Ways to Have a Healthier Relationship With Social Media

Living in an era of advanced technology, how can you define someone who lived without social media? Datareporter.com mentioned that 49% of the world population, which is equivalent to 3.8 million people, are connected through social media. Social media users have grown at an exponential rate that there are always new platforms for people to showcase their lives to the public. The fastest-growing app today is TikTok, a video-sharing platform which allows users to shoot creative videos and share them to the world. It works similarly to Instagram however, users primarily use the app to do dance covers.

New work fields have emerged in the expanding world of social media. Jobs such as influencers have benefitted people with tremendous income on endorsements. This becomes a very famous job that when asked to elementary school children, they do not answer with “doctor” or “architect”. Instead, children will answer “influencer” or “YouTuber” when asked what they want to be when they grow up. 

Nevertheless, social media platforms have some downsides.  Research has shown that there is a strong connection between social media usage, negative mental health, and low self-esteem. Frequent use of these platforms decreases the level of happiness and increases a sense of isolation. To celebrate your self-love journey, here are six ways that you can implement to use your social media mindfully to create a better version of you.

1. Tick-Tock, Time is Money!

Tick-Tock, Time is Money!

Unless you are a well-known influencer who gets paid every time you post an endorsement deal or waiting for your crush to text you back, you don’t really have to use your social media every five minutes right? Does relying too much on it will leave you hindered? No, right? Live in the moment and enjoy being present in the situation you are in! Whether you’re hanging out with your friends or watching a concert. Forget that your phone even exists. By cutting down your social media usage, you will have a greater relationship quality with your loved one and immerse yourself to enjoy the real world. Even when you are alone, there is plenty of stuff that you can do, such as reading or blasting pop songs in your room. 

2. Your Perception is Not My Reality!

taking photo with phone
Your Perception is Not My Reality!

Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes of a person’s Instagram photo? If you see an influencer who travels a lot and posts epic sceneries in beaches and mountains around the world, do you see that person struggling when their car got towed or they were scammed and lost their tickets? No, because all you see is that ‘perfect’ shot that potentially makes you feel worse about yourself. Social media is not designed for people to show their authentic self, so why bother putting so much attention on being something you’re not?

3. Jealousy is a Killer!

girl holding word im here you not
Jealousy is a Killer!

“She has all these fancy designer handbags, I wish I could be like her.” Does this phrase come to mind a lot when you scroll your Facebook page? Comparison and jealousy can be caused by social media contributing to symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is a never-ending battle in our mind that once we forget the blessings that we have had. You have the option to pick whether you want to make your jealousy as an inspiration or insecurity. 

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4. Be Responsible!

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Be Responsible!

Anonymous users or what Indonesians called ‘netizen’ are known for their outspoken opinions regarding controversial issues happening at the moment. These people are not afraid to post what they think to the public, which in most cases will cause detrimental effects such as being dragged by the law. Be careful what you post on social media. Don’t post something that you might regret. Also, stop spreading news with unreliable sources. Spreading fake news or hoaxes that lead to chaos can be considered a crime.

5. Focus on The Positives!

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Focus on The Positives!

Even though social media has a lot of drawbacks, it can be beneficial to maintain communication with your friends across the globe or even relieve you from boredom by making various TikTok videos. Focus on the positives on what social media has to offer. Follow influential people who have positive effects that allow you to discover your true potential, surround yourself with an amazing online community to help you attain your goal, use it as a platform to support your business and so on. 

With all this, we hope you can be more mindful of how you use your social media. Everyone has their own ways, however you need to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your mental health and cause harmful effects toward yourself. Don’t let it overpower you, because you are in control.

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