10 Rooftops in Jakarta: Cool Restaurants and Bars

10 Rooftops in Jakarta: Cool Restaurants and Bars

Want to eat or drink with friends while enjoying the city view from above?

Try hanging out in cafes, restaurants and rooftop bars in Jakarta!

With views of the city lights of Jakarta and fresher air because it is far from street pollution, traffic that usually causes headaches can actually be a pleasant sight. There is a sense of being able to see a busy city from the top of the building!

Fortunately, Jakarta has many cool rooftop spots and hits with the background of the city of Jakarta. This rooftop in Jakarta is perfect for you to visit with friends when you want to hang out together, have drinks, or have a romantic dinner with your boyfriend.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a rooftop place in Jakarta, here are Flokq’s recommendations:

1. Hause Rooftop, MD Plaza

hause rooftop restaurant jakarta

Located on top of the MD Plaza Building, Hause is a place to enjoy citylights located in the heart of the bustling city of Jakarta, namely Kuningan. This rooftop restaurant is quite spacious. There are indoor and outdoor parts that can be occupied.

In the afternoon, Hause Rooftop is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy a calmer atmosphere while waiting for the sun to set, while at night, Hause Rooftop offers views of the city of Jakarta complete with beautiful dim lights.

Hause Rooftop has a variety of food menus, ranging from Asian food, such as local Indonesian food, to western.

Address: Tower 2 MD Place, Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No.7, RT.5/RW.1, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta 12910

Price range

  • Rp370.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp50.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours

  • 09.00 – 00.00 (Monday – Thursday, Sunday)
  • 09.00 – 02.00 (Friday – Saturday)


2. BART Jakarta, ARTOTEL

bart rooftop bar jakarta
Whats New Indonesia

This rooftop bar in Menteng, Jakarta, has a supportive atmosphere to enjoy a good cocktail after work hours or on weekends with friends or colleagues.

Located on the 7th floor of ARTOTEL, Thamrin, BART stands for Bar At The Rooftop. This rooftop bar has a minimalist industrial design with a touch of artistic and aesthetic monochrome patterns.

Apart from providing a variety of delicious and suitable food menus for sharing, BART also offers a variety of unique and refreshing cocktail menu variants. If you’re confused, try their signature drink!

Address: Jl. Sunda No.3, RT.8/RW.4, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta 10350

Price range

  • Rp300.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp45.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours: 17.00 – 01.00 (Monday – Sunday)


3. SKYE Bar, BCA Tower

skye rooftop bar jakarta

This hits place in Jakarta is on the 56th floor of the BCA Tower. Not only one of the highest rooftop bars, SKYE is also one of the best rooftop bars in Jakarta. From the high floors, you can freely enjoy the city lights and the sky of Jakarta.

The luxurious and elegant atmosphere is also equipped with classy menus, such as the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin and Beef Short Ribs which are a mainstay. If you like burgers, don’t miss the Wagyu Beef Burger with charcoal buns and fillings of beef, bacon, vegetables, and special sauces.

If you are planning to come to SKYE, make sure you are not wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops because the dress regulations for eating here are quite strict. So, you have to dress neatly and formally, yes.

Address: BCA Tower Lt. 56, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, RT.1/RW.5, Menteng, Central Jakarta 10350

Price range

  • Rp600.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp60.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours

  • 16.00 – 01.00 (Monday – Thursday, Sunday)
  • 16.00 – 02.00 (Friday – Saturday)


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4. FJ On 7, Colony Kemang

fj on 7 rooftop restaurant jakarta
Daftar Bar Jakarta

Kemang is indeed known as one of the hangout centers in South Jakarta and the gathering place for hits in Jakarta. One of the places is FJ On 7.

Located on the 7th floor of the Colony Building, this rooftop restaurant in Jakarta has a “green” concept. So, you can eat by enjoying the view of beautiful green plants and creating a shady atmosphere.

FJ On 7 provides a menu of local Indonesian to western foods such as America and Europe. In addition, for those of you who want alcoholic drinks, there is also a wide selection of cocktails.

Address: Colony Kemang, Jl. Kemang Raya No.6, RT.14/RW.1, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt., South Jakarta 12720

Price range

  • Rp400.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp50.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours

  • 11.00 – 01.00 (Monday – Friday, Sunday)
  • 11.00 – 02.00 (Saturday)


5. Awan Lounge, Kosenda Hotel

awan lounge - kosenda hotel
Daftar Bar Jakarta

Located on the 9th floor of Kosenda Hotel, Awan Lounge has a “greenery” themed rooftop concept filled with greenery amidst towers and skyscrapers. In addition, the furniture is also made from used items that are processed to be cool.

This rooftop restaurant in Jakarta offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with a view of the background of the city of Jakarta. Moreover, the location is in Thamrin which is the business center. Suitable for hanging out with friends at work after work.

The quality of food at the Awan Lounge is also really good. Some of their recommended menus that you must try are Lamb Cutlet, Australian lamb with yogurt and Asian spices, Barbeque Tapas, and Girl Friend for their signature cocktail.

Address: Kosenda Hotel Rooftop, Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No.127, Kb. Kacang, Kecamatan Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta 10240

Price range

  • Rp350.000 for 2, includes alcohol
  • Rp40.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours

  • 17.00 – 00.00 (Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday)
  • 17.00 – 02.00 (Friday – Saturday)


6. Henshin, The Westin Jakarta

Henshin rooftop bar jakarta

Where, yes, the highest restaurant and bar in Jakarta? The answer: Henshin! Located on floors 67-69 at The Westin Jakarta, Henshin is the highest rooftop restaurant and bar in Jakarta with a backdrop of tall buildings.

The place is very modern, luxurious, and artsy. You can enjoy the amazing interior design of the restaurant and bar with Japanese touches, from the carpet to the open kitchen design with Japanese ornaments.

You can hang out and try their recommended drinks at the bar & lounge on the 67th floor, or to the restaurant on floors 68-69 to eat unique and tantalizing Peruvian-Japanese fusion culinary.

Oh yeah, if you come here, don’t wear t-shirts, sandals, or shorts, OK. So, wear neat clothes or smart casual. In addition, it is prohibited to bring anyone under the age of 21 here.

Address: The Westin Jakarta, Lt. 67-69, Jl. Hr. Rasuna Said No.RT.2, RT.2/RW.5, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta 12940

Price range

  • Rp1.400.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp115.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours

  • 12.00 – 14.30, 18.00 – 01.00 (Munday – Thursday, Sunday)
  • 12.00 – 14.30, 18.00 – 02.00 (Friday – Saturday)


7. The Edge Bistro, Kemang Icon

the edge bistro jakarta

Located above the Kemang Icon, The Edge Bistro is a rooftop restaurant in Jakarta with an intimate and warm ambience. You can choose to have lunch or dinner indoors or outdoors which has a swimming pool in the middle.

For their food menu, they serve the best-imported meat and local fish cooked with certain techniques to produce a delicious taste. In addition, as a hit spot in Jakarta, this bistro is often used as a venue for engagement and pre-wedding events.

Address: Kemang Icon Hotel, Jl. Kemang Raya No.1, RT.4/RW.1, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt., South Jakarta 12730

Price range

  • Rp450.000 for 2, excludes alcohol
  • Rp35.000 for a glass of beer

Opening hours: 07.00 – 23.00 (Monday – Sunday)


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8. Cloud Lounge, The Plaza Office Tower

Cloud Lounge rooftop bar jakarta
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Located on the 49th floor of The Plaza Office Tower, the Cloud Lounge offers a different atmosphere with a new sensation. As the name implies, this rooftop bar in Jakarta makes you feel like you are in a cloud with its height. You can drink in the background of the building and see amazing new skills while sipping their recommended drink.

Address: Altitude The Plaza Office Tower Lantai 46 & 49, Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 28 – 30, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta 10350

Price range

  • Rp650.000 for 2, include alkohol
  • Rp50.000,00 for a glass of beer

Opening hours: 16.00 – 02.00 (Monday – Sunday)


9. Lucy in the Sky, Fairgrounds SCBD

Lucy in the Sky - Fairgrounds SCBD - rooftop bar jakarta
Manual Jakarta

Located at Fairgrounds SCBD, Lucy in the Sky is one of the hits places in Jakarta to hang out while listening to live music with office lights.

This rooftop restaurant in Jakarta has a menu of western food and local Indonesian food. Although western food is often a favorite, their Indonesian food menu is also recommended.

Divided into two areas, indoor and outdoor, you can still see the city background from the inside because of its greenhouse shape. However, at night, this place will be more crowded with visitors.

Address: Fairgrounds Building, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 No.Lot 22, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12190

Price range: Rp400.000 for 2

Opening hours:

  • 16.00 – 01.00 (Monday – Thursday, Sunday)
  • 16.00 – 03.00 (Friday – Saturday)


10. La Vue, The Hermitage

La Vue Rooftop Bar - The Hermitage

With a comfortable classic concept, La Vue combines colonial themes and cool temporary artdeco. Not only the interior, you will also be spoiled by a beautiful view and a calming atmosphere.

This rooftop bar in Jakarta has dramatic lighting and is somewhat dim at night. Their food menu is a combination of traditional and western culinary delights, with a mainstay menu of Pizza Tartuffo and Indian Summer drinks.

Price range: Rp650.000 for 2

Address: The Hermitage, Jl. Cilacap No.1, RT.11/RW.5, Menteng, Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta 10310

Opening hours:

  • 10.00 – 23.00 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 10.00 – 00.30 (Friday – Sunday)


So, those are the 10 restaurants and rooftop bars in Jakarta that Flokq recommends that are suitable for hanging out or having dinner with your partner.

Ready to eat or drink while relaxing or having fun on one of these rooftops? Which rooftop in Jakarta will you go to after reading this list?


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