Metro Sunter Apartment

Strategic apartment for living and investment in North Jakarta

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Metro Sunter Apartment at a Glance

  • Location: Sunter, Jakarta
  • Project Completed: 2006
  • Developer: PT Metro Supermarket Realty
  • Total Units: 400
  • Unit Area: 32m^2 to 77m^2
  • Unit types: 1BR/2BR/3BR
  • Maintenance: Free
  • No. of floors: 16

Metro Sunter apartment is a strategic living choice located in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. If you are pursuing real-estate business, this apartment is ideal for you as the area surrounding has been rapidly developing for the past years. Although North Jakarta is not known previously to be the sophisticated area in Jakarta, investment has been pouring in this are for the development of schools, housing estates, hospitals, and public infrastructure. Moreover, one of the key advantages of this apartment is its claim to be flood-free building, which is a major benefit concerning how the flood issues in Jakarta, particularly North Jakarta, for the past year.

Metro Sunter Apartment's comfort and convenience

One of the convenience for this Apartment is its location that is close to several public and private universities. Jika you are a student, professor, or researcher it would be a great investment to live in this apartment as not only it saves you time from your place to your working place, but you can also later rent your apartment as there numerous students who are looking to stay in this apartment. Furthermore, this apartment also has relatively high accessibility as it is located near important landmarks and public transportation stations. For instance, you only need to spend around 40 minutes of drive in order to reach the Soekarno-Hatta airport. During the weekends, you might want to visit Indonesia's biggest and well-established recreational park, Ancol, which is only 6 km away from the apartment or 15 minutes drive away from your location.

Metro Sunter Apartment's facilities

Metro Sunter Apartment is considerably a small residential building as it only has 6-floor levels; making life in this apartment less busy and a closer tenant community. There are several facilities offered by this apartment. First of all, they have their own gym facilities and jogging track which you can use freely throughout the week. However, there are only limited gym machines and exercising tools. If you are in a mood for outdoor activities, either alone or with your family and friend, you can use their outdoor swimming pool facilities. Furthermore, Metro Sunter Apartment is also well aware of the safety and security of its tenants. Each tenant is granted card access to be able to use the elevator. This way, only those who live in this apartment are free to go to their units and the public facilities without worrying about a trespassing possibility by unwanted people. Moreover, there are also CCTV available throughout the corner of the buildings as well as 24/7 securities who patrols around the complex, ensuring the safety and comfort of all the tenants. In addition, every morning you can also find maintenance services such as a cleaning service that will keep the public areas within the building clean and tidy.


The area of this apartment lies just between the border of North Jakarta which is arguably a strategic location for those who have high mobility through the city. At the hearts of its complex, you can find the well-established Jakarta International Expo (JIE), a place that is commonly used for famous events and international concerts. Further up, you can find Indonesia's oldest and well-established recreation Park, Ancol, which until now still holds the reputation for the biggest and best outdoor park in entire Indonesia.


Shopping: One of the unique things you can probably do in Kemayoran, North Jakarta is to shop in Jakarta’s oldest shopping centers, Pasar Baroe. This place sells different varieties of goods, from food, closings, daily needs, groceries, and many more. Although most of the stuff here is mainly unbranded, it is one of the top destinations for thrift shopping which has been trending for the past year in Jakarta. Not only that, if you are lucky, but you may also even find valuable goods from the old days that you can re-sell later on or even keep for your personal collection!

Restaurant and Bars: Lenggang Jakarta is one of the top spots in North Jakarta for those who seek culinary adventures in Jakarta. There approximately more than a hundred food and beverage tenants in this place. Not only Indonesian local cuisine, but you can also find authentic Chinese, Vietnam, and Melayu traditional foods! For the price, you should not worry about digging deep on to your wallet since almost everything is sold from Rp 10.000 up to 50.000.

Nightlife: Renowned music festivals and international events such as Java Jazz are usually held in North Jakarta's well-known Jakarta International Expo. Not only that, but there are also fairs and exhibitions almost every week making this place one of the most famous entertainment spots in Jakarta.

Transportation: One of the most used public transportation in this area is probably the KRL commuting train, but you should watch out for peak hours in the morning and the evening since there is always a massive crowd going to and back from work every weekday.

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Flokq has carefully heard and taken into full account my needs and requirements. Only after that, they offered me a room that would work best for me. They do indeed go that extra mile. For that, I thank you. I am sincerely at ease living here.


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I didn't know anything about Jakarta when I signed a new job contract for a local startup. But with the help of Flokq team, I had the chance to visit multiple apartments, got a lot of useful tips and finally found a place in a day. The flexibility of paying rent every month is helpful. Besides, I made great friends with Flokqers, who always are super welcoming.

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Digital Marketer

It was difficult for my human to find a house that was pet-friendly, which delayed my arrival by many months. But she finally found something amazing with Flokq. It's at a central location, the view is amazing. Anytime, my human needs anything, Flokq team is always very helpful.