9 Small Houseplants Recommendations to Decorate Your Tiny Spaces

9 Small Houseplants Recommendations to Decorate Your Tiny Spaces

Having plants around your house can surely add some value to your environment. Not only will the plants beautify and enhance the aesthetic point of your house, but they could also be your source of relaxation due to their pretty looks or great scents. However, what most people think of when they hear “plants” would automatically involve a garden or at least a mini backyard. Or maybe if you have none of that, you must at least live in a big house to keep all the plants neatly. But fret not! Because there are many small houseplants that could be amazing decorations for your tiny spaces. They don’t require big room to grow and you sure would love their existence around your house.

Therefore, we have made this list of small houseplants recommendations to help you choose the perfect plants for your living spaces. Without further ado, let’s check them out on the following list below!

1. Air Plant

If you look for an interesting plant that doesn’t need soil to survive, an air plant could be a perfect choice for you. Instead of putting it in a pot, you can grow this plant on a glass terrarium. However, you have to make sure the terrarium has an opening so the plant can breathe and gets enough air circulation. Air plant is one of those small houseplants that would be really pretty if it is placed in a shelf decor. Moreover, it is quite low maintenance since you only need to mist it 2-3 times a week. Also, the plant would be growing nicely if it can get full sun exposure.

2. African Violet

One of the small houseplants that would definitely work as a beautiful decoration for your house is African Violet. Often associated with royalty, African Violet’s purple or pink flowers usually bloom in groups of five. Moreover, its thick green leaves feel soft and truly accentuate the flowers. This small houseplant would appreciate the indirect sun and it needs to be watered when the soil is dry. The best way to do it is by putting the plant in a pot with drainage holes and letting the roots and soil absorb the water from the bottom.

3. Jade Plant

Do you want a small and pretty houseplant that will survive for years? Then, jade plant might be the right fit for your need and preferences. This succulent houseplant is fairly resilient and quite easy to grow indoors. Furthermore, jade plants are capable of living a long time if you give them the proper care. This tiny houseplant would enjoy full sun and it would be happier if it is well-drained. Jade plant is a perfect choice for your tabletop decor. However, don’t forget to wipe off the dust on the leaves every once in a while to keep the look of your jade plant healthy and shiny!

4. Moon Cactus

We shouldn’t leave moon cactus out of these small houseplants recommendations because this succulent would totally adorn your living space. These gorgeous house plants come with bright neon colors in round-looking balls shape. Since they are very resistant to drought, they don’t require much attention like many other cacti. However, they don’t tolerate direct sunlight and would be happier to be put in well-draining pots. The moon cactus would look amazing as a shelf or tabletop decor.

5. String of Pearls

The next small houseplant that you should consider having in your house is a string of pearls. Their tiny pea-shaped pearls are unique and would beautify your house effortlessly. To grow string of pearls successfully, you need to remember that they need strong natural light without being exposed to the direct, hot sun. You can put this pretty succulent on hanging pots and this would work perfectly if your house has very limited space to place your houseplants. Also, you only need to water the string of pearls once every two weeks and simply make sure you don’t overwater them.

6. Haworthia

Looking for pet-friendly small houseplants? Then haworthia will be very suitable for your needs. Haworthia is another gorgeous succulent that will thrive best in bright and direct sunlight. These plants have vertical spiky leaves and come in a variety of colors like the shades of green, red, and brown (almost black). In addition to that, haworthia is very easy to care for! Simply put them in well-draining pots and don’t overwater them. You can water these houseplants every 2-3 weeks in direct light. This is the perfect plant to adorn your tiny spaces.

7. Aloe Vera

Want a small houseplant that’s more than just its looks but useful as well? Aloe vera would be the best answer to this. Other than the many benefits that aloe vera offers, it is one of those low-maintenance succulents that will make a wonderful houseplant. To keep growing aloe vera healthily, you need to place them in a bright, sunny place. Also, you have to water the plants properly while they are being put in pots with many drainage holes. Last but not least, aloe vera will very likely be a cute decoration for your desk or shelf at home.

8. Anthurium

Do you like the idea of having fresh flowers in your living space? Anthurium might be one the small houseplants that will look excellent as a pretty decoration for your house. Although this plant can grow to be about a foot tall, it can still fit on the edge of any bookshelf or any table pretty easily. Moreover, the flowers can stay in bloom for months so you can witness their beauty for quite a long time. However, you need to keep in mind that anthurium should not get too much sunlight because it can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

9. Hoya Heart Plant

Of course, we have to mention hoya heart plant in our list of small houseplants recommendations. This succulent is also known as the sweetheart plant or valentine plant due to its thick and heart-shaped leaves. If you fancy a small houseplant with a cute look to decorate tables or shelves, then hoya heart plant might be the perfect fit for it. This plant is relatively drought-tolerant and more likely to bloom in bright, indirect sunlight. Also, you have to make sure hoya heart plant is planted in a pot with drainage holes.

Those are all the small houseplants recommendations that we think might be the best plants to decorate your tiny spaces. Many of them are low-maintenance plants and can live long enough if given the proper care. One more thing that makes them very interesting is the cute and pretty shapes of their leaves. So, have you found any houseplant that you think would adorn your interior space the best?

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