How to Apply Perfume: Tips for a Long Lasting Perfume Scent

You could say that perfume is an essential item to support your appearance. Perfume is unisex, men and women both use perfumes. Fragrances can make us feel more confident. Besides, perfume is also believed to have certain psychological effects as an attraction and cause positive energy. Therefore, a nice body scent is able to improve your mood and the people around you.

Have you ever used perfume and the scent doesn’t last long? Unfortunately, if the application is not quite right, it often makes the scent of the perfume easily disappear in a matter of hours, especially when you spend a lot of time outdoors. Your intention to make your body smell good all day long is then replaced by the scent of the sun mixed with vehicle pollution!

When using perfume, you definitely want the fragrance to last as long as possible, right? If used properly, your perfume scent can last long. We have some tips for you to make your perfume scent more longlasting!

Use body lotion

Perfume has a liquid that is easily oxidized by air, so the best time for you to use perfume is after bathing. But after you shower, it’s a good idea to use body lotion first. Moisturized skin can make the perfume molecules stick longer. To make the scent doesn’t mix, choose a body lotion with a neutral or less pungent scent. You can also choose a lotion that smells similar to your perfume. The more moist the skin, the more durable the perfume will be.

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Use Petroleum Jelly on Certain Spots

Besides body lotion, you can also use petroleum jelly at several points of the body. Petroleum jelly-like vaseline is able to make the perfume molecules last longer on the skin. You can apply it to the body area close to the pulse points.

Choose The Right Type

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Basically, there are several types of perfume that smells less durable, such as body spray and eau de cologne. So you should choose Eau de parfum or fragrance oil which has a much longer-lasting aroma. Perfume also has a variety of scents from soft to strong with various contents. For those of you who often do activities and sweat easily, choose a perfume with a stronger aroma, but still adjusted to your taste. The smell of perfume like this will keep you fresh and fragrant all day long.

Avoid Spraying on Clothes

Spraying perfume on clothes is a habit of almost everyone. In fact, spraying perfume on your clothes will cause the perfume you use to mix with the smell of sweat, resulting in a strange scent. To avoid this area, you should spray your perfume on the skin area or close to the veins.

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Spray on the Pulse Points

Source: FragranceX

You don’t need to spray perfume all over your body, just in the area close to the veins. This area is believed to generate higher heat than other parts of the body so that the scent of perfume will be more spread out and last throughout the day. The pulse point area includes the wrists, behind the ears, the neck, and other pulse point areas.

Avoid Spraying at Close Range

If you are going to be spraying perfume, it’s best to put some distance so it doesn’t get too close. The right distance for the perfume to spread throughout the body is from a distance of 15-25 cm. This distance will allow the perfume particles to spread wider and the scent will feel lighter and less overpowering. With that distance, the fragrance of your perfume is more evenly distributed than from a short distance.

Layering Perfume

Perfume layering is a technique of spraying perfume more than once. You can spray perfume 2 to 3 times. This technique is able to make perfume molecules more bound to our skin’s sebum. Because of this, don’t forget to bring your perfume anywhere.

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Avoid Scrubbing Perfume

We often scrub perfume after spraying it, but it turns out to be the wrong thing. Rubbing the perfume that you have sprayed will break down the perfume molecules and destroy the aroma of the top notes of the perfume that has been smelled in the first 5 minutes. In addition to reducing aroma resistance, rubbing perfume can also make the fragrance of perfume mix with natural oils that your body produces. So, from now on you just need to let the perfume spread naturally without scrubbing it.

Pay Attention to How Perfume is Stored

Source: FragranceX

The last tip for your perfume scent to be more longlasting is to pay attention to where you store it. The visible molecules that produce fragrance in perfume can evaporate and disappear when exposed to sunlight directly or close to objects with a strong smell. You can put your perfume on a dresser or a cool glass cabinet so that it smells nice and fresh.

Those are some tips to make your perfume scent more longlasting so that you can keep your body smell good throughout the day. Don’t forget to bring your perfume when you go out any time to give you new freshness after a day of activities. Good luck!

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