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10 Reasons to Rent an Apartment at Aeropolis Residence Tangerang

Tangerang City is one of the favorite apartment rental destinations for business people or professionals who work in Jakarta. Living in the area will give you many conveniences, including access to vital places. One of the most famous comfortable apartments is Aeropolis Residence.

This apartment is located quite far from the center of Jakarta. However, like other satellite cities, Tangerang is a pleasant place to live. There are many malls, culinary centers, tourist attractions, bars, and karaoke that you can find here.

So, are you still hesitant to live in the Aeropolis Residence apartment? Check out this article to find out 10 reasons you should choose this apartment. Let’s go!

1. The Apartment is Very Close to the Airport

Do you often go back and forth on planes for business or work? Aeropolis Residence is located very close to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. In fact, the location is on the airport perimeter road which is only 11 km away.

To get to the airport, you can take a special shuttle bus provided by the apartment. If you want to go back home, the shuttle bus is also ready to pick you up from the airport. The Airport-Aeropolis Residence only takes about 18 minutes!

2. Has a Strategic Location Near Toll

Besides being close to the airport, the Aeropolis Residence apartment gives you easy access to the toll road to Jakarta. You can find the nearest toll gate about 35 minutes drive from the apartment.

The toll road that connects to Soetta Airport will take you to several areas around Jakarta. These include Daan Mogot, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Outer and Inner Ring Toll Road, Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road, and many more.

If you live at Aeropolis Residence, traveling in Jabodetabek is certainly not a big problem. Working in the Sudirman business center, for example, you can reach in just 50 minutes.

3. Complete Public Facilities in the Apartment

Aeropolis Residence not only makes you comfortable commuting but also comfortable living in it. Here there are many public facilities that you can use to fulfill your needs.

When you have to spend more time during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can rest inside in peace. There are minimarkets, restaurants, and ATM centers available in the apartment.

For those of you who like to exercise, Aeropolis Residence has a sports club that you can join. There is also a large swimming pool with a shady tropical atmosphere. In addition, there is a storage warehouse to store residents’ belongings.

4. Fully Furnished Apartment Units

The Aeropolis Residence apartment consists of 8 floors with studio-type units, 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR units. You can choose the type of unit that suits you and your family’s needs.

There are unfurnished units and fully furnished units. If you prefer to rent a unit without having to carry a lot of things when moving, a fully furnished unit is perfect for you. Starting from the bed to the kitchen set, the furniture is ready for residents to use. Of course, this is much easier, especially if you live with family.

5. Close to Shopping Center

Tangerang City and its surroundings have many shopping centers to meet your needs or just want to hang out. Although the apartment is a bit far from Jakarta, you can shop at the nearest mall or market.

It only takes 30 minutes from the apartment to reach Balekota Tangerang Mall, Icon Walk, and TangCity Mall. From clothes to fast food restaurants, you can find them here. Also a little further away, you can visit Supermall Karawaci, Mall @ Alam Sutera, Living World, and the most famous mall, Summarecon Mall Serpong.

Need to stock up on groceries? Actually, you can buy it at the supermarket inside the mall. But if you want to shop at a lower price, there are Pasar Lama and Pasar Induk Tangerang which can be reached in about 15 minutes by car.

Near the Aeropolis Residence apartment itself, there are many mini markets and local stalls. So, you don’t have to worry if you have to suddenly buy everyday items.

6. An Award Winner Apartment

This apartment, which is located near the airport, has received several awards in the property sector. In 2017, Aeropolis Residence received the Lowest Residential Apartment Award in a Residential Area.

This apartment was also named the Best Development Project at the Property & Bank Awards 2014. Without a doubt, you should consider Aeropolis Residence as a comfortable rental residence.

Apart from its very strategic location for people with high mobility, this apartment provides the best facilities and services for its residents.

7. The Apartment is Close to Hospital

Of course, no one wants to get sick, but there’s nothing wrong to prepare if someday we need a doctor’s help. And don’t worry, Aeropolis Residence is close to a number of hospitals in Tangerang.

Only 10 minutes from the apartment, you can find Dr. Sitanala and Sari Asih Ar-Rahmah Islamic Hospital. You can also seek treatment at Hermina Hospital and Daan Mogot Hospital which can be reached within 15 minutes of driving.

Furthermore, you can access Sari Asih Hospital Karawaci, Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, OMNI Hospitals Alam Sutera, and Bethsaida Hospitals Gading Serpong.

8. Culinary Center Around the Apartment

Tangerang is famous for being one of the complete culinary tourism areas. From local to foreign food, everything is here. Well, if you rent an apartment at Aeropolis Residence, you will find it easy to find delicious food at several Tangerang food centers.

One thing you can’t miss is the Tangerang Old Market (Pasar Lama Tangerang). In the evening, you can find a variety of snacks at affordable prices. Some of them are various seafood, geprek chicken, coffee drinks, desserts, and many more. You can also visit several food stalls at the Pasar Lama shophouse. The price and quality are unquestionable!

Moreover, if you want to eat in a more premium place, you can come to the Benton Junction and Taman Sari Karawaci areas, about 30 minutes from the apartment. This place has many cafes and restaurants of various kinds. In addition, the location is very close to Supermall Karawaci, a well-known shopping center.

9. Apartment is Near to Schools and Universities

For those of you who have to stay at Aeropolis Residence with your family, don’t worry. This apartment is located not too far from several campuses and schools.

About 30-50 minutes from the apartment, you can find Swiss German University, Bunda Mulia University Serpong, UPH Lippo Karawaci, Multimedia Nusantara University, Prasetiya Mulya University BSD, and BINUS Alam Sutera.

There are not too many school choices around Aeropolis. However, you can access some of these schools in less than 1 hour: Blossom School (32 minutes), Jakarta Nanyang School (42 minutes), Sinarmas World Academy (40 minutes), Global Jaya International School (36 minutes), British School Jakarta (33 minutes), Pelita Harapan School (35 minutes), SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong (35 minutes), and others.

10. Easy Access to Entertainment Area

This apartment offers easy access to a number of lively entertainment areas and many choices. Even though the apartment is near the airport and a bit far from the crowds, you can still travel to other Tangerang areas.

A number of areas that you can visit are Karawaci, Tangerang City, Gading Serpong, and BSD. You can find many malls, cafes, city parks, food courts, tourism attractions, and others. Finding an entertainment area in Jakarta is not difficult. Just drive via the toll road, then you will arrive at PIK, an area that is famous as a hangout place in North Jakarta.

Those are 10 reasons why you should rent an Aeropolis Residence apartment. Still, looking for other apartment recommendations? Click on the Flokq homepage now!

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