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