Regional Pop Lovers Must Know! These are the 15 Latest 2021 Balinese Songs

Regional Pop Lovers Must Know! These are the 15 Latest 2021 Balinese Songs

Pop songs released by regional singers are never going to die. Every year, new singers and seniors continue to dominate local radio charts. They are even more famous than the songs of national musicians. Well, for lovers of Balinese pop songs, here Flokq presents the 15 latest 2021 Balinese songs for you.

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1. Widi Widiana “Angkihan Baan Nyilih”

This senior Balinese singer is known for his hit songs. The song “Angkihan Baan Nyilih” is the latest 2021 Balinese song that many Balinese people like. The song, which was released in April, is about life that is not always smooth and tells the story of rich and poor people. The message is that as humans we can only keep fighting and live our best.

2. Dek Ulik “Keweh Ngelesang”

Almost all Balinese people probably know the singer Dek Ulik. This golden-voiced woman has many popular songs that stick in the hearts of her listeners. “Keweh Ngelesang” is the latest 2021 Balinese song with a sad tone. The song tells the story of a lover’s longing for an unbreakable feeling to imagine his smile.

3. Ary Kencana “Beli Kuli Luh”

The song which means “I am just a Coolie, Babe” is a solemn song sung by the famous Balinese singer Ary Kencana. Because of its popularity, the video clip of this song managed to penetrate 16 million views on YouTube.

In this song, Ary wants to convey the struggle of a man who works as a coolie who is trying to win the heart of the woman of his dreams. Although his life is not like a civil servant nor the grandson of a regent, the man shows his hard work and persistence to make his lover happy.

4. Putri Bulan “Kanti Umur Ngantiang”

This female solo singer has a beautifully distinctive voice. Known as the winner of the “Best Balinese-Speaking Solo Female Singer” award at the 2021 Anugerah Musik Bali, she released the song “Kanti Age Ngantiang” at the end of 2020. Even so, the song which means “Until Age Awaits” is still a hit in 2021.

Telling the story of a wife’s love for her husband, Putri expresses her concern if one day her face will not be as beautiful as when she was young. She wants her husband to love her with all his heart until old age.

5. Tri Puspa “Tusing Jodoh Tiang”

This Balinese pop artist who is also a businesswoman released the latest 2021 Balinese song titled “Tusing Jodoh Tiang” (Not My Soulmate) in January. The sad song tells the story of the end of a relationship and the sadness of seeing a lover who is married to another woman.

As in the lyrics: Ape ne kuangan bukti tresnan tiang (What do I lack of), Mekejang sube ke serahang (I already gave my all to you), Mekelo beli be ajak tiang (We’ve been together for a long time), Dadi nak eluh elenan di pelaminan (Now I become another girl in your wedding).

6. Tika Pagraky “Permata Hati 2”

Carrying the pop genre, the song “Permata Hati 2” also becomes the latest 2021 Balinese song released in August. Created by Wira Krisna, this song shows gratitude for the presence of the long-awaited baby. The beautiful meaning of the song fits perfectly with Tika’s distinctive voice. In the video clip, Tika describes the journey of her second child’s pregnancy which adds to the happiness of the family.

7. Ray Peni “Sing Ngelah Empugan”

The song, which combines band music with Balinese gamelan, tells the sadness of a poor family head. He could not afford to support his wife and children, so he had to borrow money from other people. In the end, he had to find another side job to keep the family fed.

Created by Dek Arta, this song is the latest 2021 Balinese song which was launched in August. The video clip has been watched more than 4 million times on Yan Tawan’s YouTube channel.

8. Yudi Kresna feat. Agustin “Kantong Bolong”

Released last May, this latest 2021 Balinese song is suitable for lovers of Balinese songs with a sad rhythm. The song tells the story of a wife’s frustration with her husband who loves metajen (cockfighting) and meceki (gambling) until the money runs out. The husband then apologized for always losing and harming his wife.

Yudi Kresna and Agustin are two legendary Balinese singers who are famous for their golden voices. Their works are always on the rise and have many fans.

9. Yudi Kresna feat. Dek Ulik “Ampurayang”

In collaboration with senior singer Dek Ulik, Yudi Kresna released a single titled “Ampurayang” last January. Meaning “Forgive”, this Balinese song expresses the obedience of a servant of Hyang Widhi who has many mistakes. The lyrics explain apologies for sins committed and ask for guidance to become a useful human being on earth.

10. Yan Srikandi “Nyawan Ugugin”

The well-known singer Yan Skrikandi released his single, “Nyawan Ugugin” last May. This latest 2021 Balinese song has received more than 2.7 million views on the YouTube account of the music label Q, Ano Pro Studio.

Through this song, Yan Srikandi describes the heartache of a husband who has to face a fierce wife. Because of the frequent nagging, the husband kept relenting. This can be seen in the lyrics: Pang kenken beli dadi kurenan adi (So why I do I become your partner?), Nyerah beli nyerah (Give up, I give up), Kalah beli kalah (Lose I Lose), Paling melah luungan beli mengalah (It’s better if I give in).

11. Wayan Sumade “Sesai Punyah”

Based on his personal experience, Wayan Sumade released a Balinese song entitled “Sesai Punyah” in March 2021. The song tells of a young man who likes to get drunk (memunyah) until he loses track of time.

To him, it was better to go find a friend to get drunk than stay at home; it might even cause new problems. Since the day of its release, the music video for “Sesai Punyah” has been watched more than 2 million times.

12. Ary Kencana “Jodoh Sing Dadi Paksayang”

Soloist Ary Kencana released another tragic love song titled “Jodoh Sing Dadi Paksayang”. This latest 2021 Balinese song was launched in October and managed to gain a lot of views on YouTube.

With the topic of matchmaking, Ary Kencana describes the story of a woman who is forced to marry by her parents. On the other hand, the girl already has a boyfriend that she loves. She finally had to let herself be separated from her lover.

13. Budi Arsa “Nolih Langit”

This Balinese song, which was released in June 2021, tells the story of a family who lives simply in both happy and difficult times. As the head of the family, the man works hard without any sense of prestige.

Like the boundless sky, there will always be endless desires. If we always go for it, it will only add to the burden. Therefore, as long as you work diligently and be grateful, sustenance will always come.

14. Tison feat. Putri Bulan “Melutin Bawang”

This Balinese song, which tells the story of the family’s kitchen business has a fast tempo. It is different from the previous song which is more solemn. Tison as the creator of this song wrote lyrics that mean the hard work of a husband who feels fine when helping his wife at home.

15. Ray Peni “Dagang Canang Sing Ngaba Bunga”

In this Balinese song, Ray Peni tells the difficult situation of the Balinese people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because they depend on tourism, this pandemic has forced many people to switch professions to become street grocers. The song “Dagang Canang Sing Ngaba Bunga” describes a young man’s praise for his female lover who is his main supporter in these difficult times.

Those are the 15 latest 2021 Balinese songs that are suitable for lovers of regional pop songs. In addition to the lyrics that are full of meaning, these songs can be a source of solace for those who have similar stories.

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