12 Most Wanted Indonesian Traditional Snacks, You Should Know!

12 Most Wanted Indonesian Traditional Snacks, You Should Know!

Not only culture are very diverse when talking about Indonesia, Indonesian food also has many kinds. Especially Indonesian snacks. Although there are many modern snacks that are going viral these days, traditional Indonesian snacks are also still being the most wanted snacks until today. Here are some of the most wanted Indonesian tradisional snacks that you must try and should know. Check this out!

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1. Klepon

Klepon cake one of the most favorite traditional snacks in Indonesia
Source: Pinterest.com

This first Indonesian snacks comes from the island of Java. Klepon are usually has a round shape wrapped with grated coconut and have a brown sugar filling that melts in your mouth when you bite it. The sweet and savory taste that makes klepon cake is still the most favorite traditional Indonesian snack that still exists today. This klepon cake is very easy to find because there are many cafes or restaurants that sell this traditional cake. So for those of you who like this cake and wanted to try it, don’t worry!

2. Lemper

Indonesian snack called lemper serve in banana leaves on the plate
Source: Pinterest.com

Made from glutinous rice with a savory chicken filling and wrapped in banana leaves. Suitable for those of you who want to eat traditional Indonesian snacks that make you full. Lemper is also always included in Indonesian traditional cake packages or snacks.

3. Dadar Gulung

Dadar Gulung with brown sugar grated coconut
Source: Pinterest.com

The next traditional snacks is Dadar Gulung. made of pandan water with a mixture of grated coconut and brown sugar. Dadar Gulung are best serve while still warm. It taste sweet also perfect to eat with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Usually, Dadar Gulung are identical to their green skin color, but nowadays many traditional Indonesian snack traders are making innovations by changing the color of the Dadar Gulung skin color, and with other unique and cute motifs.

4. Onde- Onde

Unique Indonesian snack called Onde-onde are ready to serve
Source: Pinterest.com

This one snack must be familiar, because every cake seller who passes this indonesian traditional snacks is always there. Having a crunchy texture on the outside but chewy on the inside is the uniqueness of this cake.

Onde-Onde skin is made from glutinous rice flour with red bean or green bean filling which creates a sweet, savory, and legit taste that makes this traditional Indonesian snack popular for so many people.

5. Serabi

Serabi serve with coconut milk and kinca sauce
Source: Pinterest.com

This traditional Indonesian snack is also famous like other traditional snacks. Many people call this cake surabi or serabi. made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk which makes this pancake taste delicious. Usually the toppings for snacks are always adjusted to the taste of the dough, either it’s sweet or salty. But the uniqueness of this pancake you can enjoy with many delicious toppings.

Traditional Serabi that are often serve with a mixture of coconut milk and kinca topping, plain pancakes, or oncom. But these day many Serabi serve with various toppings such as sausage, chicken, and cheese.

6. Cubit Cake

One of unique Indonesian Traditional snacks called kue cubit with colourful toppings
Source: Pinterest.com

The next filling Indonesian traditional snack is cubit cake. Who doesn’t know cubit cake? This cake never fails to amaze the taste buds of the customers, also because the aroma of the dough have really unique smells. This cake made from a mixture of sugar, flour, and butter.

Cubit cake also had really different and cute shapes such as oval, fish, round, and others. In addition, this cubit cake can also be serve in three different ways like cooked, half-cooked, or served in a spider web shape. Most cubit cake lovers prefer cubit cake served half-baked because the dough and toppings melt in the mouth when you bite it.

7. Lupis

Lupis served with the brown sugar topping with the banana leaves
Source: Pinterest.com

This traditional Indonesian cake comes from the island of Java. This cake is green, made from glutinous rice, covered with grated coconut, and served with brown sugar. Almost similar to the Klepon cake, the difference is that the brown sugar in this lupis cake is serve as a topping, not as the fillings and its shape. Lupis cake is triangular in shape. This cake is also serve wrapped in banana leaves.

8. Cucur Cake

Kue cucur served on banana leaves with pandan leaves as garnish
Source: Pinterest.com

Traditional Indonesian cakes with exotic colors made from rice flour and brown sugar. How to make it’s just fry in hot oil over low heat. This traditional cake originating from Betawi has a sweet taste and a chewy texture that will surely make you keep wating once you tried it. The name of cucur cake came from the way it’s made by dripping dough which in Betawi language “ngocor”, but some newcomers call it ngucur in english it’s mean dripping, so it’s call cucur cake.

9. Nagasari

Nagasari cake with banana inside serve wrapped with banana leaves
Source: Pinterest.com

Nagasari cake is also a popular traditional Indonesian snacks until now. This cake originated from Indramayu. Made from rice flour, sago flour, coconut milk, and sugar filled with a banana in the middle after being wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The taste is legit, savory, and sweet which makes this cake definitely sought after by many people.

10. Combro

Combro with spicy fillings serve on the banana leaves
Source: Dapurkobe.com

Next is the traditional Indonesian snacks originating from the Sunda region, namely Combro or oncom di jero which means oncom inside. Made from grated cassava with oncom filling with a mixture of spicy cayenne pepper in it. You can get this Combro at street food stalls.

11. Pancong Cake

Pancong cake one of the iconic Indonesian traditional snacks
Source: Pinterest.com

This traditional Indonesian snacks from Jakarta is made from a mixture of rice flour, grated coconut, coconut milk, salt, and sugar. The uniqueness of this cake is that you can see the making process by yourself and enjoy it while it is still warm. Don’t forget to sprinkle sugar to balance out the savory taste!

12. Putu Mayang

Putu Mayang cake served with mixture of coconut milk and kinca sauce
Source: Pinterest.com

The last traditional Indonesian snacks is Putu Mayang. This one cake is usually served during big events such as traditional events or weddings. It was given the name Putu Mayang because it has a meaning associated with the character Mayang Sari from the Jampang Mayangsari folklore which is described as something wavy and beautiful like Putu Mayang’s wavy cake.

Putu Mayang cake is usually served with coconut milk and kinca sauce. This cake also has a chewy and soft texture that makes you want to keep eating it.

Those are the 12 Traditional Indonesian Snacks that are still wanted until today. If you are looking for snacks that you want to try, you can try the traditional snacks above. Also check out other inspiring and interesting articles on the Flokq blog!

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