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8 Beautiful Flowering Houseplants That are Easy to Take Care of

It is no doubt that everyone wants to have a pretty-looking house regardless of the size of their living space. Be it a single house building or an apartment, you can always adorn your house in simple ways. One of the easy ways that you can try to carry out is by having some flowering houseplants around the house. Not only does it work to beautify the look of your house, the freshness and the great scent of the flowers may also help you to feel relaxed. Moreover, various beautiful flowering houseplants are easy to take care of. In other words, those plants don’t require special care for them to bloom successfully. Also, these flowers might brighten up your house and bring more colors to create such livelier vibes in your home.

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Now, we are here to help you give some recommendations about several beautiful flowering houseplants that only need minimal care to keep them alive. Without further ado, let’s check out the list of these easy-care and beautiful flowering houseplants that might be the best living decorations for your house!

1. Peace Lily

Do you love the idea of having something pretty yet strong to add more beauty to your house? Peace lily might be the answer that you are looking for. Native to tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia, the Peace lily is one of the most popular flowering houseplants for homes and even offices. Peace lily commonly has these glossy, dark green leaves with beautiful white “flowers”. Fun fact is, what most people perceived as the flower is actually a specialized white spathe or leaf bract which surrounds the tiny flower clusters. Furthermore, the Peace lily is a houseplant that can survive even with minimal care. It doesn’t need frequent fertilizing and you can check whether it needs to be watered or not weekly. Peace lily also enjoys medium to low light and will appreciate more if it’s placed somewhere without direct sunlight.

2. African Violets

The next flowering houseplants that are popular as many people’s favorite are African violets. Most commonly, African violets have four color varieties which are purple, blue, red, and white. Like the name itself, these houseplants are native to East Africa. Not only do these plants produce gorgeous flowers, the general care for African violets is also quite simple. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight. However, if you want, you can use artificial lights too like fluorescent or LED bulbs to supplement natural lighting. Although African violets don’t require high maintenance, it is important to remember that the fuzzy leaves can easily rot if the plants are kept in high humidity. So, it is advised to water the plants from the bottom to avoid the foliage getting an excessive amount of water. Also, when the plants grow bigger, it would be necessary to move them to a bigger pot.

3. Christmas Cactus

With its tubular and colorful flowers in pink, red, or lilac colors, the Christmas cactus is another flowering houseplant that is known for its easy care requirements. It is also very popular among flowering houseplants enthusiasts. Despite the “cactus” in its name, the Christmas cactus is native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Brazil. They don’t live in hot environments like deserts. That is why these succulents can’t take the same sort of sunny, dry conditions as other cacti. However, Christmas cactus propagates easily from cuttings and only needs watering every 2-3 weeks when the top one-third of the soil feels dry to the touch. Put your Christmas cactus in places that are exposed to bright, indirect light. A bright bathroom and kitchen would be the ideal spots to keep the plants.

4. Begonia

For starters, there are numerous variants of begonias as flowering houseplants. The colors may vary depending on the varieties themselves. But in general, begonias makes such lovely houseplants because they bloom almost continuously in good conditions. These beautiful flowering houseplants do best while being kept in places that get morning sun and afternoon shade. However, if most parts of your house are exposed to sunlight, you might want to choose the varieties that can tolerate full sun. All begonias will appreciate evenly moist, well-draining soil with the addition of organic substances. Moreover, to keep your plants healthy, you need to water them regularly. Simply make sure not to make it too wet since it can cause the root to rot. Despite the beauty of these flowering houseplants, you need to keep begonias away from your pets if you have any at home because they are toxic to pets.

5. Kalanchoe

Many succulents make perfect houseplants due to their easy care requirements. And kalanchoe is one of those plants that will beautify your house without you having to spend too much energy in maintaining the plants to stay alive. As long as the light exposure is properly controlled, kalanchoe will produce flowers that bloom repeatedly. This perennial succulent which is native to Madagascar has small yet lush flowers with a variety of colors like red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and white. It makes kalanchoe an ideal houseplant to be kept on living room tables or even on working tables at home. With plenty of sunlight and well-draining soil, kalanchoe will thrive happily. However, please keep in mind that this flowering houseplant is toxic to pets like cats and dogs.

6. Bromeliad

If you would like an exotic touch to your home, then Bromeliads may be the best choice to satisfy your desire. These flowering houseplants bring such tropics vibes with sun-kissed climates that will make your house look gorgeous. These long-lasting houseplants have wide leaves that are sword-shaped. Besides that, they may produce a flower whose form and color vary widely among each variety. As low-maintenance plants, Bromeliads don’t require special tools or fertilizers. However, it will be best to place them somewhere around the house which will expose them to medium or bright light as indoor specimens. You can easily find bromeliads if you want to own these pretty houseplants since they are widely available at nurseries and garden centers.

7. Oxalis Plant

Oxalis is a unique flowering houseplant that can help beautify your house effortlessly. With the leaves that are quite similar to butterfly’s wings, they open and close throughout the day. Additionally, you’ll see the dainty white-pink flowers when the plants are in full bloom. Since Oxalis prefers a humid environment, you can use a humidifier or mist the plant often if the air is dry. Also, they will grow best with bright, indirect sunlight. Besides that, you only have to feed Oxalis once a month and water the plant when the soil is 50-75% dry. This flowering houseplant doesn’t require high maintenance and is not too demanding. It might be suitable for you who are busy yet love to see pretty decorations for your house. However, Oxalis is toxic to cats and dogs. That’s why you need to be careful where to place it if you are a pet owner.

8. Lavender

It is quite easy to grow lavender since it can be grown both in garden beds and pots. Under the right conditions, lavender can last several years. Since these perennial plants are native to Mediterannean, lavender loves blazing hot sun and dry soil. Lavender is one of those low-maintenance flowering plants, but it needs to be pruned annually. Despite its name, lavender has several varieties and they have numerous colors besides lavender. Those colors include deep blue-purple, light pink, and white. Not only do people love having lavender around the house for its attractive upright flowers spikes, but this plant also has a really nice and relaxing scent. Lavender grows best in full sun and it needs well-drained soil for it to thrive happily.

That’s all the list of 8 beautiful flowering houseplants that are easy to take care of. After taking a glimpse at those lovely flowering houseplants that can make your house looks prettier, which flowers that suit your preferences the most? Have you decided to pick any or several flowers to decorate your house with?

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