Must-Know! 10 Tourist Attractions in Kintamani Bali 2021

Kintamani is famous as a highland area in Bali with many choices of tourist attractions. Here, you can find many restaurants, hotels, and places of interest that provide views of the Batur caldera.

Kintamani District is located in Bangli Regency, Bali, and is a natural tourist area. Views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur can be seen from the Penelokan area.

Now, there are more and more tourist and culinary places that you can explore here. Before leaving for a vacation to Bali, check out this Flokq article to find out about the famous tourist attractions in Kintamani 2021.

1. Trunyan Village

Located across from Lake Batur, this village has an exotic and mystical charm. You can see the ancient Balinese civilization called Bali Aga. This place is very suitable for those of you who are looking for authentic Balinese tourist attractions in Kintamani in 2021.

This village has unique customs that are different from other areas. Dead people are not buried but placed under a tree. Uniquely, the corpses do not emit a smell! This is because a Taru tree can give off a natural fragrance.

There are three places for burial processions for three types of death, namely natural death, unnatural death, and graves for babies and children. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of human skulls lined up, okay?

2. Pinggan Village

This village is one of the tourist attractions in Kintamani that hits in 2021. Many people choose this place for camping. Besides being located in the Kintamani highlands, Pinggan Village offers a very beautiful natural panorama of Batur.

You can also find some of the best spots to see the sunrise here. One of them is Sukawana Sunrise Spot.

3. Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark

Want to relax in the pool while enjoying the lake view? Well, you can do it here. Toya Devasya is one of the tourist attractions in Kintamani which is suitable for you to visit with your family.

Drawn from natural mountain springs, Toya Devasya’s hot springs are the best place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only bathing, but you can also invite the children to play with water slides. There are also water sports and jeep rentals available to get around the mountainous area.

No need to bother looking for a restaurant outside the pool. Because you can directly order food from the restaurant here! In fact, you can eat in the pool using the floating tray.

4. Paperhills Kintamani

This cafe is indeed being hotly discussed by netizens. Located on Jalan Penelokan, South Batur, Paper Hills offers a culinary experience with a beautiful view.

With an aesthetic cafe concept, this place has many instagrammable photo spots. There is terraced seating overlooking the mountain. Visitors can also relax in the balcony area.

The food and drinks here are also very diverse. You can order croissants, burgers, pizza, ramen, to processed salmon. In addition, there are many coffee and juice menus that you can try.

This cafe is open every day since morning. If you stay in Kintamani, don’t miss the breakfast menu at Paperhills, OK?

5. El Lago Kintamani

El Lago cafe is also famous in 2021 as a tourist attraction in Kintamani which has an aesthetic place with a view of Mount Batur. Besides being a fun place, El Lago offers a variety of delicious Japanese food.

Some of the menus that you can try include Tuna Tataki, Tonkatsu Chicken Rice Bowl, Rainbow Roll, and Salmon Sashimi. This place just opened in 2020. However, it is always crowded with local and foreign tourists.

Moreover, El Lago has many beautiful spots to take pictures of. No wonder why this place is often used as a shooting location.

Located on Jalan Penelokan, El Lago is easy to reach if you come from Denpasar. This restaurant is also open from morning every day, even being planned to open since sunrise. Great place for breakfast with friends or partners, right?

6. Akasa Kintamani Coffee

This cafe, which specializing in Kintamani coffee is also as good as the cafe above. Here, you can sit back and relax on the edge of the glass balcony while enjoying the nature of Batur. Of course, accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee!

Besides coffee, this place also sells pastry, tea, cookies, noodles, and much more. Looking for cool photo spots? This place has lots of beautiful cacti and rustic furniture for your photo background.

Akasa is open from 06.00 WITA until evening every day. If you are a coffee lover who is on vacation in Kintamani, don’t miss this place, OK?

7. Montana Del Cafe Bali

Are you looking for a brunch restaurant with a western menu and an aesthetic interior? Well, you should try eating at Montana Del Cafe which is located on Jalan Penelokan, Batur. Pampered with stunning views of Mount Batur, this cafe is the perfect place to eat breakfast while relaxing.

Furthermore, the menu available is also very diverse. Starting from a variety of typical Kintamani coffee drinks, western food, cakes, salads, to desserts, you can try everything.

Montana Del Cafe has an interior that looks great for taking pictures. Not infrequently, many people choose this place to take pre-wedding photos, romantic brunches, to wedding parties.

8. Black Lava Camp

Located in the Mount Batur area, Black Lava Camp is suitable for those of you who want to camp or look for suites in a modern place. To visit this place, you need to order it via Instagram.

As one of the hit tourist attractions in Kintamani 2021, this place is quite crowded and famous among celebrities and artists. Besides having comfortable and instagrammable accommodation, Black Lava Camp also offers a very beautiful sunrise view!

Plus, there are many facilities offered, such as BBQ equipment, bicycle tracks, hiking tracks, campfire facilities, to Jungle Bike Tours. Sounds interesting, huh?

9. Sunrise Hill Camp

Are you looking for a luxury campsite in Batur? Well, Sunrise Hill Camp could be the right choice for you. This place is a glamping site with the first natural hot spring pool in Indonesia.

Tents with aesthetic interiors are ready to make your camping comfortable. Outside the tent, you can sit back and enjoy the lake view. As the name implies, this place offers a very beautiful sunrise view.

10. Caldera Bali

Built with a Balinese interior, this hotel-and-restaurant is also not to be missed for those of you who will visit Kintamani. Besides being a frequent honeymoon destination, Caldera Bali offers various types of food such as suki, BBQ, chicken soup, fried rice, and others.

This place also has Balinese specialty coffee. In addition, you can also enjoy the view of Batur from the hotel room!

Those are the 10 hit tourist attractions in Kintamani 2021. Don’t forget to stop by if you’re in Bali, OK? Are you looking for temporary housing in Bali? Don’t worry, just click on the Flokq homepage!

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