5 reasons why Flokq Shared Apartment is better than Kost during #stayhome period

Living in a Kost can be challenging - especially during times of Covid-19. Here are five reasons why staying in Flokq is better than staying in a Kost during isolation.

Room in Kost vs Room in Flokq Shared Apartments

1. Fun flatmates to hang out with.

In a Kost, you are sharing a house with 50 strangers, who more often than not remain strangers. This can be very lonely. In Flokq your flatmates will likely become your besties! Our current Flokqers during #stayhome play cards, cook meals, do workouts and watch films together. Fun times guaranteed!

2. Great Wifi to work from home and Netflix.

Kost Wifi is notoriously slow and unstable, particularly during Covid times when everyone is using it. Flokq Wifi is fast, perfect for your home office and movie nights.

3. Less risk of exposure.

Sharing a kost with 50 people increases your risk of exposure vs. sharing an apartment with 1 - 2 people. You can’t control the whereabouts of your 50 kostmates, but with your flatmates, you can agree to all stay safe.

4. Fully equipped kitchen shared by only two people.

In a kost you will likely have no kitchen or an ill-equipped kitchen shared by up to 30 people, which is not safe. Ordering three meals a day easily gets expensive and also not safe. At Flokq you have a fully equipped and spacious kitchen and dining table, shared by 1- 2 flatmates.

5. Natural light and spacious common areas to work, train, and hang out.

You are confined to a room, often with no windows, and a small desk. Frustrated by this you might want to visit a coffee shop to be productive. In Flokq, you have spacious living rooms, ample light, and a dining table you can work from. You also have a pool and other facilities to make the most of during isolation.

Why Members Choose Flokq

"It's a balance between privacy, when you need it, and being social, when you crave it

"I chose coliving because I came to Jakarta alone and didn't know anyone. It turns out to be exactly what I was looking for.

"I wanted a place where I could move out easily and don't have to compromise to a year contract.

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During my 3 years living in Jakarta, I chose kost as my to-go accommodation. However, I often felt that I had no privacy with so many other residents living in the kost. Luckily, I recently moved to Flokq shared apartment. I've made new friends and have a comfortable place to live in. Flokq often throws very cool events as well. It is such a great experience to meet people from many different countries. Flokq has made my life better.


This is my first time living in a shared apartment. It turned out to be so fun! I've never felt alone and bored because I have my flatmates, especially during this work from home period. I don't need to worry about the internet, electricity or cleaning because everything is already covered. It's very comfortable to stay in Flokq apartment.

Hafiz Rulih

Living in a shared apartment is probably the best decision I've ever made. As I now spend more time at home, I don't have to feel the lack of social interaction thanks to my flatmates. I don't have to constantly order take-outs as I can cook for myself, which is certainly more hygienic. It would be a different story if still lived in a kost. I would have to spend my days in my room alone and be worried of the safety of my food. Living with Flokq has really helped my life. Thank you Flokq, for bringing cozy coliving in Jakarta.