Flokq @ Oria

An integrated coliving and coworking space for entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Kost di Flokq @ Oria

Pengalaman Coliving di Flokq @ Oria

  • Lokasi: Menteng, Jakarta
  • Selesai Dibangun: 1991
  • Developer: PT. Wahid Parama Sentosa
  • Jumlah Units: 150
  • Luas Unit: 23m^2 to 65m^2
  • Tipe Unit:
  • Perawatan: Free
  • Jumlah Lantai: 8

If you're looking for a place to stay in Jakarta, take a peek at Flokq @ Oria! Located in the heart of Jakarta, this property ensures to give you great comfort, great entertainment, and great experience in Jakarta. The central of Jakarta is a good place for you to mix all the best things about Jakarta. From food to culture and events, you can find all of this while staying in this elegant, spacious, yet comfortable home.

Tipe Kamar untuk Sewa di Flokq @ Oria

Kamar Master

For the extra space and ensuite baths. Get a private spacious room in one of our beautiful homes. Our master rooms have private ensuite baths and are generally more spacious than our other rooms. It’s furnished and ready to move-in with King/Queen beds, and wardrobes.

Mulai dariIDR 6.5 M/month
Kamar Tersedia4
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Kenyamanan Coliving di Flokq @ Oria

The perks of living in Flokq @ Oria is having all the service to make sure that you stay relaxed and in your best state at all times. You'll find that living here, you can also get a taste of Indonesia from the authentic design of the building, and also the culture that will immerse you from this area! Everything you want and need while living in Jakarta can easily be found in Central Jakarta. So if you only have a little time to enjoy this crowded and vibrant city, Flokq @ Oria is the place to go!

Fasilitas Flokq @ Oria

With 150 rooms from 7 different types of rooms, Flokq @ Oria makes sure that they can equip to your every need. Whether it be alone or with a company, business, or pleasure, there is something for everybody just waiting in this residence. Each room is equipped with a luxurious high-quality bed and internet access, so you can relax and have a quiet day by yourself living here. However, as the show must go on, there are also dining halls and meeting rooms available for residents to book. A coworking space is available in the building, so you can get your business going easily and join All residents are given free parking, too!


The Central of Jakarta is really the best place to be to immerse yourself in Jakarta culture, especially in short time. The best things in Jakarta can be found here, from local culture to trendy outing places. However, if you're feeling extra curious and need to go on an adventurous streak, it's also very easy to get around from this area, as it is very close to Menteng, Cikini, Thamrin, Sudirman and Kuningan area.


Shopping: As Flokq @ Oria is located in Gondangdia, you can easily go to some of Jakarta's favorite shopping malls: Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. There are many ranges of shops you can find in these malls, so you'll practically find anything and everything there. However, you can go a little further to Kuningan City or Kota Kasablanka if you're looking for someplace new.

Restaurant and Bars: Flokq @ Oria is equipped with its own restaurant called the Casazuki restaurant, giving you the taste of local and international food of your desire. If you're looking to eat out, the coffee shops and restaurants on the streets of Gondangdia, Cik Ditiro, and Menteng will definitely fulfill you. Make sure to always try the local food- there is no beating them!

Nightlife: The heart of Jakarta is not short of life, even until little hours of the night. You can find many restaurants that offer these entertainments, so you can get a sneak peek on how Jakarta residents like to live! You can find these popular places in Menteng or Kuningan.

Transportation: Given the strategic location, public transportation is definitely not a problem from this area to get around Jakarta, With the closest KRL station being in Gondangdia and Cikini, you can explore Jakarta as largely as you want. You can also find MRT stations nearby (Sudirman or Setiabudi) if traveling (even more) quickly is more your style. However, online taxis will find you anywhere in Jakarta, so you can find the option most comfortable for you.

Kata Flokqers


Baker & English Teacher

Flokq has carefully heard and taken into full account my needs and requirements. Only after that, they offered me a room that would work best for me. They do indeed go that extra mile. For that, I thank you. I am sincerely at ease living here.


Strategy & Fundraising

I didn't know anything about Jakarta when I signed a new job contract for a local startup. But with the help of Flokq team, I had the chance to visit multiple apartments, got a lot of useful tips and finally found a place in a day. The flexibility of paying rent every month is helpful. Besides, I made great friends with Flokqers, who always are super welcoming.

Le Petite Cat & Priyam

Digital Marketer

It was difficult for my human to find a house that was pet-friendly, which delayed my arrival by many months. But she finally found something amazing with Flokq. It's at a central location, the view is amazing. Anytime, my human needs anything, Flokq team is always very helpful.