8 Best e-Wallet Apps in Indonesia: 2021 Update!

The faster we engage in commerce, the more we need the best e-Wallet app in Indonesia to pay for the transaction of such commercial activities. While many options are fast, the competition changes to be about convenience and comparative benefits. More or less, this is the landscape of the e-wallet scene in Indonesia, an society gradually going cashless. An e-wallet functions as an instrument for an easier movement of money.

For Indonesians and foreign citizens in the country alike, having access to e-wallet options surely benefits daily life. To help those especially in need to understand the Indonesian e-wallet situation, here are the most popular e-wallets in Indonesia.

Here are our picks for the best e-wallet apps based on their rating on iOS Apps Store for you to try!

1. DANA (Rating 4.8)

DANA best e-Wallet app Indonesia

Differing from the previous two, the e-wallet DANA offers convenient services in helping customers pay for services and goods. DANA is helpful for customers in paying their monthly bill on electricity and water, or for a cellphone data plan. Vendors who offer DANA as a method of payment are distinctly recognizable because of their blue QRIS scanners. With their scanners, vendors can easily match up with a customer’s DANA QR code for a smooth e-wallet payment process. DANA also has no transfer fee for its transactions to any bank or with other DANA accounts.

You can download DANA on App Store and Google Play.

2. Octo Mobile (previously GoMobile) by CIMB Niaga (Rating 4.8)

Octo Mobile e-wallet

To further its efforts for a cashless society, CIMB Niaga offers its users digital flexibility from Octo Mobile. Walking along a similar path like Jenius, Octo Mobile tries to complete the modern functions of a bank digitally. It provides users the option to top-up their e-wallet of their choosing and pay for a mobile data plan online. Users can also pay their electricity and water bill online with Octo Mobile.

You can download Octo Mobile on App Store and Google Play.

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3. i.Saku (Rating (4.1)

i.Saku best e-Wallet app Indonesia

As a digital product from the business titan Salim Group, i.Saku has its advantage in integrating with Indoritel. i.Saku’s provides benefits to its users that frequently consume goods and services from Indomaret. Because of the closeness of i.Saku with Indomaret, users of this e-wallet can enjoy their promo and loyalty program. As an e-wallet, i-Saku’s services can be enjoyed by Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, and Axis users. This makes i.Saku one of the best e-Wallet apps Indonesia.

You can download i.Saku on App Store and Google Play.

4. Go-Pay (Rating 3.9)

Go Pay best e-Wallet app Indonesia

Dominating the e-wallet scene in Indonesia quickly and steadily, Go-Pay has always been a soft spot for Indonesians. Due to its integrated nature to the various selection of services from its parent app Gojek, it offers many conveniences. It can be used for transactions from Go-Ride on transportation, Go-Send on courier services, and Go-Food for F&B deliveries. Many vendors also offer an e-wallet option to pay by Go-Pay. These vendors range from your usual fast-food chains to health care and beauty care shop such as Watson. So from a utility point of view, Go-Pay, and by extension, Gojek offers one of the widest variety of benefits.

You can download Go-Pay on App Store and Google Play.

5. OVO (Rating 3.6)

OVO e-wallet

Working a little differently than Go-Pay, OVO can be considered a close second for the best e-Wallet app Indonesia. Hailing from the business titan Lippo group, OVO has successfully integrated its e-wallet design with Indonesia’s Grab app services. Through this cooperation, OVO effectively removes GrabPay as an integrated e-wallet in Grab’s app and widening OVO’s market utility. Especially because of Lippo Group’s wide range of business influence in Indonesia, OVO is widely accepted in many places. These places range from restaurants, movie theatres, even for paying your parking fee. You would also occasionally receive OVO points that are a form of cashback incentives as a form of payment. It’s sure is one of the more popular e-wallets in Indonesia.

You can download OVO on App Store and Google Play.

6. LinkAja! (Rating 3.5)

LinkAja! best e-Wallet app Indonesia

This e-wallet product can be said to be a unique case of its kind due to its government-related background. As a product of collaboration from various Indonesian state-owned enterprises, LinkAja! has its advantages equally in public and private services. LinkAja! was also the only accepted e-wallet payment method for local shorter-distance train tickets in the KAI Access app. Sadly, due to technical problems and physical distancing measures due to the coronavirus, LinkAja! is still unavailable for that usage. That is observed at the time of this article’s writing.

You can download LinkAja! on App Store and Google Play.

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7. Jenius (Rating 3.5)

Jenius e-wallet

While not necessarily an e-wallet in and of itself, Jenius offers a wide e-wallet-like function just like the others. Jenius is actually a digital banking application that is operated by Bank BTPN. It functions like a normal bank and has easy access to top-up Go-Pay, OVO, or DANA through its e-wallet feature. This function eases the management of the various e-wallet that you might have. Jenius Pay also gives an easy payment method without having to fill debit/credit card information for your transactions.

Jenius users also have the ability to buy foreign currencies from the Jenius app itself. They can do so by using the in-app function and doing the transaction within working hours. While essentially functioning like a debit card, Jenius also gives the option to have a digital credit card feature. In conclusion, when it comes to the job of moving your money digitally, Jenius has a lot to offer. The heavily digital nature of Jenius is apparent since you can even open an account online, through a video call.

You can download Jenius on App Store and Google Play.

8. Sakuku (Rating 3.3)

Sakuku best e-Wallet app Indonesia

This e-wallet is especially beneficial for those who are using the services of the banking giant BCA. Sakuku can be argued to be a testament to BCA’s commitment to bring its presence more pronounced online. One of the unique things about Sakuku is that your user identity will be the same as your phone number. If you upgrade to Sakuku Plus, you can have the option to split the bill and do cash withdrawals.

You can download Sakuku on App Store and Google Play.

Those are the 8 best e-Wallet apps Indonesia for you to use as the main transaction medium in 2021. Updates that are constantly being made make these applications even more comfortable to use. Which one is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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