5 Apartments near UMN at Affordable Prices

Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) is a university that was inaugurated by its founders on November 25, 2005. The university was founded by the Kompas Gramedia Group. The Company that leading business group engaged in mass media, publishing, printing, bookstores, hotels, and educational services. As the founder, Kompas Gramedia supports UMN in terms of providing physical facilities, teaching staff, and internship facilities for students.

A year later, this university was finally inaugurated by the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia. Many UMN campus students come from other areas or outside the Tangerang area. This makes students look for a strategic place to live and affordable rental prices. One of the residences that can be rented is an apartment. Don’t worry, here are some lists of apartments near UMN that are cheap and have nice facilities for you. Check this out!

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1. The Medina Apartment

Apartments near UMN: The Medina Apartment

The first recommended is The Medina Apartment which has a strategic location in the Karawaci area. By choosing this apartment as your residence, you only need to travel about 4.4 km from the UMN campus.

The Medina Apartment is offering several facilities to meet the needs of each occupant. You can find a swimming pool, gym, meeting room, badminton court, and futsal field. In addition, this apartment also gives you easy access to several public facilities. The Medina Apartment is very near Supermall Karawaci, Siloam Karawaci Hospital, Qadr Hospital, and the culinary areas of Benton Junction.

Rental price: Estimated price starting from IDR 3,500,000/month

2. Paragon Village Apartment

Apartments near UMN: Paragon Village Apartment

Only by traveling about 7.3 km from the UMN campus, then you have arrived at Paragon Village Apartment. This apartment is one of the favorite apartments for UMN campus students. The reason is that Paragon Village Apartments are close to the UMN campus and have affordable rental prices.

Although this apartment offers affordable rental prices for students, Paragon Village Apartment still provides complete facilities. You can get a swimming pool, gym, laundry, karaoke, and a 24-hour security system. In addition, you will have easy access to Supermall Karawaci, Siloam Karawaci Hospital, Benton Junction, and Taman Sari Culinary Center. Last, you have easy access to Jakarta-Merak Toll Road. Super strategic, right?

Rental price: Estimated price starting from IDR 3,500,000/month

3. U Residence Karawaci

U Residence Karawaci

The next recommended apartments near the UMN campus is U Residence Karawaci. This apartment is one of the best apartments in the Karawaci area, Tangerang. The location of this apartment is directly integrated with Karawaci Supermall. In addition, of course, this apartment reaches the UMN campus area with only a 10-minute drive.

U Residence offers other facilities such as swimming pool, gym, thematic garden, playground, and BBQ area. Meanwhile, to support your productivity, this apartment provides facilities such as working space equipped with an adequate WiFi connection.

Rental price: Estimated price starting from IDR 3,550,000/month

4. M Town Signature Serpong

Apartments near UMN: M Town Signature Serpong Apartment

Our fourth recommendation is the M Town Signature Serpong Apartment. This apartment can be one of your choices when looking for an apartment near the UMN campus where this apartment is also located in the same area as the M Town Serpong superblock.

The M Town Signature Serpong Apartment offers three types of residential units, namely 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR types. On the other hand, this apartment has complete facilities such as a gym, jogging track, swimming pool, and laundry.

Another advantage when you live here, there is a sky bridge that connects the apartment directly to Summarecon Mall Serpong. Thus, you can buy all your daily needs or hang out with your friends or family to refresh your mind. You can also visit various tenants at Summarecon Mall Serpong. Sound fun, right?

Rental price: Estimated price starting from IDR 5,000,000/month

5. Amartapura Apartment

Apartments near UMN: Amartapura Apartment

Amartapura Apartment is one of the apartments for students, business people, and expatriates. This is inseparable from the strategic location of this apartment. Amartapura Apartment is located close to Imperial Golf Club. Amartapura Apartment is close to several public facilities. It will be easy for you to find Supermall Karawaci, Pelita Harapan University, Siloam Karawaci Hospital, Qadr Hospital. Don’t worry, if you are looking for a culinary area. There are Benton Junction and Karawaci Culinary Centers as well.

In addition to, Amartapura Apartment offers residents high-quality facilities. There are swimming pool, gym, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, ATM centers, and 24-hour security systems. It just takes 15 minutes to arrive at the UMN campus by vehicle.

Rental price: Estimated price starts from IDR 4,200,000/month

6. Scientia Residence

Apartments near UMN: Scientia Residence

The last recommended apartment is Scientia Residence Apartment. This apartment is very close to UMN. It only takes 5 minutes walk then you can get to campus. Close enough, right?

Scientia Residence offers units at affordable prices and high-quality facilities. You can get good facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and laundry service. In addition, the best facility for this apartment is the city park itself. There is a jogging track, climbing wall, skate park, and ping pong center. It’s a very interesting place to live.

If the residents are not feeling well, they can easily go to Bethsaida Hospital. There are shopping malls such as AEON Mall BSD and Living World Alam Sutera that can easily be accessed in 15 minutes car ride.

Rental price: Estimated price starts from IDR 3,000,000/month

Those are 6 apartment recommendations near the UMN campus. These apartments offer residences with different apartment specifications and facilities, locations, and rental prices. Are you interested in renting one of the apartments above? Don’t worry, Flokq will help you with appropriate recommendations.

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