5 Best Kebayoran Apartments Near Shopping Malls

Already planning to rent an apartment in Kebayoran? Living in Kebayoran will give you so much convenience since it is near to everywhere in Jakarta. From offices to vital places, everything you need is available nearby. Moreover, if you rent a Kebayoran apartment, you can easily access several top shopping malls!

Before you say ‘yes’ to an apartment, make sure to check this article to find out which one is located near your favorite malls. Let’s go!

1Park Residence Apartment

As one of the luxurious apartments in Kebayoran, 1Park Residence is a great choice for the upper class who loves shopping. Only a kilometer away from this apartment, you can find Gandaria City mall.

Besides buying new clothes or branded bags, you are also able to watch movies at the cinema and dine at various restaurants. To get your daily needs, there is a Papaya supermarket near the apartment.

1Park Residence offers only premium facilities for the residents comfort. You don’t have to go out to exercise, because you can enjoy the gym, tennis court, swimming pool, and a reflexology track. Moreover, it has a BBQ area, Starbucks Coffee, and a beauty salon inside!

Every unit is equipped with a private lift and built with modern design. Don’t worry about your safety, because it has CCTVs and 24-hour security.

This Kebayoran apartment is reachable from several public places, including the Senayan, Sudirman, and Thamrin business districts. Some public transportations is also available nearby, such as MRT Blok M station (2km away), TransJakarta bus (1km away), and the commuter line Kebayoran station (2km away).

Pakubuwono Terrace Apartment

Have you ever imagined living in the ‘50s? Well, this apartment combines the old-school concept with the modern style. Comes with simple-yet-elegant design, Pakubuwono Terrace apartment is perfect for those who love minimalism and live in a strategic area.

Located in a fancy neighborhood, it is easy for you to shop in the nearest malls. Just drive for five minutes and you will arrive at Gandaria City. You can also enjoy shopping at the well-known Pondok Indah Mall. It only takes a few minutes from the apartment.

Apart from shopping centers, Pakubuwono Terrace is very accessible from the South Jakarta area. Since it is not located in the center of business districts, you can get fresh air from the greenery around Kebayoran. Nevertheless, there are a lot of vehicles passing this area in the rush hour.

Inside this Kebayoran apartment, you will be able to enjoy the fully-furnished unit with a kitchen set, cable TV, and fast internet connection. It also provides a swimming pool, jogging track, and a fitness center.

Kebayoran Icon Apartment

Located at the heart of Kebayoran Lama, this Kebayoran apartment is basically close to everywhere. Need to shop in the famous shopping malls? Gandaria City is just 4 minutes away from your apartment. Mayestik Market is also reachable within 6 minutes.

Besides shopping centers, Kebayoran Icon is located near the SCBD area. So if you work there, you won’t spend too much time on the way, because it is only 13 minutes away from the residence. Plus, it only takes 17 minutes to get to the Kuningan area.

Looking for a grocery store? No worries; there is a Carrefour supermarket right in front of the apartment building. Just like any other Jakarta apartments, Kebayoran Icon is also equipped with a swimming pool, fitness center, ATM center, and many more.

If you love to work by public transportation, there are some options that you can choose. The commuter line Kebayoran Station is only 1km away from the apartment. You can also find a TransJakarta bus stop right in front of the building.

Tamansari Semanggi Apartment

This apartment is in the Sudirman area, near Kebayoran, South Jakarta. It is perfect for those who work around South Jakarta and want to live in an affordable apartment. Moreover, its location makes it easier to visit the shopping malls.

Plaza Semanggi, Lotte Avenue, Kuningan City, and Bellagio Ambassador are some of the shopping centers that will fulfill your needs. If you are looking for high-end brands, just head over to Pacific Place mall which is not too far from the apartment.

Located within the Golden Triangle (Kuningan, Thamrin, and Sudirman), this apartment is a great choice for young professionals. The neighborhood is surrounded by high-rise offices, hotels, embassies, and many more. The area is quite known as the home of a huge community of expats.

Since Tamansari Semanggi is situated between two vital roads in Jakarta, you will find that the area is quite busy and there is no space for sidewalks. Nevertheless, you still can access any place by online transportations such as Grab and Gojek. This will help you to reach the office at affordable prices and relatively in a short time.

You can also enjoy various cuisines from numerous restaurants around this apartment. From Indonesian to Italian food, there are many choices to gain new culinary experience!

Amala Apartment

This apartment is suitable for executives who seek a premium residence for their fancy lifestyle. If you rent a unit in Amala Apartment, you will enjoy the easy access to many public places, including shopping malls.

First of all, it is located in the Pondok Indah area which allows you to visit Pondok Indah Mall frequently. You are able to enjoy the food at the restaurants, buy some food stuff at the supermarket, and buy new clothes from your favorite brand here.

Moreover, you can have fun with your friends or family here since the mall provides good entertainment. Amala Apartment is also close to some international and national schools.

Comes with elegant design, this Kebayoran apartment brings sophistication as its value. Furthermore, Amala has numerous high-class facilities for its residents. You can maintain your healthy lifestyle here by exercising at the gym, tennis courts, and a super large swimming pool.

Want to go to the office by public transportation? The KRL, MRT, and TransJakarta are accessible from Amala Apartment. Plus, you can use online rides or drives to save your time.

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