5 Central Jakarta Apartment Recommendations Under Rp 10 Million

The Central Jakarta area is synonymous with office and shopping centers. More executives and young professionals choose to rent a Central Jakarta apartment these days. Living in this area will basically provide easy access to anywhere.

Staying in the middle of the city can still make you stay comfortably. Some apartments also offer cheap units with complete facilities to make your activities way easier. Here, Flokq summarizes 5 recommended apartments at affordable prices in Central Jakarta. Let’s go!

Green Pramuka Apartment

Without a doubt, this Central Jakarta apartment is one of most favorite residences in the middle of the city. Its location at the east of Central Jakarta gives you quick access to the central business district. It is only about 17 minutes by car or motorbike to get there.

Developed by PT Duta Paramindo Sejahtera, Green Pramuka Apartment comes with the concept of “One Stop Living Environment”. Even though it is located in the middle of the city, you can enjoy the green environment. You see, 80% of the total area of ​​this apartment is filled with parks and trees.

If you rent a unit in this apartment, you can exercise on the jogging track, spacious tennis court, swimming pool, and fitness center. You can also enjoy a variety of interesting facilities, such as a multifunctional room, children’s playground, laundry, mini market, and many more. Fun, right?

Shopping for daily necessities is not a problem anymore, because the apartment is close to several shopping centers. If you want cheap prices, you can shop at Pramuka Market. There is also Green Pramuka Square Mall for more branded items. You can also find other big malls near the apartment.

Prices start from: IDR 3.8 million/month

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Thamrin Residence Apartment

Rent a Central Jakarta apartment in the Thamrin area at an affordable price? Why not? This residence, which is located in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, is suitable for those who want to live in the city center at pocket-friendly prices.

Thamrin Residence comes with the concept of “mixed functioned”, namely a multifunctional building consisting of housing, retail stores, entertainment, and offices. Since 2009, this residence has operated with five towers consisting of 1,694 regular units and 64 premium units.

Renting a unit here will give you easy access to Jalan Sudirman, MH Thamrin, and Karet area. Around the apartment, there are several public transportation options to make your activities easier.

There is a TransJakarta bus stop, Bundaran HI within 600m and Tosari just 350m away. You can also use the MRT from the Bundaran HI station which is connected to the bus stop.

Inside the apartment, there are complete and classy facilities, such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, jogging track, and sauna. If you want to relax with your children, you can visit the playground here. No need to worry if you have mild symptoms, because there are pharmacies and minimarkets downstairs.

Prices start from: IDR 5.6 million/month

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Capitol Park Residence Apartment

This Central Jakarta apartment, which is located in Salemba, offers comfortable living in a modern-style building. Since 2015, Capitol Park Residence has been present as an upscale apartment with two towers: Emerald and Sapphire.

The facilities have a touch of luxury resort style. Each resident has access to a BBQ area, children’s playground, various sports facilities, and a lounge. You can also take a relaxing swim in the huge lagoon-style swimming pool.

There is also a gazebo in the middle of the spacious rooftop. Relaxing after working all is getting easier, right?

If you are thinking about renting an apartment in Central Jakarta with your family, Capitol Park Residence could be the best choice for you. Here, you can get housekeeping and child care service. In addition, there is 24-hour security protection by the guards and CCTVs.

This apartment also provides easy access to areas around Salemba, such as arterial roads to Menteng, Sudirman, and Menteng areas. It is suitable for executives with high mobility.

Although there are not many upscale malls nearby, Capitol Park Residence can be reached from Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. It only takes around 15 minutes.

Prices start from: IDR 4.6 million/month

Thamrin Executive Residence Apartment

This apartment is located in a very strategic area near vital places. Expatriates and executives often choose this apartment as an apartment rental destination in Central Jakarta. In addition to its great location and facilities, Thamrin Executive Residence also sets low prices.

Renting in this Central Jakarta apartment will allow you to enjoy premium facilities that make you feel at home. After a full day of activities, you can pamper yourself in the Jacuzzi and sauna here.

Not only that, you can keep your body in shape at the fitness center and swimming pool. You can also play golf and basketball here. Moreover, me-time also becomes complete with treatments at the salon in the apartment!

Apart from abundant facilities, Thamrin Executive Residence offers housing that is easily accessible from anywhere. Its location in the middle of the city makes it easy for you to reach shopping centers, such as Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia, which are only 700m from the apartment. There is also Thamrin City, a mall known for selling various batik.

Want to travel by public transport? Near the apartment, you can find the TransJakarta Tosari bus stop and the Bundaran HI MRT which can be accessed on foot.

Prices start from: IDR 6.5 million/month

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Sudirman Hill Residence Apartment

Planning to rent an apartment in the center of SCBD at an affordable monthly price? You should consider Sudirman Hill Residence. This Central Jakarta apartment is specially designed for those of you who are busy working in the city.

You don’t have to worry about bringing your family along to stay here. You see, Sudirman Hill Residence provides top-notch comfort. Residents here have access to multipurpose meeting rooms, sports facilities (gym, swimming pool, jogging track), and a shady garden.

Have to work from home? Don’t worry, you can still order coffee from the coffee shop located on the ground floor. Want to shop at a famous mall? Plaza Senayan, Grand Indonesia, FX Sudirman, and other large malls are very easy to reach from the apartment. There, you can buy daily necessities and products from your favorite brands.

Traveling using public transportation is also very easy. There is an MRT and TransJakarta bus stop near the apartment building. You can also travel with online transportation.

Prices start from: IDR 8.5 million/month

So, those are 5 apartment recommendations at affordable prices in the Central Jakarta area. Want to rent an apartment in other Jakarta areas? Click here to rent a Flokq apartment!

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