Fixing Clogged Toilet in Jakarta

Fixing Clogged Toilet in Jakarta

One of the most common plumbing issues is a clogged toilet. Not only this problem is annoying and inconvenient, it can also lead to an overflowing toilet and costly water damage. Clogged toilet can be happened anytime to anyone. When there’s too much toilet paper or non-flushable materials being flushed and stuck, the narrow trap can become blocked and causing the clog.

Don’t worry! We have the solutions for your clogged toilet. Before you decide to call the plumbing service, you can try these easy steps. Therefore, you will save some money without having to call the plumbing service man.

How to fix the clogged toilet by your own:

1. Plunging it

First thing first, you need to keep the toilet from overflowing. If your toilet does not flush properly after one flush, do not try to flush it again! This will cause more water to be pumped into the toilet bowl. Instead, take the lid off of the toilet tank and close the toilet flapper. Closing the flapper will keep more water from entering the bowl.

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Prepare the floor to soak up liquid

Before worse thing happen, you may want to place some paper towels or old cloth on the bathroom floor to soak up the liquid. Also, put on rubber gloves for sanitary hygiene purpose so you will be protected from any germs within.

Use the plunger

It is important to use a large heavy-duty rubber plunger, either the ball-shaped type or one with a fold-out rubber flange on the bottom which forms a seal. These kinds of plunger usually work better than the small cheap suction-cup type of plunger.


Tips: Run the plunger under hot water before using it. This will soften it up, which will help with create a seal.

Then, make sure the plunger completely covers the hole. It is important to be pushing and pulling water through the opening, not air. Add water from the sink to the toilet bowl if necessary. Pump the plunger over the toilet hole. Start slowly at first, push down, then pull up sharply to disturb the clog and loosen it. Continue vigorously pushing and pulling until the water begins to drain. As long as you’re sure there’s no hard object, plunging alone often suffices. It might not work immediately but will often work after a few repeated efforts and flushing!

2. No tools: Use baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda

Another thing that you can try if you don’t have a plunger is to go to the kitchen and find these things: baking soda and vinegar. Simply add one cup of baking soda to the clogged toilet. Wait a couple of minutes. Next, slowly pour two cups of vinegar into the toilet hole. Be sure to pour slowly and carefully so that the toilet water does not splash or overflow. Allow the vinegar and baking soda mixture to work for several minutes. Flush the toilet to see if the clog has cleared.

3. Dish Soap (or Shampoo) and Hot Water

Everyone has dish soap and water in their home, right? This method is probably the easiest for you to try. First, squirt some dish soap into the toilet. Then carefully pour the hot water into the toilet hole. Make sure the water is hot but not boiling, Wait several minutes and voila! The toilet should now be unclogged and flushing freely. You can also change the dish soap by using shampoo and hot water if you want to try to clear the toilet without leaving the bathroom.

4. Use Wire Coat Hanger

use wire coat hanger

The last method that you can try is by using the wire hanger! Unravel and straighten a wire coat hanger. Then wrap the end of the wire with a small cloth or rag to prevent the sharp end from damaging the porcelain in the toilet. You can also use duct tape to keep the rag in place. 

Stick the wrapped end of the wire into the drain. Once the wire is in the drain, twist it, push it, and maneuver it in a circular motion to clear the drain. If you can feel the object that caused the clog, push against it. Keep going until the water begins to drain then flush the toilet once the water has drained. 

When DIY Fails, Call the Plumber!

If you have tried the several methods above and your toilet is still not working, this is it. This is the time for you to call some help from the plumbing service. But no need to worry! We have listed some recommended plumbing toilet services in Jakarta area. They are just one call away then you get your help!

  • CV Indojasa Pratama

CV Indojasa Pratama handles the clogged toilet, smooth the drainage in bathrooms and sinks, as well as industrial problems such as factory waste, sewage grease or sludge in South Jakarta area. Good thing, they are available 24 hours!

Price: Rp 450.000 – Rp 800.000

Phone Number: 0815 1735 8385 / 0812 8785 5816


  • Jakarta Suction Service (Sedot WC Jakarta)

This is one of the pioneers of the best and most trusted toilet cleaning services in Indonesia. They provide cleaning services for indoor and outdoor toilets, such as in offices, hotels, schools, homes and other places. They are also available for Bekasi and Depok area!

Price: contact for more information

Phone Number: 0852-1041-6754


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  • Jasa Sedot WC PASTI

This one is suitable for those who live in Bintaro, BSD, Pamulang, Tangerang, Pondok Indah, or South Tangerang area. They can also help you to make a new septic tank if you need one.


Price: contact for more information


Phone Number (WhatsApp and Call): 0812-1314-8284 / 0819-0813-2100

  • Sedot WC Jakarta Cibubur

If you live around East Jakarta area such as Cibubur, Bekasi or Grogol, this one might be good for you. They are also available 24 hours!

Price: contact for more information


Phone Number (WhatsApp and Call): +62 813-8150-0604

So, that’s it! Some methods that you can try to do first before calling the plumbing service when your toilet is clogged. Make sure you keep everything hygiene to be safe from any germs within. Don’t forget to check out other articles on our blog!

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