Step-By-Step Guide: Urban Gardening in Jakarta

If you’re a person living in Jakarta, chances are you’re a busy person with heavy schedules all week long. Most residents have to balance work or education life with personal life with your family and social life with your friends and acquaintances. All of that work can get too hard on a person, so we suggest that you have a positive outlet for you. If that’s something that you’re looking for as well, give gardening a try!

Some people are afraid to try gardening because it seems like such a heavy-duty for a busy person. But that’s traditional gardening you’re thinking about. Nowadays, we have a shortcut for everything, making the things you want to do easier, faster, and overall better. We’re giving you our basic guide for urban gardening in Jakarta– a new look for gardening that will allow you to get double the happiness with half the hassle. The one and only rule in urban gardening: use what you have.

Best Places to Buy Plants in Jakarta

1. Find A Place

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Before urban gardening, people who like home gardening usually do it in their relatively large backyard to plant different kinds of plants in the ground or large pots. If you already have that, great! You can move on to the next step. However, if you’re living in places just big enough for yourself, never fear! You can try the urban gardening way. You can do gardening absolutely anywhere. Just find a spot in your house that is wide enough to put a few pots that get enough sunlight during the day. After you find your space, you can begin to plan how your little garden can look. 

The fun part about using smaller spaces is you can get creative in the places of your plants. The balcony in your apartments is a perfect spot for you to put your plants. You can use a shelf that you’re not using to line your plants, or attaching your pots to the wall. Plus, you can even get hanging pots so you don’t need extra space for your pots. The possibility is endless. You just need to use what you have and get something that doesn’t burden you! Gardening is supposed to be fun, if you’re stressing about it, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Pick Your Plants

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After you know the place that you’re going to use as a garden, the next step of the process is to pick the kind of plants that you want to do. Keep in mind that every kind of plant has a different way of care-taking, so make sure that your choice of a plant also matches the time that you have in your daily life to tend the plants. There are different plants available that would suit your needs. 

If you’re just beginning to try urban gardening, you might want to try simple plants like succulents. They only take small spaces and only need sunlight. You even only have to water your plants every 2 days or so. 

To get these plants, you should benefit from online shops available like Tokopedia. Usually, you can get good prices for plants like mini cactus. There are many gardening supplies that you can get from this website too, to make sure that your plants stay in perfect condition. There are also new websites such as Rindang that specializes in providing the plants that you order to your front door. These plants are usually used more for decoration, making your home much more rustic and organic. 

The more creative choice for your plants is to use plants that you can find even in your kitchen. Did you know that you can plant the ends of your scallions (daun bawang) that you don’t use anymore? You can also plant seeds of cabai or cabai rawit so you can grow them right in your own garden. Who says hobbies can’t be beneficial?

3. Let it Grow

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Now that you’ve picked what you want to grow in your garden, it’s time to do the planting! Here are some essentials that you need to pay attention to a pot, a plant seed, and the soil. The easiest solution to getting everything you need in one day: get a gardening kit! Nowadays, you can buy the kit easily from sites specialized in gardening like Trubus, or other shopping websites like Jakarta Notebook. You can buy a proper pot that you can find in online shops or supermarkets, or you can also use up old cans that you might not use anymore. Instead of throwing it out, make use of it into some potted plants.

Online shops are a good option to buy your seed and soils, even getting them delivered on your doorstep. It’s better to use good quality fertilizer because that’s what ensures that your plants will grow right and into a healthy condition. Here’s a tip: old tea bags can be used in your pots. Compile a bunch of them and put them right on top of your soil. When you water your plants, the tea bags will give extra nourishment for your plants. 

Watering your plants and making sure that they get enough sunlight is the only way to go. Even though getting them under the sun all day might be harmful to some plants as well, making sure that the plants get enough sunlight a few hours a day. Make sure that you water your plants according to the accurate care for the plants, so you don’t under-water your plants and also over-water it. Any of those two ways may cause damage to your plants, even making the plants die or won’t be able to grow. 

Join a Community

To get more tips on gardening, join others who share your interests in an urban gardening community on social media! Many communities like Jakarta Berkebun, Kebun Kumara, or Kebun Ide also hold events, workshops, and gatherings. So you can share stories about your urban gardening.

Believe it or not, this is all the steps you need to urban gardening in Jakarta. Even though it seems difficult, you only need to know how to use the smart way for gardening. This will allow you to open a horizon of possibilities of gardening so that you can get what you want in the most effective way possible. With a modern way of living in Jakarta, there’s nothing you can’t do.

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