Bintaro Plaza Residence

Made by a worldwide architectural firm from Singapore. Jaya entrusted the design of the interior design, landscape, and graphics.

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Bintaro Plaza Residence at a Glance

  • Location: Bintaro, South Tangerang
  • Project Completed: 2015
  • Developer: Pembangunan Jaya
  • Total Units: 930
  • Unit Area: 28m^2 to 60m^2
  • Unit types: 1BR/2BR
  • Maintenance: Free
  • No. of floors: 24

Launched since 1979, property developer PT. Jaya Real Property (Jaya) continues to show its existence. Jaya remains to develop its products through market demand and trends. One form of development undertaken by Jaya is in the Bintaro Plaza area, namely by creating a mixed-use or multi-facility integrated area. Bintaro Plaza Area is now the central business district in Bintaro, Tangerang. The main design or master plan area of the Bintaro Plaza Residences was made by a worldwide architectural firm called Aedas from Singapore. Jaya entrusted the design of the interior design, landscape, graphics, to the development of integral areas to the firm. The location offered by Bintaro Plaza Residences is a distinct value that attracts numerous people. Access that makes it easy to reach other areas, such as the airport becomes an important added value for residents who are always on the go.

Bintaro Plaza Residence's comfort and convenience

Developed in an integrated area, Bintaro Jaya, the place is brimming with the commercial area, hotels, and housing complex. Bintaro Plaza Residence itself spotted in the heart of Bintaro, Tangerang. Next to Bintaro Plaza Central Business District. In addition to this, there are no other apartments located in the center of Bintaro than Bintaro Plaza Residence. This apartment is neighboring with Plaza Bintaro Jaya Mall which has become one of the icons of Bintaro Jaya in meeting daily needs. Starting from the needs of shopping, culinary tours, entertainments, and many others. Jaya Developer has also built a connecting bridge from Bintaro Plaza Residence to SOHO Tower and Plaza Bintaro Jaya which makes it easier for residents to access these remarkable facilities without having to leave the apartment area. Furthermore, Bintaro Plaza Residence is only a few steps away to Pondok Ranji Commuter Line Station. This benefit certainly makes it more convenient for residents who want to use public transportation to the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek).

Bintaro Plaza Residence's facilities

Besides the easy-to-go access and surrounded by various daily amenities, Bintaro Plaza Residence is also equipped with numerous exclusive facilities that are ready to pamper you, such as cutting-edge swimming pool, fitness center to always keep your body in a good condition, multipurpose room for you to host meetings, children's playground for the kids, internet service all over the building, spacious parking area, and lastly security services with CCTV and access card.


Bintaro is an independent suburban area in Tangerang, Indonesia. Having its own shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities are the reasons why this area is a highly demanded place to stay. Therefore, it's suitable for families or professionals looking for complete and peaceful surroundings. The neighborhood is less hassle and dense than Jakarta. Moreover, Bintaro is not that far from South Jakarta, the business district, that explains why lots of people live in Bintaro but working in Jakarta.


Shopping: Bintaro Plaza Mall is only a few steps away from the apartment. The mall is friendly for having a day out with your family or for any daily necessities shopping. Driving for a few more minutes will deliver you to Bintaro XChange Mall. This mall is a remarkably famous shopping center in Bintaro and one of the iconic places in Bintaro. Various cafes and restaurants are also provided inside the mall.

Restaurant and Bars: Numerous restaurants can be found around Bintaro Plaza Residence. Especially if you're a big fan of Indonesian food. There are tons of Indonesian food for feasting. Other alternatives like Yoshinoya, A&W, Pizza Hut, and many more also spotted near Bintaro Plaza Residence.

Nightlife: Due to the family-fit area, there are no clubs or bars nearby. However, bars in South Jakarta are blooming and accessible from Bintaro. For instance, you can try Kebayoran Baru, which has a wide selection of bars with their own distinct atmospheres. You can choose from casual lounges that offer live music to speakeasy-style bars where you can mingle with different crowds.

Transportation: People in Bintaro mostly use online taxis or Angkot for transportation around Bintaro. If you're planning to go out from Bintaro, you can use KRL (Commuter Line) or drive by the highway.

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