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Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Tangerang Selatan

Temukan dan Sewa Kost di Apartemen di Tangerang Selatan dengan Flokq! Tinggal di apartemen kami yang indah dan berfurnitur berlayanan yang lengkap untuk sewa bulanan.

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Sewa Apartemen di Tangerang Selatan

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Branz BSD

Juli Ayu

Flokq is truly reliable and they are very considerate to their customer. It took us only a week from reviewing available properties to signing the lease. I am satisfied with their service.

Very helpful and undoubtedly has the best service in town. I had no difficulties in relocating to the new apartment and it's all thanks to flokq.

Branz BSD


Premium apartment with a great view, clean room, comfy bed.

Easy access and find this apartment, affordable price, great service.

comfy and spacious! good services~

got a unit with a balcony. Nice! Thanks!

They are very quick to respond and always try to help me as best as they can. I feel very satisfied with Flokq. Highly recommended.

I should say Flokq is probably the best real estate company in Jakarta. They provide excellent service and are helpful to their customers.

Good services. Also near to my office so it helps! Thanks

Very convenient and super helpful. So glad I chose Flokq as the real estate company that helped me in relocating to Jakarta.

Good service, comfy unit and fully furnished! Thanks a lot!

Good services. Nice place to stay! Thank you

When I rented this apartment room, I feel like they gave some private and classy vibes. Definitely come back later to this apartment!

An exclusive apartment in South Tangerang that offers a premium room and great facilities for their tenants.

This is my first apartment in Bintaro that I tried to stay in, anyway. I like their all facilities. I also like the view from my room.

Flokq is very helpful and reliable. I have successfully rented a great unit through this company. Very recommended!

The apartment I stayed in was very nice and comfortable. The neighborhood was also strategically located and safe. The Flokq team also provided good service. Overall, very nice.

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Temukan pengalaman kost di apartemen dengan tinggal di kamar pribadi di gedung apartemen di area lain.

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Ya, Anda dapat menyewa kamar untuk kost di apartemen di Tangerang Selatan di Bintaro Park View, Akasa Pure Living, Springwood Residence, Emerald Residence Apartemen, SkyView Apartemen.

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