10 Easy-to-Make Hanging Paper Decor Ideas

Hanging paper decorations are one of the easiest decorations for you to find and install. Whether it’s for ordinary room decorations or certain celebrations, hanging paper decorations are quite easy to use. The basic technique of most of this type of decoration is folding and gluing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult even for those of you who aren’t used to making decorations. The following is a hanging paper decor recommendation from Flokq.

1. Heart Shape

The first hanging paper decor will certainly start with the simplest one: the heart shape. To keep the theme consistent, use paper that is thick enough and colored red or pink. Also, make different sizes of the hearts so there is more variety. Put it near a study lamp so that your wall will help your heart decor stand out even more.

This hanging paper decoration will be suitable for Valentine’s Day celebrations, wedding anniversary celebrations, and anniversary celebrations of course!

2. Flower Shape

For something a little more complicated, you can try hanging paper decorations in the shape of flowers. For maximum results, use jasmine paper. Look for a texture that matches the results you want to achieve. A little shiny? White? Easy to shape? Those are some things you need to pay attention to when making this hanging paper decoration. Of course, this type of decoration will be interesting to use as a Valentine’s Day trinkets or a wedding celebration day!

3. Zig-zag

hanging paper decor of zig-zag paper

This hanging paper decor is best made in anticipation of a party. Use paper with a variety of colors so that you can enliven the atmosphere of the party that you will be holding. Make sure the length is also varied so that there is a unique thing in each zigzag hanging paper decoration. Perfect for celebrating parties for new years, birthdays, or other small parties.

4. Origami of Crane shape

hanging paper decor of origami crane

Origami paper can be used to decorate with many shapes. However, it is said that the origami crane shape has its own story in Japan. They said if there were a thousand origami cranes, you would get one wish granted by the gods. Of course, to keep from wasting paper too much, you can reuse the origami paper that was previously used. Perfect for a big event and a pretty extra hanging paper decoration. Also prepare a rope that is strong enough for your origami. One thousand is also not mandatory to achieve, really!

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5. Pom-pom


For an even more festive hanging paper decor, make a pom-pom shape! Make the color choices more limited if you want a more relaxed and elegant feel. For events or functions that are more fun, use lots of colors and varying sizes. Use tissue paper to make this hanging paper ornament.

6. Fan Shape

This type of hanging paper decoration is easy to make because basically you only need to make enough folds to form a structure that resembles a fan. Make sure the bending is consistent enough until your fans meet end-to-end. Use different sizes and colors to avoid being too monotonous and boring.

7. Sky on The Wall

sky-like shapes on the wall

This one is perfect for children’s outings or taped to a toddler room wall. You can install colorful shapes such as suns, clouds, and hot air balloons. You could also be a cloud that is pouring rain. In addition, you can also choose the night version by making a crescent moon, full moon, and stars.

For decoration with the theme of morning sky objects, it would be more suitable to stick it on the wall in light blue. As for celestial bodies at night, it is more suitable for walls that are dark blue.

Use paper with a bright enough color for this type of decoration. Also use paper that is sturdy enough to shape it, such as origami paper. Don’t forget to choose the adhesive that matches your paper and walls so that they are not too visible on the paper and your walls are not damaged.

To make them as hanging decor, you can make it double for every shape and glue each pair with a line in the middle part of the paper. For a more colorful and bright effect, you can add different colors as the other half.

8. Quilling

This one model is suitable for those of you who want to be a little more careful in making decorations. With a quilling needle, a needle for rolling paper, you can make unique and more sturdy shapes to decorate your walls. The flower shape is one of the shapes you can make using the quilling technique. In addition, other forms such as humans can also be formed with a fairly simple framework. Various types of paper can be used for this technique, be it origami paper, cardboard, or newsprint!

9. Dots Shape

colorful dots circle shape

This hanging paper decor is certainly easier than the others. Circle or dots decorations are the easiest to use when you want to attach a paper ornament to the wall or hang it from the ceiling in celebration. Use color patterns that are appropriate for any occasion or function. For Valentine’s Day, you can use red and pink as the main hues. For Christmas, you can welcome it with the special red and green colors of the celebration.

10. Cone Shape

The final design that is no less easy to make is the cone shape. This one shape can even be suitable for hanging from a rope attached to the opposite side rather than just taped to the wall. Use paper that is easy to shape so you don’t get too tired in the folding process. For maximum results, try making a more regular cone shape. The graded colors and show a unique pattern will also make the results look more attractive to show.

Those are the designs that Flokq can suggest to fill and decorate your home. Some may be more suitable as event knick-knacks than house wall decorations, and vice versa. We hope that our suggestions are helpful to inspire events or decorate your home, Flokqers!

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