De Ploeit Centrale Apartment

A home overviewing the sea in North Jakarta

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De Ploeit Centrale Apartment at a Glance

  • Location: Pluit, Jakarta
  • Project Completed: 2014
  • Developer: Probicindo Tunggal Taruna
  • Total Units: 354
  • Unit Area: 36m^2 to 46m^2
  • Unit types: 1BR/2BR
  • Maintenance: Free
  • No. of floors: 22

De Ploeit Central Apartment is located in the very north part of Jakarta, near the Pluit Reservoir. A big wave of heat might expose you daily if you choose to live in here, but this property offers you nothing but a magical cure for every burnt occurred, physically or mentally. The developer has also chosen the best neighborhood one could ever live in. Since it is located in Pluit's central business district, a complete set of general infrastructures are easy to spot around, such as hospitals and drug store for the crucial times of emergency, a police station just a few meters away, a fish market, a museum, even an all-you-can-eat restaurant that everybody loves. Although they do not provide many units in the property area, this, at the same time, becomes De Ploeit's main strength as serenity and tranquility are guaranteed.

De Ploeit Centrale Apartment's comfort and convenience

Every property developer always wants to make sure that the best of comfort and convenience are provided directly to all residents. Based on this noble principle, De Ploeit Centrale Apartment is existent as one of many front-liners that will help you find the right sense of being at home. With many facilities from which you could take many of great advantages, you will never question why people say “home is where the heart is”, ever again. To come home has always been everybody’s final destination at the end of the day, and De Ploeit Centrale Apartment welcomes you with warmth.

De Ploeit Centrale Apartment's facilities

De Ploeit Centrale Apartment comes in as your personal butler that has already prepared the most convenient set of amenities for an efficient way of living. As time always ticks way faster in Jakarta, you will need great time management to make sure every entry of your schedule is strikethrough-ed with immense satisfaction. Thus, the property has opened a full swimming pool access for you to start off the day fit and content. Moreover, a 24-hour ATM center and a children's playground are like a few drizzles of sweet maple syrup upon your stack of pancakes—it completes everything!


De Ploeit Centrale Apartment is located in South Pluit, an area where most businesses in Pluit operate. This automatically affects how the infrastructures around it grow for you to take great advantages.


Shopping: Shopping in Pluit is relatively easy. A number of malls within a short distance from the property appears to be great options, such as the Emporium Mall, Pluit Junction Mall, Pluit Village Mall, and Baywalk Mall.

Restaurant and Bars: There are many restaurants to choose from in Pluit to accommodate your fun with friends and family. The best bars in town are including INDODINER Bar & Diner and Mixology Soju Bar & Brasserie.

Nightlife: Jakarta is enlivened with the blasting nightlife that extends from its central area to the North and South. Experience the upbeat music and dance the night away with the right people!

Transportation: Many public transportation options are ready to take you anywhere. Generally, people in Jakarta commute through KRL or the newly built MRT, take the feeder bus service called TransJakarta, or book a GoJek or GrabBike to go around. The price is definitely affordable.

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Baker & English Teacher

Flokq has carefully heard and taken into full account my needs and requirements. Only after that, they offered me a room that would work best for me. They do indeed go that extra mile. For that, I thank you. I am sincerely at ease living here.


Strategy & Fundraising

I didn't know anything about Jakarta when I signed a new job contract for a local startup. But with the help of Flokq team, I had the chance to visit multiple apartments, got a lot of useful tips and finally found a place in a day. The flexibility of paying rent every month is helpful. Besides, I made great friends with Flokqers, who always are super welcoming.

Le Petite Cat & Priyam

Digital Marketer

It was difficult for my human to find a house that was pet-friendly, which delayed my arrival by many months. But she finally found something amazing with Flokq. It's at a central location, the view is amazing. Anytime, my human needs anything, Flokq team is always very helpful.