10 List of Betawi Foods You Must Try

10 List of Betawi Foods You Must Try

Betawi food or food that comes originally from Jakarta and is a characteristic of this region. Based on its history, it turns out that Betawi food has many influences from other cultures such as China, Europe, and even Arabia. This food is also proof of slick cultural acculturation between indigenous and foreign cultures. Even so, Betawi food still emphasizes its characteristics from the spices that are felt in the bowl.

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Here’s a list of Betawi food that you must try while living in Jakarta!

1. Soto Betawi

The first Betawi food is Soto Betawi. Although there are also many regions that make Soto a characteristic of their respective regions, Soto Betawi has its own characteristics. Soto Betawi is made from beef offal mixed with coconut milk and milk. Coconut milk and milk are the difference between Soto Betawi and Soto from other regions. Although it uses a lot of fatty ingredients, this soup is still delicious to eat because it is rich in spices.

Source: Orami

2. Kerak Telor

Another typical Betawi food that is often found is egg crust. You can say that the egg crust is actually from Betawi. This food is made from rice mixed with eggs, and serundeng. Then it will be cooked on the fire. Eggs can be used with chicken eggs or duck eggs according to taste. Uniquely, the frying pan from the egg crust will also be reversed in the manufacturing process so that the egg crust will immediately catch fire. To enjoy this cuisine, you can go to Betawi cultural heritage tourist spots or special Betawi celebration events.

betawi food
Source: Dapurkobe

3. Asinan Betawi

Although there are some areas that have pickles as a regional specialty, Betawi also has its own asinan. Asinan Betawi contains a variety of vegetables, such as cabbage, mustard greens, and bean sprouts. In addition, this Betawi food can be eaten with tofu so that it is richer in taste. All the ingredients that have been put together are then doused with salt and vinegar so that it tastes sour and salty. But not only salt and vinegar, asinan betawi is also doused with brown sugar that has been added with chili. Its rich taste will feel fresh and make this food a favorite for many people.

Betawi food
Source: Kompas

4. Gado-gado

This Betawi food is also a favorite for people from various regions. Gado-gado is perfect for vegans or people who are trying to reduce meat consumption. Or, many also call it a local version of the salad. This food is made from various vegetables, ranging from long beans, bean sprouts, kale, cabbage, and other vegetables. After that, the ingredients will be doused with peanut sauce so that there is a savory and sweet taste. You can also add other menus such as tempeh, tofu, and boiled eggs.

Source: Resepedia

5. Kebuli Rice

Many think that Nasi Kebuli comes from the middle east, even though this food is a typical Betawi food. Nasi Kebuli is a combination of Indonesian food with an Arabic taste that is no less thick. This food is quite popular among the Betawi people who have Arab descent. Kebuli rice which is rich in spices is cooked with various spices and produces a very strong aroma and taste. One of the characteristics is goat broth, goat’s milk, and coconut milk which makes this food has a unique taste.

Betawi Food
Source: Kompas

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6. Nasi Uduk

Usually used as food for breakfast, it turns out that Nasi Uduk is a Betawi specialty. This food is also easy to find anywhere. Savory rice with various side dishes and comes from the Betawi area. The difference is, this savory taste is obtained from coconut milk, bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal, and lemongrass. Usually, people enjoy nasi uduk with additional menus such as fried chicken, dry tempeh, fried eggs, and chili sauce. Don’t forget the savory fried onions.

Nasi kebuli
Source: Kompas

7. Semur Jengkol

Jengkol is a food ingredient that only exists in Indonesia. The pungent aroma is characteristic, plus the slightly bitter taste makes some people dislike this food. But if the preparation is right, jengkol can be very delicious food. One of the preparations is semur jengkol. JeSemur jengkol is one of the typical Betawi foods that are rarely found in other areas. Even so, cooking semur jengkol is not difficult. You only need to cook jengkol like when you cook other stews.

Source: Kompas

8. Lontong Sayur

Another Betawi food that is quite familiar is vegetable lontong. This food is usually a favorite menu during big day celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr with the addition of chicken opor as a side dish. Or, you can also find a vegetable lontong seller in the morning or evening. This food is precisely lontong which is doused with vegetable gravy and comes from coconut milk. Don’t forget to add a variety of spices to make the taste even stronger. In the sauce, there are slices of young papaya which makes this food even more rich in tantalizing taste. You can also enjoy it with crackers and shredded chicken.

Betawi food
Soure: idntimes

9. Pecak Catfish

Catfish is a freshwater fish that is a favorite of many people to be processed, such as pecak catfish. This Betawi food is not just catfish added with chili sauce. But also added with coconut milk, sauce, peanuts, water from tamarind. The water from tamarind can make the taste very rich, so you can enjoy the savory, spicy, and sour flavors in one mouthful.

Source: simakterus

10. Nasi Ulam

The next Betawi food is Nasi Ulam. Similar to nasi uduk, nasi ulam also has a savory taste because it is added with spices such as galangal, lemongrass, and bay leaves in the cooking process. Once cooked, the rice will be sprinkled with finely chopped shallots, coriander, cumin, shrimp paste, and chilies.

Source: Kompas

From the 10 lists above, what foods are you interested in trying? Don’t forget to check the Flokq website to find homes that are close to Betawi cuisine.

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