Non-Restriction Kost in South Tangerang: 7 Recommended Places

Non-Restriction Kost in South Tangerang: 7 Recommended Places

When living in a kost, there are often restrictions or rules you have to follow. Varying from curfew, sleepover rules, and so on. While it might be not a big deal to some, there are some of us who prefer fewer rules. It can be a little hard looking for kost with no restriction. Whether because you like to do sleepovers with friends or because you have to go home later than most people, this kost would come in handy. Continue reading to see the list of non-restriction kost in South Tangerang!

1. Kost Pavillion 99

This is a non-restriction kost in South Tangerang, Bintaro that allows you to bring a guest. If you’d like to bring a friend or two over, this kost allows it. However only thing you should mind is: come before 10 PM! Since this is an exclusive kost, they provide complete facilities. AC, furnished room, in-room bathroom, shower, housekeeping, security, and WiFi! In addition to that, they have a spacious parking area a living room and a kitchen on each floor. This kost is definitely perfect for young people with high mobility.

Address: Jl Unta Raya Kampung Pladen Gapura, Menten, Sektor 5, Bintaro Jaya, Tangsel

Phone number: 0811-1291-899

Price: Starting from Rp1,850,000 / month

2. Breeze Living

This non-restriction kost in South Tangerang welcomes any gender. Offering a great deal, this kost provides free services. Free of charge inclusive of housekeeping, laundry, internet, and mineral water. Also, if you want to cook, they have a kitchen and utensils. The room is fully furnished with AC, so do not worry!

Address: Jurang Mangu, near STAN

Phone number: 0896-4667-3044

Price: Starting from Rp1,300,000 / month

3. Dedaun Kost

Dedaun Kost is a mixed-gender kost that divides the first and second floor for ladies, and third floor for men. Other than that, this kost is pretty flexible and has a 24 hours security. There are different types of rooms you can choose, with in-room or communal bathroom. There is also an option if you’d like to rent a room with a friend or a spouse. However, all room has an AC to ensure a comfortable stay!

Address: Jl Puyuh Barat Raya Bintaro Jaya, sektor 5, Tanggerang Selatan

Phone number: 0821-1255-9550

Price: Starting from Rp1,300,000 / month

4. Kost at BSD Anggrek Loka

This kost does not restrict you for a long stay, if you need to. It gives an option for you to stay daily. In case someone from the other city comes to visit and you need a daily room then this kost is great. Facilities offered for the monthly and daily kost are pretty much the same, except that monthly renters are required to bring their own bedsheets. AC, in-room bathroom, and WiFi are certainly available.

Address: Jl. Terus, Boulevard Residence AH 1 no. 30, Anggrek Loka, BSD City, Tangerang 15318

Phone number: 0818-1432-86

Price: Starting from Rp 1,800,000 / month

5. Patra Suite Kost

Other than its exclusive facilities and strategic locations, there is no restriction on who can stay here. Students, employees, male and female are welcome. However, note that one room is for one person only, so you cannot stay with a friend or spouse here. AC, WiFi, water heater, in-room bathroom, smart lock, and sink are among the provided facilities.

Address: Regentown Blok B3 no 9 BSD

Phone number: 0812-8000-8106

Price: Starting from Rp 2,300,000 / month

6. Kost Ekslusif Alesha House with Swimming Pool

If you like to swim, this kost provides a swimming pool. Additionally, this kost also provides the fully furnished room with AC, WiFi and 24 hours security to ensure the safety of the people. As for you who have to go home late at night, this kost might be a great deal for you. The ambiance is quiet and peaceful, making it a great residence.

Address: Vanya Park BSD, Cluster Alesha House – Yellow 6 No. 3.

Phone number: 0817-5471-071

Price: Starting from Rp2,500,000 / month

7. Nirmana Kost

This kost is located in Ciputat. Clean and tidy, this kost provides a furnished room with AC, WiFi, and in-room bathroom. Other than that, it is located near UIN Ciputat. It is a mixed-gender kost so male and female are all welcome. Parking space is available for those who bring vehicles, and CCTV for 24 hours is on to ensure the safety of the residence.

Address: Jln Dogol Suta, Ciputat, Tangerang selatan

Phone number: 0856-9444-6569

Price: Starting from Rp1,400,000 / month

There you have it! Non restriction kost can be hard to found as the owner sometimes likes to apply some rules for the renters. However, there are some and hopefully what we have presented for you help your searching! Flokq is here to help you with recommendations for places to settle down, so feel free to visit our blog!

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