10 Favorite Healthy Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta

10 Favorite Healthy Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta

In today’s era, just looking for a restaurant that serves healthy food in Jakarta is not difficult because the trend of healthy living has now started to be applied again as a healthy lifestyle for the community. People now no longer only want food that looks beautiful and delicious, but people are starting to gradually switch to eating healthy foods which over time the number is increasing.

This row of healthy restaurant recommendations in Jakarta serves healthy food menus that are no less delicious than other restaurant menus. Some healthy restaurants sometimes charge quite expensive prices, but this is worth the use of basic ingredients and the quality of taste provided by the restaurant. Here are recommendations for healthy restaurants in Jakarta that you must try.

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1. Loving Hut

Loving Hut healthy restaurant jakarta
Loving Hut

If you are a vegan, then Jakarta’s healthy restaurant, Loving Hut, offers a variety of delicious and very tempting vegan menus for you. In addition to food like the picture above, Loving Hut also serves a healthy burger menu for its visitors. From the outside, the presentation is like a burger in general. However, who would have thought if this burger turned out to be friendly to vegans. Even the patty is made of vegetables which taste like you are eating meat. Not only that, but Loving Hut also serves popular menus such as steak, which is also made from vegetables.

2. Fedwell

Fedwell healthy restaurant jakarta

Chef Renatta’s restaurant is the next choice that can be your reference for healthy eating in Jakarta. Fedwell offers a wide selection of delicious and low-calorie food menus. In this healthy restaurant, you can choose directly from various choices of food available, ranging from quinoa, brown rice, salmon, and vegetables as a compliment. Various dressings to complement the salad you ordered are also available with many choices.

3. Berrywell

Berrywell healthy restaurant jakarta

Let’s move the discussion to Berrywell, one of the healthiest restaurants in Jakarta has a smoothie bowl menu that is not served in a simple form, but a unicorn bowl that looks very attractive and of course photogenic for you. Identical to unicorns, this smoothie bowl is dominated by blue and pink colors from a mixture of yogurt, bananas, dragon fruit, and others. On top of the menu, there is a cone that resembles a unicorn horn and granola that tastes crispy.

4. Burgreens

Burgreens healthy restaurant jakarta

Another restaurant that offers a variety of healthy food menus in Jakarta is Burgreens. In this healthy restaurant, you can hang out while keeping the diet you are on so as not to fail. The food menus here are made by professional chefs with the approval of the founder of Burgreens himself who is an expert in processing and serving healthy foods.

Burgreens’ principle is to have a focus on quality and taste, which makes this healthy restaurant in demand by many healthy food lovers. The basic ingredients such as vegetables are also of high quality and are imported directly from local sellers from Indonesia. The recommended menus that you must try if you visit Burgreens are mini quarto, burgreens steak, vegan hot dogs, and tempeh gomashio.

5. Maple and Oak

Maple & Oak
Maple and Oak

The place from Maple and Oak may seem tiny, but the decor is adorable. Many customers make this Maple and Oak restaurant a lifesaver when looking for a place for breakfast and lunch or brunch around the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. The variety of food offered is delicious, one of which is the smoothie bowl. However, if you want to eat meat, then the coffee butter steak and egg is a recommended food menus that you should order because the taste offered is second to none, so the sensation of the coffee absorbs into the meat.

6. Greenery


Another healthy food restaurant recommendation in Jakarta is Greenery. If you are bored with the salad menu on the market, you can find a wide selection of salads with brown rice, quinoa, and smoothies bowls here. The price of healthy food offered by Greenery is also quite affordable.

7. Honu Poké and Matcha Bar

Honu Poké and Matcha Bar

This healthy restaurant offers a typical Hawaiian menu, namely poke bowls. A bowl of rice with raw meat (usually using salmon) on top and consisting of various vegetables mixed using a special sauce. In addition, you can also choose other toppings. Some of the recommended menus at Honu that you can try are honu lulu (containing ahi tuna with soy sauce), two and two (containing a mixture of tuna and salmon sprinkled with tempura crunch), and there is also bonfire (salmon belly drizzled with a spicy creamy sauce).

8. Supergrain

Supergrain healthy restaurant jakarta

Supergrain is a recommended healthy food restaurant in Jakarta that serves a blend of whole grains and other complex carbohydrates with a variety of protein, fiber, and sauce options.

In addition to ordering from the existing menu, you can also choose or modify your type of food menu to fill your plate. Variants of grains that you can contain include black rice, brown rice, and quinoa. Meanwhile, for protein options, Supergrain provides many choices, including blackened jerk chicken, charred steak, miso torched salmon, etc.

In addition to grains and protein, in one serving of food at Supergrain, you will also get side dishes such as eggs, mushrooms, corn, and various types of vegetables, as well as a choice of sauces such as black pepper and pesto.

9. Kyuri

Kyuri healthy restaurant jakarta

This healthy food restaurant recommendation serves a variety of salads and donburi bowls from Japan. If you are tired of eating vegetables that are only processed in the usual way and taste, then tasting this salad at Kyuri could be a new option for you.

Here, you will find menus such as the vegan-friendly konbu seaweed salad to the soy good beef tamanegi salad served with beef.

Meanwhile, for the donburi bowl itself, Kyuri has a variety of menu options such as curry chicken katsu, teriyaki salmon, to grilled chicken with spicy miso.

When ordering a donburi bowl, you can choose the carbohydrates that you feel are most suitable, between white rice, brown rice, or shirataki.

10. The Good Habit

The Good Habit healthy restaurant jakarta
The Good Habit

As the name implies, if you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, then The Good Habit can be one of the healthy food restaurant recommendations that you should try. You can also order various variants of the food menu here through the online delivery application.

The Good Habit serves a variety of salad wraps and salad bowls containing a variety of protein preparations, ranging from bulgogi meat, chicken cooked using the sous-vide method, tofu, and vegetables covered with special dressings.

Those are the recommendations for healthy restaurants in Jakarta that you can visit and taste the various food menus that each restaurant offers. Have you decided which restaurant you want to visit this weekend?

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