10 Types of Shade Trees For a Shady and Cool Home

You probably know that trees are very beneficial for the environment and our lives, right? Trees are able to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which is useful for humans. In addition, trees also offer shade because they are able to cast out the scorching hot sun.

Well, the existence of trees can indeed make the environment more shady and cooler. For those of you who live in hot areas, you definitely want a house that is cool and beautiful, right? The existence of shade trees can make your home feel much cooler.

If you are confused about what types of shade trees are suitable for your yard, here are recommendations for 10 types of shade trees so that your house is cooler!

1. Mango tree

Gambar Pemandangan

The mango tree is one of the shade trees that you commonly find in the yard. If you take care of it diligently, the mango tree can make a house feel great because it can reach 10 meters high! In addition, you can also harvest mangoes if you take care of them appropriately. Fun, right? However, don’t neglect the maintenance because the mango trees that you plant can be attacked by pests and diseases.

2. Red Shoots tree

Desain Lanskap

The red shoot tree has dense, lush leaves and an attractive red leaf pattern. Because of its leafiness and a broad trunk like a canopy, this tree can make your house cooler. Interestingly, as the name implies, the leaves of the red shoots will turn red during the dry season. This tree will make your yard more colorful!

3. Palm tree


You must be familiar with this tree, because this ornamental tree is often planted in yards or gardens. Palm trees do make your house cool and cool because their towering shape can reach 20 meters! Must be shady, right? Well, if you want a smaller one, you can choose the princess palm tree type.

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4. Narra tree


This type of shade tree has a pretty appearance with small yellow flowers. Narra tree can reach 40 meters high, you know! In addition, narra tree also has tight leaves, so it looks lush. Your house will be cooler because this lush tree will protect it from the hot sun.

5. Madagascar Almond tree


Do you prefer a house shade tree with a slender trunk? Relax, this tree can be an option for you. The diameter is smaller and the branches are neat, making it suitable for a minimalist home. However, even though it looks slender, this tree can grow 10-20 meters, you know. The foliage also looks like a shady canopy, perfect for giving it that cool feeling!

6. Cherry tree

Radar Surabaya

You can also plant this shade tree on the side of the road in your yard. Its fan-like trunk and wide, bowed leaves can make the house cool. How to plant and care for it is easy, so it is often a favorite. In addition, the cherry tree also produces small, red fruit that is safe to eat!

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7. Spanish Cherry tree

Alam Priangan

This tree is also usually found on major roads, but you can also plant it in your yard. This type of shade tree is sure to make it shady and cool, because the leaves are dense and don’t fall off easily. You also don’t need to be afraid that this tree can easily fall, because the tree trunks and branches are thick. However, if you want to plant this tree, it is advisable to have a large enough home page.

8. Rosy Trumpet tree

Jatim Times

This type of shade tree is very beautiful, because it has flowers that are very beautiful and beautiful to look at. The flower patterns are similar to the cherry trees in Japan, right? The colors also vary, there are yellow, pink, and white. In the dry season, you can see the flowers are blooming. Perfect for your yard!

9. Fern tree

You can also choose this tropical tree as a beautiful shade for your home. What’s more, fern trees are also well-known for being great carbon dioxide absorbers. The leaves are thick and tight so they can protect the house from the hot sun. This tree is suitable, you know, for those of you who have a minimalist house, because the height is only about 4-11 meters.

10. Weeping fig tree

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If you want to plant this tree, then you must have a large yard. The height and diameter of this tree can grow to more than 2 meters. This tree also has dense and tight leaves so it not only protects your house but can also protect your yard too.

So, those are the recommendations for 10 types of shade trees that can be planted in your yard. One tree that you plant will benefit you and the earth, you know, not only now, but also in the future!

So, which shade tree are you going to plant?

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