10 Balinese Drinks That You Must Try While in Bali

The Island of the Gods Bali does indeed present a charming natural beauty. There are so many attractions that can attract the attention of tourists, from local to foreign. Balinese culture from their respective ancestors is very thick because it is always well preserved. But not only that, the food and drinks also have their own characteristics that you can’t get from other regions. What are the typical Balinese drinks? Check out the following article to find out what Balinese drinks you should try.

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1. Kuwut Ice

Kuwut Ice is one of the most popular Balinese drinks. Although at first glance, Kuwut Ice looks like campur ice or teler ice. But the difference is that kuwut ice is made from several types of fresh fruits, such as coconut and cantaloupe. Just hearing it makes you feel fresh, it fits perfectly with the tropical atmosphere of Bali. Some also add this drink with lime juice to add a sour taste. In addition, it is not difficult to find kuwut ice in Bali because almost every restaurant provides this drink.

2. Daluman Ice

A typical Balinese drink that should not be missed while on the Island of the Gods is Daluman ice. Daluman ice is usually known as ice grass jelly. This Daluman ice will be served with a splash of brown sugar which makes this drink taste sweet. Coupled with coconut milk and ice cubes that make this drink taste fresh. In addition to a delicious taste, this drink also has properties to facilitate bowel movements.

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3. Loloh Cemcem Ice

This Balinese drink has many benefits with four flavors mixed in one glass. There are salty, spicy, sweet, and sour flavors. This is because of the mixed ingredients used, such as Cemcem leaves. This drink is efficacious for digestion and blood pressure, even for mothers who are breastfeeding. Even so, unfortunately, this drink is rarely found, unlike ancient times. To find this drink, you can go to Penglipuran Village, the original area that makes this drink.

4. Beer Ice

A typical Balinese drink whose name does not sound foreign. At first glance, it looks like ice cubes. The difference is if the kuwut ice contains melon, cantaloupe, and lime. Es Beer is a blend of beer, young coconut, and lime juice. But despite the name “Beer”, this drink does not contain alcohol and you can enjoy it anytime. The sweet and salty taste will be very refreshing if you drink it during the day.

5. Sugar Ice

One of the most popular Balinese drinks, simple but refreshing. Made from water, ice cubes, and syrup. The syrup itself comes from sugar that has been melted and mixed with food coloring. So there are many color variations that are quite tempting, such as red, green, and many more. If you go to Bali, you will easily find this sugar ice in various restaurants or local restaurants.

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6. Balinese Coffee

Coffee lovers should not miss this Balinese specialty drink. Although some regions in Indonesia also have their own coffee, Balinese coffee is no less delicious than others. This lies in the manufacturing process which is still done traditionally, namely by using firewood. Balinese coffee is a processed coffee production that has a very distinctive and delicious aroma. The pleasure can be felt only in the aroma, especially after tasting it.

7. Kolak Ancruk Ice

A unique and refreshing Balinese drink from Singaraja. The contents are made of compote, ancruk, marrow porridge, kolang kaling, shaved ice, syrup, agar-agar, and coconut milk sauce. Actually, ancruk is similar to the jenang grendul drink from Java. The basic ingredients consist of pressed flour with hot water, and formed into a ball. Meanwhile, the compote is prepared with pieces of ripe bananas, granulated sugar, pandan leaves, and coconut milk.

8. Ginger Tea

As the name implies, the composition of this Balinese drink is made of tea and ginger. The ginger mixture is deliberately dissolved in a glass of tea which will give you a relaxed sensation in the warmth of glass, especially when you serve this drink in the morning or in the rainy season. In addition, you can also make your own ginger tea. You can use any type of tea including bagged tea.

9. Balinese Wine

A typical Balinese drink that is quite famous so that its fans are not only in Bali and extends to all corners of the country. Coupled with the existence of arak that you can find in a number of places in Bali. The raw material is made from coconut water which is processed by being distilled. This distillation process then makes coconut water store the alcohol content. Even so, you still have to be vigilant if you want to drink Balinese wine. Because this drink can not be mixed with other drinks such as soda, fruit, or juice.

10. Tambring

A typical Balinese drink made from coconut is also the main composition. This drink is quite legendary and at first, glance almost resembles kopyor ice. But the difference is if the kopyor coconut water is mixed with syrup to produce a sweet taste, tambring is instead mixed with Javanese tamarind. This drink is quite popular among tourists because of the combination of flavors that are enough for. This is because the tambring concoction is the result of a mixture of tamarind and egg white.

This is a list of typical Balinese drinks. Have you decided which one to try? Don’t forget to check the Flokq Bali website to find suitable housing and accommodation for you while in Bali.

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