Renting An Apartment In Jakarta: All You Need to Know

To some, searching and eventually moving to a new apartment is the same as planning to keep a pet —all you need is some research and preparation (material and mental). However, it’s an entirely different story when you’re moving to a city like Jakarta. This city may seem distant and alien to many foreigners and Indonesian alike. There is some basic knowledge that you need to be aware of when renting an apartment in Jakarta.

Instead of wandering blindly through the interweb with a disorganized checklist, you can start using the list we’ve neatly compiled for you below. Here are some things to know about renting an apartment in Jakarta.

Apartment Sizes in Jakarta

Apartment Sizes in Jakarta

The first thing you need to know is the types of units offered by apartments in Jakarta. Apartments in Jakarta (and Indonesia in general) can be different than those in other countries. For example, you’d rarely find lofts and penthouses in Jakarta, whereas Studios and Bedroom type-apartments are more abundant. 

Apartments for rent in Jakarta usually come in three sizes: Studio, 1BR, and 2BR. However, you can also find other units such as 2BR or 3BR+.

Unit size alone does not determine a space’s rental price. There are other factors that contribute to price difference among apartments in Jakarta, as you will soon learn.

Apartment Types according to Price

Apartment types according to price in jakarta

Aside from unit types, apartments can also differ in pricing according to location, ease of access, facilities, and utilities. In general, renting an apartment in Jakarta fall under three categories according to price: budget, mid-range, and upscale.

Serviced apartments too, while more expensive than their non-serviced counterparts, are usually present in both mid-range and upscale prices and are thus included in those categories.

To get a better idea of what apartments fall under which category, we suggest that you browse through All Jakarta Apartments. Julien, the owner of the site, visited and stayed through hundreds of apartments across Jakarta and divided them into categories from budget to luxury. In each of his apartment reviews, he gives a first-hand account of the facilities and compares them to the pricing.

Average Price For a Studio and One-Bedroom Property

If you’re moving to Jakarta to rent an apartment alone, single bedroom or studio properties are good for you! These types of rooms are commonly chosen by young expats and professionals when they move into Jakarta. Price and need are two things that make newcomers choose a single bedroom or a studio property.

But, what is the difference between a single bedroom and a studio property? Its a living room! If the living room is located in your bedroom, then it’s studio property and if the living room is separated, it’s a single bedroom. 

The cheapest apartments are mostly located in Northern Jakarta, Eastern Jakarta, and Western Jakarta. South Jakarta is probably one of the most expensive areas since its located in business districts and has many elite housings. But, Central Jakarta is relatively the most “expensive” region because it’s the central business of Jakarta and arguably Indonesia.

  • North Jakarta: Rp1,200,000.00 – Rp1,500,000.00/month (studio type) and Rp1,300,000.00 – Rp1,700,000.00/month (single bedroom type).
  • West Jakarta: Rp1,300,000.00 – Rp1,800,000.00/month (studio type) and Rp1,500,000.00 – Rp2,100,000.00 /month (single bedroom type).
  • East Jakarta: Rp1,300,000.00 – Rp1,900,000.00/month (studio type) and Rp1,400,000.00 – Rp2,000,000.00/month (single bedroom type).
  • South Jakarta: Rp1,800,000.00 – Rp2,400,000.00/month (studio type) and is Rp1,800,000.00 – Rp2,700,000.00/month (single bedroom)
  • Central Jakarta: around Rp2,000,000.00/month (studio type) and Rp2,500,000.00 – Rp5,000,000.00/month (single bedroom)

Average Price for Two-Bedroom and Three-Bedroom Property

If you live together with your partner and/or family, you need more bedrooms and spaces to breathe in an apartment that you rent in Jakarta! Two-bedroom and three-bedroom types are more pricey than single-bedroom and studio types but of course more comfort you will get. So, are you ready to know the average rental price of those types? 

  • North Jakarta: Rp4,000,000.00 – Rp6,000,000.00/month (2BR) and Rp8,000,000.00 – Rp13,000,000.00/month (3BR).
  • West Jakarta: Rp6,000,000.00 – Rp9,000,000.00/month (2BR) and Rp8,000,000.00 – Rp18,000,000.00/month (3BR).
  • East Jakarta: Rp6,000,000.00 – Rp10,000,000.00/month (2BR) and Rp8,000,000.00 – Rp15,000,000.00/month (3BR).
  • South Jakarta: Rp4,000,000.00 – Rp10,000,000.00/month (2BR) and Rp8,000,000.00 – Rp20,000,000.00/month (3BR).
  • Central Jakarta: Rp5,000,000.00 – Rp13,000,000.00/month (2BR) and Rp12,000,000.00 – Rp20,000,000.00/month (3BR).

Residential Areas in Jakarta

Residential areas to rent an apartment in Jakarta

As mentioned above, the price for renting an apartment in Jakarta may vary according to location and distance from vital establishments.

A good example would be the Golden Triangle of Jakarta, which encompasses prestigious business districts like Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) and Mega Kuningan.

While you can probably rent cheaper units around such prominent areas with some luck and determination, you can also set your sights on more affordable neighborhoods in Jakarta. Such areas include the Pademangan area in North Jakarta or the Jatinegara area in East Jakarta.

Transportation in Jakarta

Transportation in Jakarta

The beauty of the Jakarta Metropolitan Area is that whether you’re living near the heart of Central Jakarta or somewhere far-flung like Bekasi, you can still go to every point in Jakarta thanks to the extensive interconnected public transportation system.

Before you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of having to research about the sheer number of Jakarta’s public transportation options, you can learn step-by-step, starting from the door of your office. 

First, open your workplace location on Google Maps and find the nearest transport stops from there. Pick a particular mode of transportation, like MRT and commuter train. Then see what lines pass through the stop and where they can take you (especially if you’re planning to explore specific landmarks in Jakarta).

Take note if some routes involve interchange between trains or modes. Most importantly, check the ticket prices or see if you can buy top-up cards for cashless payment. It is widely in use in Jakarta nowadays. Do all of that to have a seamless transition from the apartment that you rent in Jakarta to your daily destinations.

If you’ve downloaded online taxi apps such as Gojek and Grab, we suggest that you do a little experiment to gauge fare. First, input your office as a destination, then choose a random apartment (or an apartment that you’re scouting) as your pick-up point and see how it costs.

The further you are and the more crowded (or more elite) your office location is, the higher the fare. Don’t forget to take note of the traffic you experience. It’s so that you’ll know the amount of time you spend commuting and plan ahead.

Employ the two strategies above to help allocate your budget by dedicating a portion exclusively for transportation. If you want to learn more about transportation options in Jakarta, click here!

Laws and Legal Documents for Leasing in Indonesia

Laws and Legal Documents for Leasing to rent an apartment in jakarta

While we can agree that leasing laws are more lenient in Indonesia than in other countries, we cannot deny that the same leniency can also be a pitfall if our terms and conditions with property agents or landowners are not secure or clandestine. 

Indonesians, be aware that renting an apartment in Jakarta is not the same as renting a room in a kost or dormitory. This time, you’ll need to be aware of your rights and obligations as future tenants. Make sure that your landowner is also legally involved in the agreement.

For beginners, we strongly suggest reading this guide to help you prepare the necessary documents. For foreigners, we suggest adding this article on rental agreements by Angloinfo. Also, this page on Smart Expat to your reading list as well.

Living Cost

living cost apartment in jakarta

Jakarta, depending on whom you ask, can either be a cheap, exciting city or a high-cost and disheartening urban jungle. Therefore, you need to obtain firsthand experience from friends or seniors who came to Jakarta in your current position. 

If you’re coming from overseas, we urge you to join Facebook groups like Jakarta Expats or follow pages like Indonesia Expat. Sites like Nomad List can also provide extensive guidance on Indonesia’s living conditions and society. Numbeo, on the other hand, can help you calculate living costs by the numbers.

There you go, somethings you need to know about renting an apartment in Jakarta. At this stage, the only challenge you’re facing is expanding your references while filtering in updated and credible information.

You shouldn’t think that you have limited options due to misinformation when you can rent sufficient accommodation in Jakarta without sacrificing your comfort and convenience. 

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