8 Popular Dating App in Indonesia

This time, we will talk about something that’s might be a little bit taboo for Indonesians – dating, the digital and the ones with dating apps in Indonesia. Some people, especially Indonesians, tend to see online dating as a bit dangerous and elusive. However, the proliferation of dating apps says otherwise, or rather, suggests that many Indonesians indeed involve themselves in online dating. While online dating, of course, is not for everyone, it is, in fact, an easier alternative for many people. To help those people in need of some online company, here are some of the most popular dating apps in Indonesia for your handheld convenience. 

1. Tinder

This particular dating app has been making its name known in almost every part of the globe, including Indonesia. With its famous fiery and pinkish logo, Tinder is by far the top pick for many people searching for a company online. It is probably most known for its simple swipe interface. Easily enough, you can swipe left for people you don’t like and swipe right for people you like. If the person you swipe right does the same to you, the app would then give the opportunity to converse. Tinder is arguably popular with Indonesians and non-Indonesians alike, so give it a try regardless of what your preferences are!

2. Tantan


Arguably the second biggest contender for the most popular, Tantan’s features are as famous as its fox logo. Tantan is a similar dating app in Indonesia to Tinder But it is different in some of its features. Tantan has the main functionality of swiping left and right for the matching process, as you do with Tinder. One of the main differences between Tantan and Tinder is that the former has Breaking the Ice feature for users. With this feature, matched people will be given 10 questions to initiate the conversation and to know the other better. So yeah, the first steps will be relatively easier than Tinder because of these pre-made questions for potential user matches.

3. Bumble


Now we move to a dating app in Indonesia that’ll break some dating stereotypes. Different from Tinder where conversations start after either party talks, Bumble needs women’s initiative. At least that’s what is needed if you configure it to a heterosexual relationship arrangement within the app’s settings. After the female counterpart chats, the male counterpart has 24 hours to decide and respond to further the conversation. So, automatic ghosting after a day. After the male counterpart responds to the chat, the 24-hour countdown will be extended for a full day once again. Quite perfect for people that encounter way too many ghosting in online dating and just want some straightforward interactions online. 

4. OkCupid

One of the oldest and well-known names in the matchmaking scene, OkCupid is one of the dating apps in Indonesia that you just need to try. Applications beside OkCupid would lead you to an endless supply of chat blackholes that will have you repeat responses. While users in other dating apps will encounter more mysteries and uncertainties in character traits in potential matches, OkCupid doesn’t. It does this by giving information for users to filter their ideal partner such as religion, hobbies, favorite food, etc. So no more finding those stuff out in the middle of the conversation, straight up from the get-go they’re filtered. Seeing all of the features, you can be sure that OkCupid is even more straightforward when it comes to matchmaking.

5. Setipe

Now, if you want a dating app in Indonesia that specifically caters to Indonesian matchmaking, Setipe is the right one for you. This app is designed to service Indonesian users who want to find other Indonesians as a potential partner, at least online. So if you want to try to filter your potential matches to just Indonesians, this app is probably for you. It is also already populated with thousands of Indonesian users that will surely get you plenty of matches around town. The filtering features are also quite specific like the ones offered by OkCupid. On top of all of its benefits, it comes with consultation services that will surely offer some tips to get matches!


Another dating app in Indonesia in our list that will certainly be a plus to be used by heterosexual women is PACAR. This app’s name which translates for girlfriend or boyfriend in Indonesia is an app that specializes in catering individuals to potential Indonesian companies. A unique feature in this app is that you have the option to play games with potential partners aside from talking. Another unique feature in PACAR is that you can send gifts that can be traded for mobile credits. A unique trait of the app is the chatting limitation offered to men and women. For men, it is limited to five chats per day, whereas for women, it is unlimited.

7. Match

A name with quite a bit of history in the online matchmaking scene even before Tinder, this dating app can be reliable for you in Indonesia. It was once created in a form of website rather than an app form. A unique function of this app is the feature to give out a ‘wink’ to signal interest to potential matches. It also has the standard criteria function to let you filter potential matches easily. After filling out the filters that you need, it will show how many matches that you generate based on similarities. Quite classic without too much-unneeded features.

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8. Hinge

With the slogan ‘the relationship app’, Hinge tries to bring a different layer to the dating game. It was made to give an alternative to most of the superficial features that Tinder has to focus more on getting relationships. This app is marketed as a digital tool ‘to be deleted’. It is also more focused on keeping users engaged and do less ghosting from its ‘Your Turn’ prompts. They also have a ‘most compatible’ feature that gives an algorithm-based best potential partner from user liking and passing patterns.

    There you have it, some of the best online options for your plus one fun. Whether you want to get a lasting company or just a fun time with someone for a while, these apps from the list may help you. Pro tip: try out three or four of them to see which one suits you. Oh, and use it on the weekends, sometimes it gives better results!

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