10 Thai Food Recommendations That You Must Try!

10 Thai Food Recommendations That You Must Try!

Besides Indonesia, Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists. Thailand is known for its attractive tourist spots and beautiful natural scenery. Not only that, but Thai food is also a culinary destination that should not be missed. The taste of Thai food is world-famous. Plus, the taste of this food is still suitable for the Indonesian tongue. This is quite common considering the spices used are spices that are similar to Indonesian food. The unique taste of Thai food is based on the combination of spices that produce a sour, spicy, and sweet taste. Here are 10 recommended Thai foods that you can try.

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1. Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong is the most famous Thai food in the world. This food is made from the main ingredient in the form of shrimp and served in the form of spicy chicken soup. Many people must have heard the name of this food. But what distinguishes Tom Yum Goong from Tom Yum in general? It turns out that Tom Yum has many variants depending on the basic ingredients used to cook this dish. Tom Yum Goong uses shrimp as basic ingredients, Tom Yum Pla uses fish as ingredients, and Tom Yum Taek uses seafood as ingredients. This food has a spicy taste so for those of you who want to order it, don’t forget to check the spicy level first.

2. Pad Thai

Another well-known Thai food is Pad Thai. This is a typical Thai fried noodle that is widely sold on the roadside like fried noodles in Indonesia in general. This special food has been around since the time of the Ayutthaya kingdom which is believed to have come from Vietnam or China. For information, the noodles served are made of rice. These noodles are combined with various spices such as eggs, tofu, tamarind, soybeans, garlic, fish sauce, chilli, and sugar. This noodle can also be added with sliced chicken, beef, and seafood.

3. Gai Med Ma Moung (Cashew Chicken)

Gai Med Ma Moung is a typical Thai food in the form of stir-fried cashew nut chicken. This food also has a spicy taste like typical Thai food in general. The combination of stir-fried chicken and cashews gives a delicious savoury taste and is perfect for serving with warm rice.

4. Kaeng Khiao Wan

Thai food which is also similar to other Indonesian food is Kaeng Khiao Wan, which is green curry with a spicy taste. The filling for this Thai curry is vegetables and yam. The green colour comes from green chillies with a spicier taste than red curry. The ingredients for this dish are coconut milk, palm sugar, green curry paste, and fish sauce to which eggplant and fruit can also be added. The green curry paste is made from spices, cumin seeds, shrimp paste, and salt, which is fried in coconut cream. This food can be served with rice, noodles, chicken or beef, and bread.

5. Sweet Cassava

Sweet Cassava is Thai food that is suitable to be served as a dessert. Slices of cassava are boiled and then moistened with coconut milk sauce. It makes the taste of this food savoury and legit. This food is also boiled with sugar combined with a thick sweet coconut milk sauce.

6. Mango Sticky Rice

Besides sweet cassava, there is also a tempting Thai dessert, namely Mango Sticky Rice or mango sticky rice. This dish is the perfect combination of sweet mango, sticky rice and thick coconut milk. First of all, the sticky rice is steamed and mixed with coconut milk, palm sugar, and salt to which mango slices are added.

Mango sticky rice is made by first steaming glutinous rice and then mixing it with coconut milk, palm sugar, and salt, then adding sliced mango. In addition, there is also a variation of purple sticky rice with a mixture of white sticky rice and black Thai sticky rice or replacing mango with durian. The taste of this food is so unique with a mixture of savoury, sweet, slightly sour and fresh mangoes.

7. Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes are one of the typical Thai foods that are liked by backpackers. This dish contains a variety of delicious toppings and fillings such as bananas with sweetened creamer and bananas with chocolate. If you like sweet snacks, you must try this one food.

8. Khaeng Phet

In addition to green curry, in Thailand, there is also a special food in the form of red curry called Khaeng Phet. This dish is made from a mixture of red curry, coconut milk, and meat (chicken, beef, or pork). Red curry seasoning is pounded traditionally using a pestle which consists of various ingredients such as a mixture of dry red chilli, garlic and red, galangal, shrimp paste, salt, cumin, pepper, and so on. This seasoning is then cooked with cooking oil and coconut milk.

9. Khao Pad

In addition to curry, food in the form of fried rice is also available in Thailand. This food is known as Khao Pad or Thai fried rice. This fried rice is made from a mixture of rice, eggs, garlic, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, and soy sauce. When served it is served with sliced cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, and oranges. There are several variations of Khao Pad such as served with additional slices of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.

10. Guay Teow Rhua

Guay Teow Rhua is a typical Thai noodle dish known as boat noodles. This is because in ancient times this food was sold a lot on boats. The material used to make this dish is pig blood. This food is a mixture of ordinary noodles, kwetiaw noodles, vermicelli noodles and pork or beef, pork, and seasonings.

Those are 10 recommended typical Thai foods that you can try. Some of the foods look quite similar to Indonesian food but some sound less familiar. Culinary lovers must try the special foods from the country known as the White Elephant Country.

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