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Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Senopati

Temukan dan Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Senopati dengan Flokq! Tinggal di apartemen kami yang indah dan berfurnitur berlayanan yang lengkap untuk sewa bulanan.

14+ apartemen disewakan dari 1+ gedung apartemen di dekat Senopati
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Sewa Apartemen Dekat Senopati

Temukan unit apartemen pribadi dekat Senopati, Jakarta Selatan.

Telusuri Apartemen Dekat Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Temukan gedung apartemen lain dekat Senopati, Jakarta Selatan dengan lebih banyak kamar dan unit apartemen pribadi.

Ulasan Terkini untuk Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Senopati

Maintenance requests are handled quickly and the staff in the office are very friendly.

This is a wonderful place to live. Any questions or concerns have been addressed and handled immediately.

Great prices and prompt attention to any matter in the building. Well kept. Love it.

This is the first apartment I have ever renewed a lease at. It is clean, well maintained and in a great location.

The rent is also extremely reasonable for the amount of space and amenities. A real gem!

My building is very quiet and I feel safe here. I also appreciate being in a no smoking building. Complex is located in a neighborhood but close to everything!

I love it here! The staff is so responsive to questions or concerns. If there's a problem, it's taken care of right away. And they are always ready with a smile!

Nice view, good neighborhoods, and especially I love the town of apartment. Calm and lovely apartment town would be great living area for everyone. Also reasonable rental cost makes me feel comfortable for living.

I love this place to stay. Apartment is good and well maintained.

The staff is very friendly and professional. The environment and aesthetics are tidy and maintained.

I felt like I got a good deal for the price at this apartment. And it's so close to shopping, the mall, library, and parks. Highly recommend!!

The staff in the office are very polite and professional. The overall appearance is tidy and neat.

Telusuri Kost di Apartemen di Kawasan Lain

Temukan pengalaman kost di apartemen dengan tinggal di kamar pribadi di gedung apartemen di kawasan lain.

Pertanyaan Umum tentang Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Senopati

Ya, Anda dapat menyewa kamar untuk kost di apartemen di Jakarta Selatan di Senopati Apartemen, Senopati Suites, Residence 8, Daksa Residence, Purnawarman Executive Mansion.

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