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FX Residence at a Glance

  • Location: Senayan, Jakarta
  • Project Completed: 2008
  • Developer: Plaza Indonesia Realty Group
  • Total Units: 227
  • Unit Area: 63m^2 to 230m^2
  • Unit types: 1BR/2BR/3BR
  • Maintenance: Free
  • No. of floors: 45

Known to be adjoined and connected with the popular FX Mall in Sudirman area, FX Residence serves as a place of living for those of you who are looking for a fun and convenient way of living with its strategic and advantageous location. It is perfect for those of you who like to spend your leisure time by hanging out in the mall or by simply watching the view of the beloved Jakarta from a towering point of view.

Room Types


Smaller rooms in great apartments Our common rooms are smaller yet cosy rooms, apt for the young budget room seeker. They are furnished with wardrobes / shelf and mostly a single bed. Our common rooms have shared baths and are mostly present in 3 bedroom apartments. When not an apartment with a master and junior master, you would share the bath with another flokqer

Starting AtIDR 6.5 M/month
Rooms Available0
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For spacious rooms yet superior value Our Queen rooms offer superb value for money. They are uber popular; spacious rooms and mostly have queen or single beds and wardrobes. Our queen rooms have shared baths. In 2 bedroom apartments you have the shared bathrooms to yourself and will never share with more than two in any of our homes.

Starting AtIDR 9 M/month
Rooms Available1
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FX Residence's comfort and convenience

With a towering look on top of a mall, FX Residence aims to be a convenient and deluxe choice of living for you. There are two ways to enter FX Residence: from the mall’s basement (parking area) and from the Harris hotel (which is also located in the same building.) The main lobby looks very clean and it has stylish marble tiles with white color as the major point. The mall's rooftop serves to be the green area for the apartment. The corridors of this apartment have an upmarket look although it's a bit narrow. The overall atmosphere and vibes for this apartment are relatively quiet.

FX Residence's facilities

Although numerous facilities are not much provided in fX Residence, you can still enjoy the small-sized swimming pool, a gym with an average amount of equipment, a tennis court, and other necessary amenities, such as ATM, restaurant, laundry, and security. No matter which apartment or residences you choose, Flokq will always ensure that these accommodations provide highly exceptional security. There are trained security guards posted at different entrances of Sailendra Apartment 24/7. The reception is also available at all times to help you resolve problems that may come up at any time of the day. To further maximize security, all residents receive an access card that allows the resident to go up to common areas such as pool and their floor only.



Shopping Although FX Sudirman mall does not have high-end stores, it is still a convenient location to visit. It is a lifestyle mall with mostly middle-range shops and stores. It has a cinema, a gym, salons, spas, banks, and a few retail shops. For a more high-end experience in shopping, you can always go to Plaza Senayan. To get there, it takes about 5-10 minutes by car. It is one of the most superior malls in Jakarta, with a mix of high-end boutiques and some more affordable brands. Another exciting mall is Senayan City. An upper to a middle-class mall that is spacious and you can get there by a 10-minute car ride.

Restaurants & Bars A popular bar is located in Plaza Senayan which is called Union Brasserie, Bakery & Bar. Uniquely designed by conjoining brasserie, bakery and a bar with classic American design and atmosphere, Union offers you the best kind of food and drinks. Offering cuisines of Western and Asian dishes with a modern sensibility, you can relax and enjoy your time here with its pleasant and vintage atmosphere. Another choice would be Brewerks Resto and Bar. Located in Senayan City, Crystal Lagoon to be exact, you can find a nice place to chill with friends for beers or have something from a Western dish from the menu. You can also find many mid-range to expensive restaurants located in fX Sudirman, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City or Senayan Arcadia malls.

Nightlife You can find many venues that offer exciting nightlife activities around SCBD such as Lucy in The Sky, Fable, and Pallas with just a 10-minute car ride. Other than SCBD, Senopati and Mega Kuningan neighborhoods also offer many thrilling places and activities.

Transport Although Sudirman is very crowded, it also provides sidewalks in order to encourage exploration by foot. Recently, public transportation such as LRT has also been on the rise. However, if you are going somewhere further, it is highly recommended to use car as a primary method of transportation. With the increase in popularity of ride-sharing companies, going around town with mobile applications such as Grab or Gojek has been easier and affordable than ever. With a mere Rp.26,000-Rp.30,000 ($1.82-$2.10) you can reach the offices in the central business district in no time.

What Flokqers think about us?


Baker & English Teacher

Flokq has carefully heard and taken into full account my needs and requirements. Only after that, they offered me a room that would work best for me. They do indeed go that extra mile. For that, I thank you. I am sincerely at ease living here.


Strategy & Fundraising

I didn't know anything about Jakarta when I signed a new job contract for a local startup. But with the help of Flokq team, I had the chance to visit multiple apartments, got a lot of useful tips and finally found a place in a day. The flexibility of paying rent every month is helpful. Besides, I made great friends with Flokqers, who always are super welcoming.

Le Petite Cat & Priyam

Digital Marketer

It was difficult for my human to find a house that was pet-friendly, which delayed my arrival by many months. But she finally found something amazing with Flokq. It's at a central location, the view is amazing. Anytime, my human needs anything, Flokq team is always very helpful.