12 Social Media Impacts That Everyone Should Know!

Social media is a necessity in this fast-paced era. The development of social media from time to time has a positive or negative impact on humans. At first glance, social media certainly provides various conveniences in many contexts such as education, society, law, culture, and others. The distance becomes even closer to the ease of communication on social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. However, there are also bad impacts that occur due to social media existence such as cybercrimes and privacy concerns. Here are 12 social media impacts that everyone should know about.

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Social media

Positive Impact of Social Media

1. Ease of Communication

Ease of communication is one of the positive impacts of using social media. Many applications that can be used to communicate such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media provide various features such as sending messages, voice calls, and video calls. The use of these features is very useful so that remote communication can be done in real-time. This communication can be done even though you and the recipient of the message are far away. In addition, the pandemic also caused the need to communicate remotely to become an obligation.

2. Ease of finding information

Before the existence of websites and social media, finding information was often constrained because access to information was not as much as nowadays. This is very different from today’s era where information is very easy to get through websites and social media.

3. Ease of doing business

In addition to the ease of obtaining information, social media is also an important means of business promotion. In the past, advertising was done in conventional ways such as banners, posters, or pamphlets. However, the existence of social media is very important as a means of promotion that can reach more people nowadays. This ease of doing business has a positive impact, especially for small and medium business owners who previously might have been more difficult with big players. In addition, social media can also be used to learn tips and tricks in doing business such as analyzing the market and increasing customers.

4. Diverse Entertainment

The pandemic has forced everyone to work from home. This has an impact on how often people use social media in various fields of life, one of which is entertainment. Various entertainments have been spread on social media. In addition, this can also allow anyone to create content on social media so that they can fill their spare time and even work as content creators.

5. Ease of Learning

Ease of learning is one of the positive impacts of social media seen in the field of education. The existence of various learning media and materials on social media makes it easy to get learning that suits the needs of each child.

6. A place of expression

Social media can be a place of expression and work for most people because it provides various online facilities such as writing posts, adding pictures or videos, and building a personal identity. This has positive impacts such as expanding friendships and opportunities to earn money.

Social media

Negative Impact of Social Media

7. Bad Impact on Mental Health

Social media can harm mental health. This is because most of the information absorbed can make you mentally unstable, especially if you compare the achievements of one person to another. In addition, the existence of social media makes it easier for people to talk about other people and give each other bad comments.

8. Social jealousy

Social jealousy is very easy to happen these days, especially on social media because people can easily compare their lives with other people’s lives without knowing the background of the posts.

9. Self-Esteem and Attention Seeker

Seeking attention and trying to increase self-esteem through social media is one of the bad effects produced by social media. This is because seeking excessive attention often has an impact on a person’s level of happiness and can lead to depression. Seeking attention on social media is also sometimes done with dangerous or embarrassing actions. In addition, the presence of photos with various filters will make most people feel inferior and less confident with their appearance.

10. Pornography

Social media has a negative impact because of the widespread cases of pornography. This is due to the various pornographic content created by irresponsible parties on social media. This of course has a huge impact on people on social media, especially minors who still need education regarding the impact of pornography on social media.

11. Hoax Spread

Misusing information that is scattered is one of the challenges faced in this fast-paced era. The existence of a lot of information that is spread causes the misuse of information by some irresponsible parties on social media. This can create a debate and even harm certain parties which can trigger disputes.

12. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a disgraceful act carried out by a person or group through social media to embarrass a person or group by spreading hate speech and bringing down individuals or groups.

Those are 12 effects of social media that everyone should know. Social media does provide various conveniences that were difficult to obtain in the past. However, be careful using social media because crime can happen at any time. In addition, being critical is also very necessary in the midst of a lot of information spread on social media. Hope this helps!

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