10 Creative Tips To Tidy Up Your Pile of Paper

10 Creative Tips To Tidy Up Your Pile of Paper

At the end of every year, pile of paper get collected in your house. Both from work, school assignments, letters, and even newspaper. Making the pile of paper in your house get neglected. But don’t worry! Here are 10 tips to tidy up the pile of paper in your house.

sort your pile of paper
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1. Sort the pile of paper

Sorting the pile of paper in the house is the first step to tidying up the pile of paper in your home! Each paper has a different thickness and absorbency. Take the time to sort out the paper in your house. Starting from letters, magazines, newspapers, to ordinary office paper. All you can tidy up with the right steps.

print plane tickets on a used paper
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2. Use your used paper for printing coupons, booking airplane tickets, and others

After you sort out the types of paper in your house, try to see if there are papers that can still be used. Not only blank paper, but also recently used paper on the front or back. Well, if there is, then you can use it to print things like airplane tickets, shopping coupons or other sheets that need to be printed and don’t take up much space.

make sticky note out of your used paper
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3. Make sticky notes

You can turn your used paper into a sticky notes that can contain short messages. Besides, this alternative can help you remember things and is also environmentally friendly because you’re reuse paper while reducing the purchase of sticky notes. You only need paper with one or both blank sections of paper. This paper can come from anywhere, from white paper, magazines, or brochures. The important thing is that the paper is not easily torn and has sufficient thickness! Take a look on how to make sticky notes out of a used paper. 

Tools you need:

  • Scissor
  • Double tape
  • A4 size paper of any type (magazine, brochure, white paper) with one blank side

How to make it:

  • Fold the paper into 8 pieces. Make sure the creases are visible.
  • Cut the paper into 8. Each should be the same size.
  • Stick the double sided tape on the part of the paper that is not blank.

Done! You can store these in any way, but the easiest way is to use rubber to make sure your sticky notes are still intact. If you have some kind of noticeboard where pins can be used, then you can also use sticky notes without double-sided tape.

make origamis out of your use paper
source: pexels

If you have talked about reusing paper, origami is the answer. Origami comes from the word “折 り” which means “to break / fold” and “紙” which means paper. So in essence, origami means paper that can be folded.

Origami can be a unique decoration for your home. One of the most famous origami shape is the swan shape. This form is also often used for home decoration because it looks small, but with an intriguing design. For the type of paper, papers such as newspapers and white paper are ideal choices. If you want to follow the real origami size, the origami paper size is 8×8 cm. Let’s try and make it!

  • Fold the 8×8 cm paper in half from one end to the other, then remove it again
  • Form a kite by folding the bottom right and left sides to the center
  • Turn the kite paper over and again, fold the two sides of the kite to the center line
  • Tightly fold the two folds to the center line
  • Form the head by folding the pointed ends of the origami and forming a small head

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used paper as wrapping paper
source: pexels

5. Making used paper as wrapping paper or gift fillers

Maybe for those of you who celebrate, christmas and new years are times when you give gifts to other people, whether it’s family, friends, loved ones, or other people who are nice to you. If you still have paper at home, especially newspapers, you can use newspaper as wrapping paper or filler your gifts. Make sure that your gift can be covered by newspapers.

used newspaper as glass cloths
source: pixabay

6. As a cloth to clean any glass in your home

You can also use newspapers as glass cloths because of their fairly large water absorption. Instead of buying a new cloth, try using a newspaper as a glass cloth!

turn your used newspaper as compost
source: unsplash

7. Turn it into compost

Did you know that your pile of paper can be composted? Yep paper, especially newspapers, can be used as compost. This is because newspapers are easily broken down by soil. If you like growing crops and have lots of newspapers at home. So it’s a good idea to try these tips!

Keep in mind, only newspapers should be used as compost material. White paper that contains ink, magazines, and brochures should not be used. This is because they are difficult to break down and can spread toxins from the ink. Be careful, don’t get it wrong!

used paper to be used in your kitchen
source: pixabay

8. To absorb water and oil in the kitchen

Newspapers really are multifunctional, right? From gift wrapping, glass wipes, to compost, here’s another good use of used newspapers, which is to absorb water or oil in the kitchen. While any paper will absorb water or oil, newspaper is the best choice.

This idea can be applied to several situations. First, you can use newspaper to filter cooking oil. If you are worried about hygiene, separate the filter with newspaper and put the newspaper in a container. In addition, you can also use newspapers in the cupboard for storing plates or glasses to absorb water. Remember to change the newspaper from time to time so that the smell of old, wet or greasy newspapers does not billow in your kitchen!

used newspaper as a book cover

9. As a book cover

Maybe you had previously been required to use a newspaper or other paper to cover your notebook. Indeed, with a book cover, your book can be safer from the possibility of being exposed to water or other liquids. Have a new book but afraid that you might accidentally spill it wet? Just cover to be safe!

donate or recycle your pile of paper
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10. Donate or recycle

Okay, maybe you have done some creative tips for tidying up piles of paper at home as listed above. But still there is definitely some paper left. Either because you have too much paper or there are several types of paper that are a pity to throw away (like a book for example). Then just donate to those in need! Lots of people out there who need your book, you know! In addition, you can just go to the nearest recycling site to recycle your paper.

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So? Lots of creative things that you can do with a pile of paper in your house right? Let’s end the year by tidying up the pile of papers and other good things!

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