6 Best Waterfalls to Visit Near Jakarta

6 Best Waterfalls to Visit Near Jakarta

Are you feeling tired with Jakarta and all its chaos? Maybe this is the right time for you to have a little refreshment outside the crowded big city. Visiting waterfalls are a good choice for you if you want to have a little trip to nature. There are some beautiful waterfalls near Jakarta which can be reached within hours. You may notice that all off the names of the waterfalls begin with the word curug which means waterfall in Sundanese. 

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Here are 6 beautiful waterfalls near Jakarta that you must visit:  

1. Curug Cilember 

curug cilember best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Google Maps

Cilember is a village located in Cisarua, Puncak. Curug Cilember is the most popular waterfall destination at Puncak. Curug Cilember has 7 waterfalls with different levels of difficulty in each terrain. The easiest terrain is the 1st waterfall and the terrain will only get harder when you try to reach the 7th waterfall. Overall, Curug Cilember has a pretty safe and easy terrain to access, especially from the first until the fourth waterfall but it will get harder to access when you try to get to the 7th waterfall because of its slippery and rocky terrain. Besides the majestic Curug Cilember, there is a butterfly observatory where you can take a look at 12 types of butterflies. 

Address: Jalan Raya Puncak Gadog KM. 15, Kec. Megamendung, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16750

Admission Ticket: Rp20.000,00/ person

Operating Hours: 06.00 – 18.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

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2. Curug Seribu 

curug seribu best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Google Maps

Curug Seribu is the highest waterfall at Bogor, the waterfalls fall from a high of nearly 100 meters tall. This waterfall is located in the area of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park. There are three other waterfalls near the area, which are Curug Cihurang, Curug Ngumpet, and Curug Cigamea, which ranges from 5 to 10 meters tall. A lot of people believe that Curug Seribu is a mystical place because of its tall shady trees and thick fog, but even though Curug Seribu is often associated with mystical stories, the destination never seems to be far from visitors. 

Address: Gunung Sari, Pamijahan, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810

Admission Ticket: Rp10.000,00/ person

Operating Hours: 08.00 – 16.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

3. Curug Panjang 

curug panjang best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Wikipedia

Curug Panjang is one of the many waterfall destinations in Puncak. Located in Desa Citaminang, Kec. Megamendung, Kab. Bogor. Curug Panjang is another favorite of waterfall destination because of its less steep terrain and some smaller pools are safe for kids to play in. Curug Panjang is located in the slope area of Gunung Paseban, making it a beautiful waterfall that is surrounded by big trees and rocks. The unique point of this waterfall is that the water flows vertically for about 20 meters long. There are other activities that you can enjoy while at Curug Panjang such as camping, body rafting, trekking. 

Address: Desa Citaminang, Kecamatan Megamendung, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16770

Admission Ticket: Rp10.000,00/ person

Operating Hours: 00.00 – 24.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

4. Curug Bidadari

curug bidadari best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Google Maps

Curug Bidadari is one of the waterfall destinations that is located in Sentul Paradise Park, Bogor that has been long known and been a favorite destination. This waterfall falls from a high of 50 meters with water flow that is not too heavy. The waterfall is safe for kids to play in because there is a designated area for kids to play in with a depth of 30 centimeters and a pool for adults with a depth of 1,5 meters. Aside from the waterfall and swimming pool, there are other attractions such as a wavy pool, lazy pool, and flying fox, making this destination is a great choice for you to come with your family. 

Address: Sentul Paradise Park, Desa Bojongkoneng, Kecamatan Babakan Madang, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810

Admission Ticket: Rp25.000,00/ person on weekdays

                               Rp40.000,00/ person on weekend

Operating Hours: 08.00 – 17.00 (Weekdays) 07.30 – 18.30 (Weekend) 

5. Curug Nangka

curug nangka best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Google Maps

Curug Nangka is a waterfall destination that is located not too far from Jakarta, it’s located in Ciapus, Bogor, Jawa Barat. The waterfall is located within the area of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park. This destination can be reached around an hour by car from Jakarta. The charm of this waterfall is that it has 3 stages of waterfalls that have various heights (10 – 20 meters).

If you are lucky enough, you might see some wild monkeys swinging in between the trees, but beware of the monkeys because they can be naughty by taking your stuff and foods by force. So, the advice is don’t bring any valuable goods to the destination if you don’t want your stuff to be taken by the monkeys. There are other waterfalls that are located near Curug Nangka, such as Curug Luhur, Curug Daun, and Curug Kawung, all the waterfalls are located within the area of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park. Other activities that you can enjoy while visiting Curug Nangka are trekking and camping. 

Address: Sukajadi, Tamansari, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16370

Admission Ticket: Rp7.000,00 – Rp15.000,00/ person

Operating Hours: 06.30 – 19.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

6. Curug Cibeureum 

curug cibeureum best waterfalls near jakarta
Source: Google Maps

Curug Cibeureum is located in the slope area of Gunung Gede Pangrango at the Gede Pangrango National Park. This waterfall is very popular especially among mountain climbers because it is located in the middle hiking trails of Gunung Gede and Gunung Pangrango at the height of 1625 meters above sea level. The waterfall falls from a height of 40 meters and the water flow is quite heavy. Curug Cibeureum is one of the more challenging waterfalls to get to, it takes about 1,5 – 2 hours to get to the waterfall with a distance of 1 kilometer, but the view on the way to the waterfall is very refreshing and beautiful. Other waterfalls around Curug Cibeureum are Curug Cidendeng and Curung Cikundul. 

Address: Perbawati, Sukabumi, Cimacan, Kecamatan Cipanas, Sukabumi, Jawa Barat 43151

Admission Ticket: Rp18.500,00/ person

Operating Hours: 08.00 – 15.00 WIB (Monday – Sunday) 

We hope the list will help you to find one of the natural gateway options that you can easily visit near Jakarta. Bring some friends, grab some snacks, and don’t forget to check the weather. Have a great trip!


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