Emergency Numbers in Indonesia

Keeping emergency numbers in your phone is considered necessary to help you during unexpected and unfortunate situations. If America has 911, Indonesia also has several emergency numbers, depending on the emergency situations and the organizations that manage it. Here are several things that you need to know about emergency numbers in Indonesia. 

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Emergency Numbers in Indonesia

You can call emergency number any time 

Most emergency numbers in Indonesia operate for 24 hours. So, there’s no need for you to worry because the officers or the authorities are always ready to help you whenever you’re in need of help. 


Yes, it doesn’t cost you a penny to call emergency numbers in Indonesia. Emergency numbers like 112 or the one without a specific code of city can be accessed even when you have little to no credit in your phone at all. Therefore, no need to think twice or hesitate to call emergency numbers if needed. 

You can call emergency number even when your phone is locked 

Despite the fact of your phone getting locked, you can still call an emergency number like 112. This is one of the biggest advantages of calling an emergency number in Indonesia. 

Different situation means different emergency number 

Unlike America with its 911, Indonesia has more emergency numbers that handle different emergency situations as it has been mentioned previously. That’s why, it’s important to save those numbers in your phone. Even though it only consists of 3 numbers, remembering each of it might be difficult. 

Not every emergency number consists only of 3 numbers 

This is also what makes emergency numbers in Indonesia different. Other than the ones that consist only of 3 numbers, Indonesia also has other emergency numbers which look like normal or general phone numbers. Hence, why it’s necessary to save it all in your phone. 

Without further ado, here are the emergency numbers that you have to save in your phone. Remember that different emergency situations also need different emergency numbers. 

1. Emergency Number (112)

Basically, you can call 112 in every emergency situation. In addition to that, it applies the same for the 33 cities or districts in Indonesia. That being said, you don’t need specific city or district code, the officer will direct you immediately to related department/organization, depending on what kind of emergency situation that you currently face. You can expect help from the authorities within minutes. 

2. Ambulance (118 or 119) 

In case you need urgent and immediate medical assistance, 118 or 119 is the emergency number that you need to call. Expect the ambulance to come right where you are and bring you to the nearest hospital around. 

3. Police (110)

This emergency number is essential if you happen to be a victim or a witness of a crime. You can call 110 and the police will immediately come to your location before they proceed with your report for further inspection. 

4. Firefighters (113) 

Fire can happen anytime and anywhere, especially in a city with a packed neighborhood full of houses. As fire can spread very quickly, it’s important to call firefighters as soon as possible to prevent more losses. Remember that you can’t handle fire by yourself and sometimes it requires more people and even professionals like firefighters to put it off. 

5. Search and Rescue/SAR (115)

This number is important to be called if you encounter an accident outdoors or natural disasters, the authority will help you in evacuation. 

6. State Electricity Company/PLN (123) 

You can call 123 in case you need help whenever there is an electricity problem, blackout, or even a request to turn off the electricity for certain reasons. 

7. Mental Counselling and Suicide Prevention 

You can call Mental Counselling and Suicide Prevention emergency number if you find yourself or people around you feel depressed and in need of professional help to prevent unfortunate and damaging situations. You can contact government agency, non-governmental organization, or certain foundations that focus on suicide prevention as follows: 

Hotline for Mental Health, Ministry of Health: 021-500454

IMAJI Foundation: 0274-2840227

Jangan Bunuh Diri Foundation: 021-96969293 

8. Jakarta’s Flood Help Hotline

This is specifically for you who live in Jakarta as flood happens very often, especially in every rainy season. You can call 021-345 9444 or send a text message to 085880001949 in case you need quick help when a flood takes place at your home. 

9. Indonesian Red Cross/PMI (021-4207051) 

You need to call the PMI or Indonesian Red Cross in case you encounter an emergency situation where you need help in the form of blood donors. However, different from the previous emergency numbers, calling PMI’s emergency number requires you to pay the call with your credit in accordance with your local location. 

10. National Commission on Human Rights (021-3925230) 

You can make a direct call to National Commission on Human Rights if you happen to be a victim or a witness of human rights violation, be it discrimination or sexual assault for example. By calling the related authority, not only you ask for help, but you’re also reporting the case to be examined further. 

Those are some emergency numbers that you can save in your phone to keep yourself safe in case an unfortunate situation occurs and you need immediate help to come quickly. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Don’t forget to check out other important information that you can access in this blog from Flokq. You can share this article to your loved ones to let them know as well! The more people know, the more possible it is to help them in emergency situations. 

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