5 Nail Art Examples to Make Your Nails More Beautiful!

5 Nail Art Examples to Make Your Nails More Beautiful!

Do you like to decorate your nails with nail art? Well, there is nothing wrong if you do nail art at home. In this Flokq article, we will discuss some simple nail art examples that can be your reference, especially if you are a beginner. Nail art creations have been done by women for a long time. But in recent times, indeed, women are increasingly fond of nail art designs that are increasingly diverse.

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The reason why women like to decorate their nails with nail art

The innovations that are getting better in nail art creations make this even more popular and in-demand by many people, especially among women. But actually, what is the basic reason women want to decorate their nails using nail art? You can find out the following reasons through the explanation below.

Want to look sexy and seductive

The first reason why women love to decorate their nails using nail art is that they want to look sexy and seductive. Most designs of nail art do use bold colors and come with long and pointed nail shapes that can indeed make you look very sexy and seductive compared to not using them at all.

Make nails look more beautiful

For women who have an unattractive nail shape, then of course it is very important to suggest that you often use interesting types of nail art. Its function is to make them less attractive nail shapes more beautiful and beautiful. Because the colors of nail art designs are very bright and beautiful, they can cover up the shortcomings of your unattractive nail shape.

Show confidence

Many women decide to wear nail art because they want to show a confident look. A woman’s confidence can come from anywhere, from the clothes she wears to her nail makeup. That is why if the nail art worn is very good and as expected, the resulting confidence will probably be even higher.

Feeling in love

Some women love to decorate their nails to show a different mood. One of the moods that a sweet nail polish color shows is when you’re in love. Every woman will immediately decorate her nails with patterns that show that her heart is blooming.

As a complement to the appearance of an event

One more reason that causes women to be enthusiastic about coloring their nails using nail art is that they want to complete their appearance when attending an event. The event in question such as weddings, invitations, birthdays, and various other occasions that make nail polish colors must be distinguished. So women will continue to look for nail art samples and apply them to their nails to attend special occasions.

But apart from that, for those of you who are interested in trying nail art yourself, here are also some simple tutorials of nail art examples that you can try as reference material even if you are a beginner in decorating nails. Check out the full explanation in the following article!

1. Cloud pattern

Cloud Pattern
Beauty Bigbang

The first recommendation of nail art examples that might suit you is nail art with cloud patterns. This type of pattern does not require high drawing skills.

You can simply provide three different colors and make vertical pulls of different lengths. The result will be to create a wave of clouds in a very short time. The result is the same as other nail art, although it looks simple, your nails still look beautiful and charming.

2. Flower pattern

Flower Pattern
Nail Arts Design

Many people are still hesitant to try to make their nail art with flower shapes. The reason is related to the flower pattern itself, which requires high drawing skills if you want to get good results.

But not all flower patterns in nail art designs require high drawing skills. You only need to apply two different colors, one as the color of the petals and one color as the center of the flower. The result, although not perfectly shaped like a flower, will produce at least a silhouette shape.

3. Gradient pattern

Gradient Pattern

These nail art examples are simple but look just as attractive as other complex nail art designs. You only need two or three different colors. After that, you can use a flat base to apply two or three of the colors.

The part that connects each color you have to mix perfectly. Use a sponge to pick up the degraded color and gently apply it to your pre-coated nails.

4. Circle pattern

Circle Pattern

Just making circles on the nails does look quite easy. However, this type of design is outdated and is no longer in demand today. So, if you want to create the latest and trending circle pattern for decorating your nails, then you can make two semicircles on each of your nails.

The manufacturing process is also quite easy, you only need to make a semicircular mold out of paper. Then, paste it on the part that will be given another color and you will easily get the result.

5. Strawberry pattern

Strawberry Pattern

Another interesting choice of nail art tutorial examples that are simple to do is nail art with a strawberry pattern. You only need green, red, and white. Use red for the base of the nails, green for the tips of the nails, and white for the spots for the strawberry illustration. It’s not difficult to create a strawberry shape on your nails and the color is easy to find.

So, are you impatient to apply some of the nail art examples described in the article above? As long as you prepare all the materials needed, then you can produce good nail art even though you don’t need difficult drawing skills. Happy creative and hopefully this article can be useful for you!

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