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Sewa Apartemen di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) , Bayar Bulanan

Rent apartment and pay monthly in Kuningan, South Jakarta with Flokq. Browse through our Rooms, Studio, 1BR, 2BR, or 3BR in Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) or contact us to find an apartment that you like.


Apartemen di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Sekilas Tentang Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

  • Lokasi
  • Kuningan, South Jakarta
  • Selesai Dibangun
  • 2005
  • Developer
  • Gapura Prima Group
  • Jumlah Unit
  • 1758
  • Luas Unit
  • 56m^2 to 400m^2
  • Tipe Unit
  • 1BR/2BR/3BR
  • Perawatan
  • Free
  • Jumlah Lantai
  • 40

With a blend of contemporary and Balinese architecture, step into an exotic oasis overlooking one of the most upmarket area of Jakarta - Mega Kuningan. Built in 2012, Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) is not only conveniently situated around shopping centres, it also has a private entrance to Kuningan City Mall. This residence is at a walking distance from high rise offices and embassies. With a sense of security, you can easily explore the International cuisines and nightlife that South Jakarta has to offer. Due to the strategic location, this residence is a hub for expats who are seeking to find like-minded people. As a result, it provides endless recreational facilities such as BBQ area, jogging track, swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna, tennis courts and much more!

Tipe Kost di Apartemen dan Apartemen untuk Sewa di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

  • Common

    Smaller rooms in great apartments Our common rooms are smaller yet cosy rooms, apt for the young budget room seeker. They are furnished with wardrobes / shelf and mostly a single bed. Our common rooms have shared baths and are mostly present in 3 bedroom apartments. When not an apartment with a master and junior master, you would share the bath with another flokqer

    Harga mulai dari
    Rp 6,300,000 / bulan
  • Private Apartment

    Get all the space you need. This is the much-loved option for friends and families who want to live together. Our private apartments come with homey and edgy decor to make you feel utmost comfort.

    Harga mulai dari
    Rp 7,500,000 / bulan
  • Queen

    For spacious rooms yet superior value Our Queen rooms offer superb value for money. They are uber popular; spacious rooms and mostly have queen or single beds and wardrobes. Our queen rooms have shared baths. In 2 bedroom apartments you have the shared bathrooms to yourself and will never share with more than two in any of our homes.

    Harga mulai dari
    Rp 8,700,000 / bulan
  • Master

    For the extra space and ensuite baths. Get a private spacious room in one of our beautiful homes. Our master rooms have private ensuite baths and are generally more spacious than our other rooms. It’s furnished and ready to move-in with King/Queen beds, and wardrobes.

    Harga mulai dari
    Rp 12,100,000 / bulan

Ulasan Terkini untuk Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Lovely apartment, stylishly furnished and in a good location.

Beautifully furnished, spacious apartment. Great location.

Fantastic location, building features, flat design and great service.

Lovely, clean, well furnished apartment.

Location and the flat was excellent for our needs.

Good location, very convenient for shops and restaurants.

A beautifully presented apartment which was warm comfortable. It was close to shops, restaurants etc.

Apartment was excellent. Furnishings and fittings were of a very high standard.

It was an overall good experience.

Flokq is a real community, and I have made many friends during the months I've been here. It’s always great when I got a new connection.

Maintenance was handled quickly and everyone was friendly and helpful.

I wanted to thank you very much for Flokq team good work on the apartment search: I was very impressed with your results and will definitely recommend you to others.

Kenyamanan Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

As reflected from its name, Kuningan City (Denpasar residence) is a perfect mix of contemporary and ethnic Balinese designs. As you step into the apartment, you are instantly transported to a tropical Indonesian paradise. Denpasar Residence offers one, two, or three bedroom apartments exclusively designed to satisfy everyone’s lifestyle. Each unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen, high speed Internet and flat screen television with popular satellite channels such as Star World, Fox Movies, HBO, CNN, etc. To enhance the comfort of their residents, Kuningan City (Denpasar Residences) provides complete facilities with an extra touch of Balinese culture that makes it seem like you are on an actual vacation! One of the most unique locations within the apartment is their rooftop garden, perfect to escape from Jakarta’s hustle and bustle. Furthermore, the residence provides two midsize edgeless swimming pools surrounded by a garden, a gym with complete professional equipment ,jogging tracks etc.

Fasilitas Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Kuningan City (Denpasar residence) is designed to satisfy each and every individual’s needs. For those of you who lead an active lifestyle, there is a gym with complete professional equipment such as a treadmill, stepper, indoor cycle and much more needed for a satisfying workout. If you are someone who prefers to workout outdoors, there is a jogging track, tennis court and a basket ball court. After a long day at work, you can relax in their luxurious sauna, jacuzzi and edgeless swimming pool overlooking the beautiful skyline of South Jakarta.As most of the residents are expats, meeting rooms are provided within the residence so that they do not have to seek any other places to hold meetings with their clients during after-hours or on the weekend. The weekends can also be enjoyed through having a barbecue/picnic gathering at the BBQ area that is in the residence. No matter if the apartments are located in the outskirts of the city or in the centre, Flokq makes sure that the residences provide highly exceptional security. There are trained security guards posted at different entrances of Bellagio 24/7. The reception is also available at all times to help you resolve problems that may come up at any time of the day. To further maximise security, all residents receive an access card that allows the resident to go up to common areas such as pool and their floor only.

Lokasi Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Kuningan City (Denpasar residence) is strategically located in the 'Golden Triangle' or commonly known as the Central Business District of Jakarta. The Golden triangle includes Thamrin, Kuningan and Sudirman. As it is in the heart of the business district, the neighbourhood is surrounded by hotels, shopping malls, high rise office towers and embassies. This area is quite important for foreigners as it garners a huge community of expats.

Lingkungan sekitar Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Shopping: A unique selling point of Kuningan City (Denpasar residence) is that it is connected to Kuningan City Mall through a private entrance. This mall carries a variety of clothing brands, and International supermarket (Lotte Mart), Ace Hardware store, popular coffee shops such as Starbucks, salons, and a bank. It also has a popular cinema that plays both International and Local movies. Do not fear if your need for shopping is insatiable, Kuningan City is surrounded by Shopping centers within walking distance.

These malls can range from mid-class to high-class. With a 5 minute walk, you can reach Lotte Avenue where you can find International brands such as H&M, Uniqlo, Zara, etc. However, if you are on a budget or simply want cheaper clothes and electronics, you can visit ITC Kuningan or Mall Ambassador.

Restaurants & Bars: As there is a big community of ex-pats in and around Kuningan City (Denpasar residence), there are endless amounts of cuisines that are easily available. From Chinese to Indian cuisine, the choices are endless! Juicy Wagyu steak is popular at Outback Steakhouse and if you are craving some Chinese DimSum, Imperial Dim Sum is a popular choice amongst the locals. However, if you are looking to try Indonesian cuisine, Sate Khas Senayan (Senayan Skewers) is known for the chicken skewers covered with peanut sauce. A great way to explore different Indonesian dishes is by visiting the Food Court located in most malls found around the area.

Nightlife: Kuningan is known for its buzzing nightlife. There are numerous nightclubs and bars found easily at every corner of the street from Kuningan City (Denpasar residence). Basque is the number 1 ex-pat bar in Jakarta. As an ex-pat, you are very likely to find a community there!

Transportation: Mega Kuningan has clean sidewalks in order to encourage exploration on foot. Recently, public transportation such as LRT has also been on the rise. However, if you are going somewhere further, it is highly recommended to use a car as a primary method of transportation. With the increase in popularity of ride-sharing companies, going around town with mobile applications such as Grab or Gojek has been easier and more affordable than ever. With a mere Rp.26,000-Rp.30,000 ($1.82-$2.10) you can reach the offices in the central business district in no time.

Kata Flokqers

  • Quotation Mark OpenQuotation Mark Close
    Flokq has carefully heard and taken into full account my needs and requirements. Only after that, they offered me a room that would work best for me. They do indeed go that extra mile. For that, I thank you. I am sincerely at ease living here.
    Baker & English Teacher
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    I didn't know anything about Jakarta when I signed a new job contract for a local startup. But with the help of Flokq team, I had the chance to visit multiple apartments, got a lot of useful tips and finally found a place in a day. The flexibility of paying rent every month is helpful. Besides, I made great friends with Flokqers, who always are super welcoming.
    Strategy & Fundraising
  • Quotation Mark OpenQuotation Mark Close
    It was difficult for my human to find a house that was pet-friendly, which delayed my arrival by many months. But she finally found something amazing with Flokq. It's at a central location, the view is amazing. Anytime, my human needs anything, Flokq team is always very helpful.
    Le Petite Cat & Priyam
    Digital Marketer

Tentang Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) adalah salah satu apartemen yang terletak di Kuningan, South Jakarta. Apartemen ini dibangun oleh Gapura Prima Group sebagai pengembang dan pembangunannya selesai pada 2005. Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) terdiri dari 40 level dengan total 1758 unit. Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) memiliki beberapa tipe unit yang tersedia dengan luas lantai yang bervariasi mulai dari 56m^2 to 400m^2. Dalam hal perabot, unit di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) dilengkapi dengan perabot lengkap, semi-perabot, dan tanpa perabot. Seperti gedung apartemen lain di Jakarta, Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) dilengkapi dengan gym, kolam renang, dan area parkir yang luas untuk memenuhi kebutuhan penghuninya. Ingin menginap di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) untuk sewa bulanan? (Hubungi perwakilan penjualan kami di WhatsApp di 6281314905690.)

Sewa Apartemen Bulanan Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Ingin tinggal di Kuningan, South Jakarta selama beberapa bulan? Menyewa Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) bisa jadi pilihan tepat untuk Anda. Meskipun mendapatkan sewa bulanan di Jakarta dan daerah sekitarnya bisa merepotkan karena sebagian besar agen dan pemilik memerlukan pembayaran di muka selama 12 bulan, Anda sekarang dapat menyewa Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) bulanan dengan Flokq! Dengan Flokq, Anda dapat menyewa coliving room dan unit apartemen pribadi dengan pembayaran bulanan. Dengan Flokq, Anda juga dapat memilih tempat tinggal berlayanan di mana tagihan bulanan Anda akan mencakup semua fasilitas dan fasilitas lengkap seperti Wi-Fi, pembersihan berkala, binatu, perawatan berkala, kebutuhan pokok (seperti air minum, tisu, dan lainnya), tempat parkir, gym, kolam renang, tiket acara komunitas, dan dukungan 24/7.

Sewa Bulanan Kost di Apartemen di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) Anda dapat menyewa kamar pribadi di dalam apartemen bersama atau kost di apartemen dengan area komunal yang luas yang terdiri dari ruang tamu, ruang makan, dapur, dan balkon, serta menikmati pengalaman hidup bersama Flokq. Menyewa kamar dengan Flokq berarti mendapatkan akses ke kolam renang, gym, dan lounge di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) sambil menghemat uang karena Anda tidak perlu menyewa seluruh unit untuk diri sendiri. Kamar kami memiliki beberapa tipe; Anda bisa mendapatkan Master room, Queen room, atau Common room. Kamar utama kami adalah yang paling luas dengan tempat tidur king size dan kamar mandi en suite pribadi. Kamar Queen kami luas dengan tempat tidur king atau queen dan kamar mandi pribadi atau bersama. Ruang bersama kami dilengkapi dengan tempat tidur ukuran tunggal dan kamar mandi bersama. Saat menyewa kamar dengan Flokq, Anda juga akan bertemu dengan orang-orang yang berpikiran sama sebagai flatmates Anda atau sebagai bagian dari komunitas Flokq. Terhubung dan jaringan dengan mereka melalui acara komunitas reguler kami atau melalui aplikasi kami!

Sewa Bulanan Apartemen di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Menyewa apartemen dengan bayar bulanan bukanlah hal yang biasa di Jakarta. Sebagian besar agen atau pemilik sering meminta pembayaran dimuka 12 bulan dengan deposit. Ini merepotkan bila Anda memiliki gaya hidup yang dinamis. Dengan Flokq, Anda bisa mendapatkan unit apartemen pribadi seperti Studio, 1BR, 2BR, atau 3BR di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) dengan sewa bulanan. Anda akan mendapatkan semua ruang untuk Anda dan teman atau keluarga Anda.

Cara Sewa Apartemen Bulanan di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Tertarik mendapatkan sewa bulanan di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) ? Mendapatkan sewa bulanan di Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) sekarang lebih mudah dari sebelumnya. Anda cukup melihat-lihat ruang coliving dan apartemen pribadi yang tercantum di halaman ini, klik yang Anda suka, dan tanyakan permintaan untuk melihat! Tidak menemukan kamar atau unit yang sesuai dengan selera Anda? Anda dapat menghubungi perwakilan penjualan kami dan anggota tim kami yang sangat membantu akan membantu Anda menemukan rumah yang sesuai dengan preferensi Anda! Anda juga dapat melihat opsi sewa bulanan lainnya di apartemen lain yang dekat dengan Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) . Senopati Apartment, Margonda Residence, Belmont Residence, Green Bay Pluit Apartment, The Royal Olive Residence yang berlokasi di dekat Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) dan memiliki lebih banyak kamar dan unit untuk Anda pilih.