10 Recommendations for Online Cooking Class: From Free To Paid

Who among you is eager to try learning to cook, but doesn’t have enough time to take a cooking class outside? Well, in this article, Flokq has prepared a number of cooking class recommendations that you can take and don’t have to worry about your busy schedule because these cooking classes are available online so it will be more effective and efficient for those of you who have many other important activities. Check out the full recommendations for online cooking classes below.

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The ability to cook itself is one of the basic skills which is very useful to meet the needs of life and does not only refer to be done by women but even men. Not only can you make yourself more independent because you are able to cook yourself, but you can also take advantage of this ability that you have mastered by selling food that you make yourself, or even opening your own dream restaurant.

1. Tastemade

You can now experience learning to cook like in a culinary academy at home through the Online Culinary Classes offered by Tastemade. Through this course, you can hone your cooking skills through the various video tutorials available.

The types of cuisine that can be learned cover a fairly broad category. Starting from a variety of sweet snacks for dessert, main course menus, to traditional recipes from several countries, you can learn everything here. The good news is that you can get all access to online courses through the Tastemade site for free.

2. The Culinary Cook

If you are looking for an online platform to learn to cook that is definitely quality and quality to sharpen your skills in the culinary field, then The Culinary Cook is the right choice for you to try. This site that specializes in all things cooking offers a variety of online classes that you can take.

Learning to cook will be easier and more practical through this one platform. You can start a journey in the culinary world with basic knowledge of the world of cooking, such as how to use a knife properly and correctly, various types of food ingredients, seasoning dishes, to how to make a delicious broth.

3. Rouxbe Cooking School

Have you ever imagined being able to learn to cook directly from chefs who have years of experience in the culinary field? Of course, you can if you take online cooking classes through Rouxbe Cooking School. As the name implies, this platform is a cooking school that can be accessed digitally by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Rouxbe Cooking School is a professional online cooking learning place that offers tons of video material created by chefs to teach you the many secret techniques for making delicious meals in the kitchens of five-star restaurants.

You can study various specific areas of cooking at Rouxbe Cooking School according to your needs. The various materials available at Rouxbe Cooking School are not only present in the form of simple tutorial topic videos but this online cooking class is also equipped with exercises and quizzes.

Kelas Memasak Online
Online Cooking Class Illustration

4. BBC Food Techniques

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word BBC? Of course, what you will imagine is the leading news media channel as a place for updating the latest information. However, make no mistake, apart from being one of the world’s leading media for getting the latest news, the BBC is also here as a cooking learning platform that you should try.

BBC Food Techniques is an online cooking class specially presented by the leading British news outlet as a special feature for its viewers and loyal readers. Learn to cook practically with dozens of the best ingredients and more than 10,000 recipes for these delicious dishes you can enjoy for free.

5. The Quarantine Collective

Another online cooking class you can take is The Quarantine Collective. This platform is an Instagram site created specifically to share recipes complete with tutorials.

The online cooking class site was deliberately created by food stylist Katie Stilo and her colleagues in the context of quarantine due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, the purpose of establishing this online cooking class is that they intend even though they are in the saturation of the quarantine period, but invite people to remain productive with cooking activities. You can visit the Instagram account @the_quarantine_collective for more information to take part in this online cooking class.

6. Natural Cooking Club

Natural Cooking Club is a community of culinary lovers that has been established in 2005. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the community also held online cooking classes to make various foods. Starting from the main menu such as spaghetti Brulee, pempek, to various cakes that include banana chocolate cheese ball, combed bread, and cheesecake.

Some of the online cooking classes organized by the Natural Cooking Club are conducted through online meeting platforms such as Zoom, while some other classes are held through instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram. In order to take this class, you need to pay IDR 200,000 to IDR 300,000. For more information about Natural Cooking Club, you can check the following page; http://ncc-indonesia.com/.

7. Bogasari Baking Center

You may be familiar with Bogasari, a wheat milling factory that produces several brands of wheat flour. Since 1981, Bogasari has established a baking school which is now known as the Bogasari Baking Center (BBC), which is a training unit for flour-based food processing. Now, the BBC is already operating in 17 cities and has 20 branches.

The types of training offered by the BBC vary widely, from biscuits, bread, and market snacks, to cakes. The cost of the course also varies, depending on the type of culinary studied. For the Lapis Surabaya Ekonomis online class, for example, you will be charged IDR 175,000 per participant. As for the Roti Bruder & Ensaymada online class, you have to pay a fee of IDR 250,000. For more information about the BBC’s online cooking classes, you can access them via the following link; https://www.bogasari.com/baking-center.

8. Breadpreneur

As the name implies, this Breadpreneur led by Chef Iqbal offers online cooking classes, especially for making bread and pastries. Through the courses offered, you will get modules and have access to watch videos of the process of making the selected bread or cake.

The online study period is one month, so you will be more flexible in managing the time to study the videos and modules that the class provides. After you successfully complete the class, you will join the alumni group to discuss and get a free consultation. In order to take this online cooking class, you need to pay IDR 200,000 to IDR 350,000. For more information, you can check via the following link; https://breadpreneur.com/.

9. Dapur Lindawaty

For those of you who are interested in exploring contemporary cake recipes, Dapur Lindawaty might be the right answer for you. By spending a capital fee of IDR 999,000, you will get access to learn as many as 16 cake recipes such as Whole Cake Brulee, Caramel Banana Cake, and Red Velvet Marble Cheese Brownies. But don’t worry if you run into costs, because Dapur Lindawaty also provides other package options for you, including four recipes for Rp. 299,000 and eight recipes for Rp. 599,000.

You can access this online cooking class material through a Facebook group that is dedicated to members of Dapur Lindawaty without a time limit. Apart from learning how to make cakes, this online cooking class will also give you tips on a strategy for launching new products and optimizing WhatsApp for your business. Immediately access the following link https://dapurlindawaty.id for more information.

10. Ragi

A young baker and chef, namely Chef Yohanes Adhijaya, founded Ragi to provide cooking training, especially how to make cakes and bread, whose classes will be held both offline and online. For online classes offered by Ragi, they will be conducted through an online meeting platform such as Zoom, and the cost you need to spend is IDR 1,000,000. If you don’t have the opportunity to take the class online, you can download and watch the videotape.

What online cooking classes does Ragi offer? There are courses on Gluten-Free Roll Cake, Japanese Sweet Bread, Korean Chiffon, and Indonesian Bread. Each class will be guided by a different chef but still from the Yeast team. In addition to access to video tutorials, this class package will also give you access to join WhatsApp groups with the chefs as well as being able to do free consultations. You can check the complete class schedule through the @ragi.co.id Instagram account.

How? Are you ready to become a reliable chef? By learning it through the online cooking class recommendations mentioned above, you too will be able to improve your cooking skills in the kitchen. Happy learning and I hope this article is useful for you!

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