10 Wall Design Ideas to Refresh The Look of Your Rooms!

It is very normal if we get bored with the sight of the rooms inside our house every once in a while. We sometimes feel the need to change the interior of our living space because we want a change of atmosphere. One of the ways to do that is by redesigning the walls around our house. Pretty and interesting wall designs could make your house look more lively. Also, you will probably find yourself feeling happier and more comfortable by choosing the right design for the wall. With that said, if you plan to alter the wall design in your room, then the first step will probably require you to find some inspiration first. After all, there are so many wall design ideas that you can try.

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However, we have curated several wall design ideas that we think might be suitable for everyone with their diverse preferences. Let’s check out these wall design ideas in the following list below!

1. Gallery Wall

One of the simplest wall design ideas that we find fascinating is the gallery wall. You can incorporate photographs in different sizes, then put those photos in simple frames to make them look more orderly. After that, you just have to hang all the pictures on the wall. Furthermore, you can even mix things up by hanging black & white photographs along with some colorful art in the form of paintings or drawings. Not only will the gallery wall add more personality to the room, but it will give such artsy vibes as well.

2. Architectural Accent Wall

If you have a huge interest in architectural stuff, then you probably want to consider this architectural accent wall. Especially if you look for some wall design ideas that will work best on a white wall. Different architectural elements like flora, fauna, motifs, and folklore extracts etched into wood boards or panels would create a grandeur impression on your blank wall. In some countries like Indonesia, India, Morocco, and Turkey this type of art is usually carved on wooden doors or windows. Apply this design as a backdrop to your living room or dining room walls. It would be exceptionally pretty as well to install one as a headboard above beds.

3. Wall Murals or Wall Decals

These wall design ideas have their own complexities and conveniences in their own way. If you prefer something that’s a bit more authentic and would love to incorporate your own art style, you can definitely try hand-painting mural wall design. Not only will the final result be more personal, but your involvement in its creative process might give you a different kind of satisfaction. However, you can also opt for the easier way. If you don’t have the time to do hand-painting, then you can choose a wall covering like a wall decal or wall stickers. Also, there are a wide variety of motifs that you can incorporate into your wall according to your preferences.

4. Shelves Wall Decor

Are you a book lover and currently thinking of redesigning your blank wall? Out of our wall design ideas, the shelves’ wall decor might suit your style the best! Especially if you don’t have any floor space left to put on more bookshelves, then you better install some on the wall. Since there’s a lot of variety of shelves, you can opt for simple floating shelves, open shelves with their ornate frame, or even stacked shelves. Last but not least, arrange several collections of your favorite books on the shelves and enjoy the library look on your wall!

5. Mirror Wall

Worry not about designing your blank wall inside a tiny house without making it look too crowded! With the perfect choice of wall design ideas, you could make an impression that the room looks bigger than it is. One of the designs that will work best is the mirror wall since mirrors could reflect light. Not only will mirrors make your tiny space seems more spacious but they will also make the room much brighter. Additionally, you can explore the style that would fit you the best by hanging different sizes of mirrors. From oversized mirrors to smaller pieces salon-style mirrors, try displaying them according to your preferences!

6. Macramé Wall Art

Another wall design idea for you to try is macramé wall art. Especially if you are into vintage stuff and style, this design should satisfy your eyes whenever you look at the wall. These beautiful textiles that are produced by knotting techniques would give more texture and personality to your blank wall. Of course, you can try making your own macramé if you want. But if you don’t have the time for it, you can also opt for buying the textiles. Choose the ones that would match the color of your wall and enjoy the 70s vibe around the room!

7. Rugs on the Wall

Do you love the bohemian style so much? Out of these wall design ideas, putting rugs on your wall would definitely work on creating bohemian vibes inside the room. There are a few types of rugs that you can choose to adorn your blank wall. From woven rugs, knotted rugs, faux fur rugs, and even polyester rugs. Out of those rugs, knotted rugs would definitely be the best choice to showcase more personality and give more textures to your wall. Also, it would make guests feel fascinated to see pretty floor ornaments on a wall.

8. Green Wall

For nature lovers out there, you can also opt for the green wall as your type of wall design. We are not talking about colors only here, but about incorporating houseplants into your blank wall. Not only will the plants make your wall look more attractive, but they also add fresh scents throughout the room. You can try planting vines by installing a few climbers on the wall and letting them grow. However, if you prefer to have a look that’s more orderly, simply install some floating shelves and put several cute plants planted on pots or terrariums.

9. Woven Baskets Wall

Another unique style of these wall design ideas that might suit your taste is the woven basket wall. Whether you want to go for neutral or colorful colors, you can always match those woven baskets with the furniture around the room. It will leave an aesthetic impression on the wall since woven baskets have natural textures with their multidimensional weaves. Furthermore, there are various motifs that you can choose based on your personal preferences. Also, woven baskets are mostly sustainable since they are made of sagebrush, reeds, bulrush, willow, grass, and many other natural materials. The pleasing look of these baskets on the wall may also enhance the room’s interiors.

10. Clocks Wall

If you need a new design that’s more than just aesthetically pleasing to look at, try installing a giant vintage clock on your wall. By doing that, your wall will turn into something very useful but also elegantly striking. Other than that, you can also pick several clocks in various shapes with different materials to liven up any blank space on the wall. From minimalist analog and Roman numbers, cuckoo, pendulum, and maritime, you surely will have the most satisfying gallery wall of vintage clocks!

Now if you are bored looking at your blank wall, you can try one of the wall design ideas above. More than just giving your wall aesthetic looks, those designs can also help elevate the interiors of your living space. Just make sure you choose the perfect wall design that not only fit your preferences but also matches your needs. So, out of those wall designs, which one piqued your interest the most?

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