Westmark Apartment

Westmark Apartments is located in Tanjung Duren, a comfortable district of West Jakarta

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Westmark Apartment at a Glance

  • Location: Taman Anggrek, Jakarta
  • Project Completed: 2012
  • Developer: Cowell Development
  • Total Units: 620
  • Unit Area: 29m^2 to 50 m^2
  • Unit types: 1BR/2BR/3BR
  • Maintenance: Free
  • No. of floors: 35

Westmark Apartments is located in Tanjung Duren, a middle-class district of West Jakarta. The area is packed with both residential and commercial districts; A strategic location for living as it is a relatively safe and friendly neighborhood but still accessible for entertainment and transportation hub like Jakarta - Tanggerang and Jakarta Inner Ringroad highway. Furthermore, Westmark Apartments is surrounded by many important facilities starting from schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and few shopping malls.

Westmark Apartment's comfort and convenience

Location is one of the advantages of Westmark Apartments. Located in Tanjung Duren, it is a sub-district of West Jakarta filled with both residential and commercial districts. The side-views of Westmark Apartments, you can see the brand new Taman Anggrek Compound with nice apartments and shopping centers, However, Westmark Apartments are still considered one of the high-demand commodity in West Jakarta as there are plenty of important landmarks nearby. One of them is the Neo Soho Mall - the newest trending malls in Jakarta - with a sophisticated skywalk tunnel to Central Park Mall. There are also 4 well-established private universities only within 2 km distance from these apartments. Universitas Podomoro, Universitas Kristen Krida acana, Universitas Trisakti, and Universita Tarumanegara. This apartment, especially studio-sized units, thus, are university students' most favored accommodations as it saves them a lot of time to reach their campus.

Westmark Apartment's facilities

The facilities offered by Westmark Apartments are quite decent for day-to-day needs. Starting from a small adult and kids swimming pools with green surroundings; Perfect for families to spend their weekend mornings. Next, there is also a small gym facility. However, some of the machines do not work very well so it might not be the best choice if you are looking for heavy and intense training. If your kids are looking for outdoor activity, Westmark Apartments have a small playground area. However, make sure your kids are under surveillance as it does not seem to be maintained very well. Lastly, there are several convenience stores within the building itself, such as Minimarkets, ATM booths, and laundry.

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Tanjung Duren is arguably one of the friendly neighborhood in West Jakarta. This area is filled with middle-class families; laying on the border of upscale Taman Anggrek high-class society and low-class slumps of West Jakarta. Tanjung Duren is also packed with both housings and commercial districts, making it a relatively strategic place to live. Traveling to the central area of Jakarta or other surrounding towns such as Tanggerang, you can easily access the Jakarta Inner Ring Road and Jakarta - Tanggerang Highway.


Shopping: Shopping is definitely one of the most favored activities in this area as Tanjung Duren is surrounded by the newest and upper-class shopping malls. One of our favorite shopping malls in Central Park Mall. This middle-class mall is popular with its outdoor area, Tribeca Park, which is a great destination to hang out, Furthermore, it is also filled with affordable fashion stores, cinema, supermarket, gym and wide range of cute and cozy cafes.

Restaurant and Bars: If you are looking for a quaint, stylish interior cafe, then try Tanjung Duren's famous ONNI house Jakarta. Serving local recipes, this old-school cafe brings its consumers back in the late 90s. The food and beverage are relatively affordable, ranging from Rp 20.000 to 60.000. It is definitely a must-go-to cafe for a weekend getaway with your family and friends.

Nightlife: Tanjung Duren is one of the places in Jakarta which turns into a dynamic and fun street market at night. Go for a walk throughout the streets, such as the Tanjung Duren Barat Street, where you can find dozens of Indonesian and Chinese street foods at a very cheap price. Our favorite is the 7 Street food that offers amazing authentic Chinese flavor of seafood such as Crabs, Shrimps, and even octopus!

Transportation: Tanjung Duren has plenty of Public Transportations stations, starting from Transjakarta halt in Taman Anggrek to Grogol Train Station. However, it is also easy to travel with private transportation as the traffic is not as severe as the one in Central and South Jakarta, also the toll road is only 400 m away and you will be directed either in the Inner Ring Road or Jakarta-Tanggerang Highway

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