4 Cigarette Alternative For Smokeless Smoking

Smoking is a habit that many people do. Whether it’s before or after work, hanging out or alone, smoking has become a culture for most Indonesians. Obviously, smoking is an unhealthy habit and can have a bad effect on you. Plus, cigarettes can create smoke that irritates other people and can have a bad effect on them if they are passive smokers. To prevent this, you can just use a cigarette alternative for smokeless smoking.

What Are The Difference?

What makes cigarette alternatives and regular cigarettes different is how people consume them. In order to use a regular cigarette, people must burn the cigarette first. The smoke from the cigarette burning system can cause negative health effects for the user and those around him (passive smoking). Besides being able to increase the accessibility of secondhand smoke users and smokers, regular cigarettes can also cause the spread of infectious diseases. No, to prevent this, alternative cigarettes tend to avoid the combustion system. Two common ways are by using a combustion-to-evaporation system or using cigarettes without restrictions (by chewing and for example).

Some of the products below can not only reduce the impact of tobacco and cigarettes on you, but can also make tobacco or cigarette consumption easier because they don’t smoke and are very friendly to closed spaces such as offices or restaurants.

Therefore, you can try 4 cigarette alternative products for a negative impact on you and around you!

1. Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a non-smoking cigarette alternative. To consume chewing tobacco, people do it by inserting the product between their front gum and their lips. The types of chewing tobacco can range from loose-leaf tobacco to chewing gum tobacco. In Indonesia, this type of tobacco can be in the form of sugi tobacco.

As an alternative to regular cigarettes, People consume chewing tobacco before smoking was even a thing. The tribes in Northern and Southern America often use chewing tobacco. A lot of sports athletes, such as baseball players, uses chewing tobacco often.

2. Dissolved Tobacco

Dissolvable tobacco is a cigarette alternative that dissolves easily and leaves no waste. This alternative to cigarettes is available in three types, namely pellets, sticks, or strips. Since the product will dissolve by itself when you insert it into your mouth, dissolvable tobacco will not leave any trash. This type of tobacco may be difficult to find in Indonesia.

The history of attracting dissolvable tobacco is related to US government regulations regarding the prohibition of cigarette smoke in the United States, especially in closed rooms such as restaurants and offices. In order to reduce the tension between smokers and non-smokers, new alternatives to reduce the effects of smoking on health and the environment were created. One of them is this product.

3. Electric Cigarettes

electric cigarette as a cigarette alternative
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Electric cigarettes are also cigarette alternative that are widely used. Electric cigarette is one of the many types of electric cigarettes available. In an electric cigarette, there are three components that are used for consumption, namely a battery for power, an atomizer for heating liquids, and a place for storing liquid or e-liquid. The liquid is usually a mixture of flavorings, nicotine, and other chemicals.

Apart from the popular vape products, there is also juul. This product is more or less the same as other electronic cigarette products. The difference between vape and juul products lies in the looks of the product. A vape usually looks like a pen or power bank / cellphone. The Juul looks more like a USB or a mechanical pencil holder.

juul used as an alternative for cigarette

The difference between electric cigarettes and regular cigarettes is and how they are consumed. With e-cigarettes what you inhale is not smoke, but water vapor. This is much safer, because the danger of smoking lies in the moment where you puff smoke when you burn the cigarette. In addition, electric cigarettes can be used many times and do not leave trash such as cigarette butts.

Because of this, e-cigarettes have a lower risk than regular cigarettes when it comes to the health of the user and the people around him. In countries such as the United States, e-cigarettes are considered part of the “tobacco harm reduction effort” or Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR). On the contrary, electronic cigarettes are also blamed for being a “way” for young people to try conventional cigarettes. This leaves efforts to make cigarettes safer to use for nothing.

Today’s electric cigarettes are also very affordable in terms of price and where you can buy them. Plus, you can add flavors to your taste. Even so, electronic cigarette manufacturers such as Juul are increasing their supervision of the use of their products due to the widespread use of juul cigarettes among young people. So you should still be careful with its users and not use it excessively because nicotine is an addictive substance which, although it cannot cause death, can lead to addiction.

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4. Snus

First, we start with snus. This tobacco, made in the Scandinavian countries, is a cigarette alternative for those of you who want to hang out with your non-smoking friends. Inside the snus there is a pouch that looks like a tea bag that you to put into your mouth on the left or right sid. You can buy portioned or un-portioned snus.

Even though there is no burning or evaporation process, you can still get a very strong snus because of the high nicotine dose. So, becareful when buying and make sure the measurement is according to your resistance.

As an alternative to cigarettes, suction tobacco is a viable option. Snus tends to have less carcinogens than regular cigarettes, but users are still at risk of developing serious diseases such as throat and pancreatic cancer. In addition, tobacco suction does not produce cigarette smoke that can harm yourself and those around you.

You can just try ways to quit smoking using snus. Namely, by replacing snus products from snus that contain tobacco to snus that don’t contain tobacco.

One thing that can make people hesitate to buy a snus is the price. One more drawback is the need for a place to put the snus marks you have used, so you have to provide a bag or something like that to store your snus waste when you go out with friends.

And those are the types of cigarette substitutes that you can try. But still be careful! Because whatever these products can give side effects and diseases like cigarettes, although at a lower level than cigarettes. Examples of these side effects and diseases are:

  • Nicotine Addiction
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Cataract
  • Mouth Cancer
  • Throat Cancer
  • Higher chance of strokes and heart attacks
  • Lung Cancer

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