12 Benefits of Living in an Apartment, You Won’t Regret!

An apartment is an answer to living in the middle of the city for some people. Apart from being effective, apartments are also considered the right choice for investment. But still, you have to pay attention to the location if you want to choose an apartment.

For those of you who are now a productive age and tend to have high mobility, living in this apartment is suitable to support your lifestyle. Definitely had a lot of benefits during your stay in an apartment. Surely you sometimes wonder why many people prefer to live in an apartment than buy land or their own house? Well, here are the benefits of living in an apartment, check out the details below!

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1. Closer to the business center

one of the benefits of living in an apartment is closer to the business center
Source: medcom.id

Usually, apartment units are built close to several business centers such as offices, universities, and others. It aims to make the residents more comfortable and easy access to the destination. There are many apartments that provides several public places or are integrated in one area such as providing housing, shops, malls, co-working spaces, and also hotels. Very helpful for your access right?

2. Easier transportation access

one of the public transportations called busway
Source: otosia.com

Other than easy access to businesses and other areas, if you live in an apartment, it’s also easier to access transportation. Usually, most apartment buildings are built close to some transportation access. If the residents’ destination is far enough from the apartment, they can access it easily and quickly. Apartment residents can use public transportation such as buses, train lines, taxis, or ojek online.

3. Safer about privacy

some of the residents have their own privacy in every each of their units
Source: tripadvisor.com

Maybe usually if you stay at home, there is often a disturbance from the next-door neighbor which is quite disturbing. You will not experience this if you live in an apartment. Because most residents who live in apartment tend to be more individualistic. Even though you are joining a group of apartment neighbors, most of the residents maintain their respective privacy.

4. Complete facilities

an overview of benefits living in an apartment all the residents got an excellent facilities
Source: agoda.com

It is no strange thing that living in an apartment certainly provides excellent and complete facilities. Starting from the gym, multipurpose building, tennis court, shopping center, mini market, elevator facilities, and much more. When compared to housing, apartment facilities are certainly more and more profitable for the residents.

5. Easier to clean

cleaning an apartment
Source: pexels.com

The area of ​​​​the apartment is usually smaller than the area of ​​​​the house, even if you have a 2 to 3-bedroom apartment type. So you don’t have to clean the apartment with difficulty, just by sweeping and mopping because every corner is easy to reach. Also, you don’t have to call the cleaning service, so you can save some money too.

6. Practical

an overview of an apartment room
Source: kompasproperti

Other benefits of living in an apartment is also considered very practical for its residents because the area of ​​​​the room is not so large and sufficient for the needs of the residents, there is no need to think about security, comfort, or cleanliness because it has been handled by the manager, and there is no need to bother looking for food if you are hungry because there are many facilities in the apartment such as mini markets, shopping centers, restaurants are available for the residents. Living more practically and comfortably is the goal of apartment owners for sure.

7. Minimalism

an overview of a minimalist apartment room. Small place still looks big and neat
Source: pexels.com

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated, and all minimalist, living in an apartment is the best choice and really such a benefit. Seeing that the apartment area is not too big, like it or not, apartment residents have to think about how to store things in a minimalist way.

For example, if you have a hobby of collecting shoes, you have to be smart about organizing your collection with other items. Surely you do not want to pile up things in a small place right? So if you rent or buy an apartment, make sure the furniture you choose is very friendly to the area of ​​your apartment. Also, look for room layout preferences for a minimalist place to make it look big so that it makes you also more comfortable living in an apartment.

8. More security guaranteed

overview of CCTV in an apartment complex
Source: ATSS technology solutions provider

You don’t need to be paranoid about the many theft tragedies that are happened in an apartment complex, because living in an apartment, of course, you already have CCTV facilities and 24-hour security that will monitor the area around the apartment. Guests who come also cannot enter the apartment unit carelessly, and each resident holds a key and apartment access card to enter so you don’t have to worry about unknown people entering your apartment.

9. Prices are usually cheaper

an illlustration of money when buy a rent
Source: yoursay

Next one is the most interesting benefits of living in an apartment is the price is cheaper. Compared to buying a house or land, apartment prices are friendlier, although it still depends on the conditions of each apartment and house. Because when you buy an apartment, you only buy the building without the land, if you are not financially sufficient to buy a landed house, an apartment can be your answer. In addition, you can also rent back your apartment or sell it.

10. Lower maintenance costs

an overview of an apartment maintenance
Source: solopos.com

The cost of apartment maintenance is also lower than a house, because if you rent an apartment, usually the maintenance of the apartment is already handled by the apartment owner, for example, leaking faucets, moldy walls, and broken bathrooms. Not only that in apartments, but contractors are also usually provided that you can contact at any time to repair and treat problems in your apartment. Very helpful if you live in an apartment isn’t it?

11. High investment

an illustration of high price for an apartment
Source: radarmalang

The increase in apartment unit prices also increased rapidly compared to houses. If you are looking for capital gains, apartment investment can be your choice. Maybe not infrequently you see a lot of people investing in apartment properties. Because you not only have a vertical residence, but you can also get a sizable profit from investing in apartment properties.

12. One-stop living

an overview of an apartment with the concept of one stop living
Source: jatimtimes

The last benefits of living in an apartment are one-stop living. If you live in an apartment, it is certain that your daily needs are met. Many apartments offer many public places such as cafes, minimarkets, restaurants around the apartment, or a building with apartments that make the residents no need to leave the apartment complex to do monthly shopping, eat, and others.

Well, it’s really interesting if you live in an apartment right? The benefits are many and will certainly help your mobility. Talking about renting an apartment, if you want to rent an apartment for work, school, or just a stay cation with relatives, you can use Flokq. Because there are many types of apartments available and prices that can be adjusted to your finances and there are many payment options too. Can’t wait to try living in an apartment, right? Click here to see more!

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