10 Best Plants for Beginner

Taking care of living things like ornamental plants is not easy. Especially if you are a beginner in the world of plants. You need to know well which ornamental plants are suitable for your situation and environment

In this article, you will find out 10 types of ornamental plants that you can choose as a beginner. Don’t worry, ornamental plants with little maintenance do not mean they are not beautiful. Here are 10 types of ornamental plants that don’t require too much care, but can grow beautifully around you. Perfect for beginners!

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1. Spider Plant

Spider Plant plants for beginner
source: gardeningknowhow.com

Safe to say that you don’t have to spoil this plant with a lot of water, light, or temperature. It grows pretty easy once you put it in a basket or atop columns. Once its stems are long enough, it will give off an amazing hanging display for your eyes to see. 

2. Snake Plant 

Snake Plant plants for beginner
source: floralartanddecor.com

Similar to spider plant, snake plant is also easy to grow in a way that it isn’t picky about light and water either. Not only that, this plant is also a great choice if you want to have a helping hand in removing toxins from the air in your room. So, it’s not only convenient to have this plant around, but it’s also beneficial for your health. 

3. Aloe 

Aloe plants for beginner
source: patchplants.com

You can also give medicinal plant a try if you prefer to be consistent about giving sunlight and water as your first step to be a good beginner. Once it grows well, you can also reap what you sow for your good, right? 

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily plants for beginner
source: almanac.com

Aesthetically pleasing to eyes and easy to care, you can place this plant in your room or even your office. In addition to that, peace lily is also known for its capability to filter the air. So, you get one beautiful, low maintenance, and beneficial plant all in one. You can simply put it back under the light and give it water once its leaves start to drop. Don’t worry, they’ll bloom right back again and you just have to wait! 

5. Palm

Palm plants for beginner
source: thespruce.com

Palm is the epitome of a plant that you can have and simply forget it, because of how little attention that it needs. So, if you think that you’re extremely busy and yet you still want to try growing a plant once or twice, palm is the ideal one for you. In fact, you shouldn’t overwater this plant to keep it indestructible. Just pour some water when you find the top 2 inches of its soil starts to get dry. 

6. Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant) 

Zanzibar Gem (ZZ Plant)
source: medium.com

The opposite of a plant which typically needs light, ZZ plant actually grows better in a low-light condition. Hence, you can put it in a darker corner of your room or your office and it will still grow just fine, it will excel on it even. Similar to palm, you don’t need to water it a lot on a daily basis, just do it when the top 2 inches of its soil is dry and you’re good to go. 

7. Pothos/Devil’s Ivy 

Pothos/Devil’s Ivy
source: thespruce.com

It’s considered as one of the most popular hanging plants, especially for a beginner. It’ll still grow just fine even if you put it under a low light, which also means you can train its stem to go anywhere you like it. As it requires minimum care, it’s important to remember that it will root easily when you water it even only with a glass of water. 

8. Monstera 

source: realestate.com.au

This plant is one of the easiest houseplants you can possibly find. It may vary in size and shape. Monstera is a relatively slow grower, you only need to put it under a bright or medium light and give it water once its soil dries out. That way, you don’t have to check it every single day and it leaves you with great convenience even as a beginner. 

9. Pink Anthurium

Pink Anthurium
source: pinterest

If you want a plant with low maintenance and yet it still grows some pretty flowers, this plant screams perfection for you, although those aren’t actually real flowers but modified waxy leaves. You only need to put it under indirect bright light for it to grow at its best and water it every one or two weeks when its soil is dry enough. To keep you an idea, you can keep this plant in one or two feet away from your window. 

10. Aglaonema Stripes/Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema Stripes/Chinese Evergreen
source: costafarms.com

This plant grows very slowly and yet it can survive just fine even with a lack of light and water. Other than that, just make sure that the place you want to put this plant on doesn’t have any draft or else it will cause the leaves to get brown. You surely don’t want your plant to lose its aesthetic points, right? 

That’s all, top 10 recommended plants for you as a beginner! In short, those plants don’t require too much and it’s very easy to maintain. So, no more hesitation for you to get a plant for yourself. For the beauty of your room, to spoil your eyes, or for medical reasons if you have any.

Don’t forget to check out other articles in this blog where you can find various interesting information that you need to know about! Also, you can share this article for those who think you need to get plants for themselves. 

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