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Housing options

We work hard to make sure your employees in your organisation have everything they need in a Flokq home. Our homes come fully equipped and ready to move-in.

  • Master room

    For the extra space and ensuite baths. Get a private spacious room in one of our beautiful homes. Our master rooms have private ensuite baths and are generally more spacious than our other rooms. It’s furnished and ready to move-in with King/Queen beds, and wardrobes.

  • Queen room

    For spacious rooms yet superior value Our Queen rooms offer superb value for money. They are uber popular; spacious rooms and mostly have queen or single beds and wardrobes. Our queen rooms have shared baths. In 2 bedroom apartments, you have the shared bathrooms to yourself and will never share with more than two in any of our homes.

  • Common room

    Smaller rooms in great apartments Our common rooms are smaller yet cosy rooms, apt for the young budget room seeker. They are furnished with wardrobes / shelf and mostly a single bed. Our common rooms have shared baths and are mostly present in 3 bedroom apartments. When not an apartment with a master and junior master, you would share the bath with another flokqer

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Gym/Workout Area

Swimming Pool

High-Speed Wifi

24/7 Support

Community Managers


No Nonsense Rules

Why Flokq

Multi-task, no more.

Just let us know and Flokq will do the hard work of finding you a suitable work-ready home suitable for your employee needs!

Flexible adjustments.

Plans are always changing, we get it. With Flokq, you can find and book a suitable home for your employees even if that’s today. Cancellation for our business partners can cancel up to 7 days prior to the start of the leasing date as compared to our 30-day policy. Feeling special yet?

Productive work from home.

Need a large working desk and speedy Wifi? Our homes are designed and equipped with everything you will need to do your best work. Enjoy both productivity and the comfort of relaxation simultaneously.

Value for money.

Flokq ensures the value of satisfaction. All our homes are given an extra touch to provide comfort, warmth and a modern finish. Enjoy all these for less than the price of an average hotel room!

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