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Expat-Friendly Hang Out Places in Jakarta

Despite its unbearable busy hours, you can find many great experiences in Jakarta. There are plenty of places for you to spend your free time hanging out with expat friends. Here we give you some recommendations for expat-friendly hang out places in Jakarta that you need to check out. 

1. Malls

We can admit that malls have become the lifestyle of many people nowadays. Malls are a great place to escape Jakarta’s notorious traffic and you will surely not get bored if you pick the right ones. By having many outlets, countless shopping malls in Jakarta would never fail to satisfy. Furthermore, we can do lots of activities in malls such as watching movies, enjoying delicious foods, having a cup of coffee, playing games at an arcade, relaxing at spas, grooming sessions in salons, grocery shopping, or just simply window shopping. You can find numerous malls in Jakarta that have outlets with various ranges of prices.

This capital city has many megamalls that are expat-friendly since they have good selections of International brand outlets and offer really good service. Some of them are located in strategic areas of Jakarta. Our recommendation is Plaza Indonesia or PI which is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Luxury shops such as Gucci and Hermes are there, and you could also spend your nightlife in Immigrant Nightclub. Other malls you should check out are Pacific Place in Senayan, South Jakarta, where a famous French department store, Galeries Lafayette, is located and Plaza Senayan in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, which is also equipped with some famous international fashion boutiques. Therefore, going to the mall is truly a good option to hang out in your free time with expat friends. 

2. Bars

Spending your nightlife by hanging out with your friends would be great. Going to bars is an excellent idea to do so. After finishing your work on the weekdays, you need to chill and relax on the weekend. Hence, having great drinks, catching up with friends, or just listening to live music in bars is a fun way to hang out. Furthermore, you can find numerous bars in Jakarta with good spots and offering great facilities. Some of them also have pool tables or dartboards for you to have friendly games with your friends or even with new people you meet there. 

Jakarta has many famous expat-friendly bars that are located around the strategic areas for hang out. One of them is Aphrodite, a sports bar which is located in Rasuna Epicentrum in Setiabudi, South Jakarta. Not only offering sports schedules, but you can also enjoy their delicious food menus. Another one is Eastern Promise in Kemang area. It’s a bar with an Irish Pub concept that has a spacious spot to have drinks and watch sports events, or even enjoy live music. You could also try Murphy’s in Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, a nice vintage pub to enjoy good beer and food. Not only do you enjoy drinks or watch sports, but you can also make new friends while hanging out in bars. (Want to know more amazing bars in Jakarta? Click here)

3. Cafés

For those who aren’t much into crowds and noise, going to cafés is an alternative way to hang out and spend your time while having a cup of coffee and a good brownie. Usually, cafés or coffee shops have ideal atmospheres for chilling or spending time alone. However, you can also invite your friends and have a light chat with them in a cozy café. For coffee lovers, enjoying the exotic aroma of coffee is one of the best experiences. Besides, each café has its own distinct vibe and design so you can find the one that suits your occasion the best. 

In Jakarta, countless cafés are spread in many areas, including the strategic main streets and even small alleys. You can try our favorite One Fifteenth (1/15) Coffee which is spread in Pondok Indah, Menteng, and Kemang. It offers nice coffees and fancy brunch that can boost your mood. Giyanti Coffee Roastery in Menteng, Central Jakarta, is also an option to sip your cup of coffee in a super cozy place. Moreover, its interior is super instagramable. You might also try another one in Kemang called Say Something Coffee. It’s a pet-friendly coffee shop so you can be hanging out with your expat friends while taking your pet for a walk. 

4. Restaurants

Besides going to some enjoyable places, having culinary treats in restaurants are also a good idea. You can spend your free time and escape from the busy city life with your expat friends. Believe it or not, good food and drinks will lighten your mood. Furthermore, there are some restaurants with great ambiance and cool decor that you need to check out. Not only can you enjoy yummy foods, but you can also take good pictures of you and your friends with a nice background.

5 Must-Try Fine Dining in Menteng

In the mood for some local cuisine? Try Tugu Kunstkring in Menteng. It’s raved by expats and locals alike. Some restaurants in Jakarta are aesthetically pleasing and have their own colors. If you miss western food, try Loewy – a really great brunch place. You might also want to try one in the SCBD area that is called Pepenero, an Italian restaurant that has greeneries and plants on their sidewalls. You can also visit the European bistro named Odysseia in SCBD as well or Twin House and Coffee in Cipete, South Jakarta, which is a garden-themed restaurant with super delicious menus and affordable prices. Therefore, hanging out with your loved ones in restaurants is a good choice to spend your day-off. 

All these hang out places are expat-friendly in Jakarta with open arms and many of them might make you feel at home. So, have you decided on your hang out place?

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